Victor Lewis Smith – Obituary (17.2.2023) 

For Years – This Statue of Stalin Was Known as ‘Mummy’ to Victor Lewis Smith!

Mr Victor Lewis Smith was born ‘Victor Lewis Smith’ in a Kremlin corridor – whilst a bodyguard of Stalin berated his mother for ‘going into labour’ during the enactment of the 1936 Constitution of the USSR! This thoughtless endeavour on the part of the Lampen Proletariat endangered the process of the enabling of ‘rights’ of the toiling masses – who had not yet had time to construct a bed ready for her use! This sense of ‘shame’ is the reason ‘why’ Mr Smith continuously wore dark glasses (even at night) as a means to hide his collective ‘shame’! When Khrushchev had Stalin’s mummified body turfed-out of Lenin’s Mausoleum – Mr Smith was present to witness his reburial at the foot of the Kremlin Wall! Although not formally a ‘Marxist-Leninist’ – Mr Smith is said to have suffered an unfortune set of events in his library. A rare copy of Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ (written in the original German) ‘fell’ from the top shelf leading to a freak accident – struck Mr Smith a debilitating blow to the fore-head – leading to unconsciousness, hospitalisation, coma and finally oblivion! The representatives of Mr Smith’s estate would like to emphasise that despite the unfortunate events surrounding his demise – Mr Smith was in no way a ‘Marxist’ and did not endorse any revolutionary ideology or method of social transformation! He is survived by a Whippet and a rather odd reputation. 

A Beautiful Example of this Beautiful Being!