Australia: Robert Xie, DNA, Trainers and Mass Murder! (11.2.2023) 

The judicial systems of the Bourgeois West represent the desperation of the ruling class in its effort to retain control of the means of production – and of society. Death Sentences are being handed out in the US with an ever-flimsier proof of guilt being accepted by the Court. Outside of the US – where the Death Penalty has been abolished – multiple Life Sentences are being handed out like free sweets to children! To explain this situation succinctly, ‘dead bodies’ are no longer required to prove ‘murder’, with everything else following on from this low levelling of the legal bar! The White poor, and the non-White populations are those who are targeted by these draconian measures – perhaps because it is these populations more likely to form ‘Socialist’ opposition movements to the prevailing hegemony. The right-wing mantra ‘tough on crime – tough on the causes of crime’ basically translates as coming down hard on the poor and light on the rich.  

Robert Xie is more properly known as ‘谢连斌’ (Xie Lian Bin) within his native Chinese culture. When resettling in the West – like most Chinese emigres – he chose a Western first name – ‘Robert’ – to assist the integration process. When Westerners settle in China, or frequent the Chinese community anywhere in the world, a similar process is experienced the other way around – as a ‘Chinese’ name is usually chosen or ‘bestowed’. The casual reader may better know Robert Xie as a mass murderer currently residing in an Australian prison for the 18.7.2009 killing of five members of the ‘Lin’ (林) family. Robert Xie is related to the Lin family through marriage. The wife of Robert Xie is ‘Kathy’ Lin (林姝 – Lin Shu) – she is the younger sister of ‘Min’ Lin (林暋 – Lin Min) who is her elder brother. Min Lin is married to ‘Yun’ Lin (林云丽 – Lin Yun Li). Both Min Lin and Yun Lin were murdered in the frenzied attack. Also murdered were their two young sons – ‘Henry’ Lin (林涵 – Lin Han) and ‘Terry’ Lin (Lin Tao – 林涛), as well as Yun Lin’s sister known as ‘Irene’ Lin (林云彬 – Lin Yun Bin). The only survivor was 15-year-old ‘Brenda’ Lin (林珺 – Lin Jun) – who was away at the time on a school trip. The bodies were found the next day by ‘Kathy’ Lin (林姝 – Lin Shu) and her husband – Robert Xie.  

To be clear, and as a matter of respect, this is the list of the people murdered that night in Australia: 

1) ‘Min’ Lin (林暋 – Lin Min) – Husband 

2) ‘Yun’ Lin (林云丽 – Lin Yun Li) – Wife 

3) ‘Henry’ Lin (林涵 – Lin Han – Young Son 

4) ‘Terry’ Lin (Lin Tao – 林涛) – Young Son 

5) ‘Irene’ Lin (林云彬 – Lin Yun Bin) – Aunt 

Both Robert Xie and Min Lin were fully qualified Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors in China – but when they came to the West – they were stunned by the racist and exclusionary attitudes! White Australians would not employ them, and the Australian State refused to acknowledge the medical qualifications earned within Mainland China. As a consequence, both men had to seek-out self-sufficient employment. Eventually, the family established a successful Post Office in North Epping, Sydney, (New South Wales), Australia. The ‘White’ media of course, chose to focus on the fact that Robert Xie had tried to establish a new restaurant – but this business venture failed – as do many similar ventures. What the White media does not understand is the ‘collective’ mentality of the Chinese people – and how the individual sacrifices him or herself for the betterment and well-being of the group! I have worked with thousands of Chinese people in the UK who have traversed hundreds of business models before one was successful. Failure is built into the capitalist system and Chinese not only know this – the Communist Party of China provides each citizen with a Socialist education that enables them to cope with this eventuality – and carryon to an eventual victory! 

A point that concerns me is when White people pursue a more ‘enlightened’ racist policy toward non-White human-beings, ignoring the last four hundred years of tyranny they have unleashed, and all of a sudden becoming ‘experts’ in the field of foreign cultures! As the Australian State has NO material (scientific) evidence linking Robert Xie to the murders of his extended family – a time machine seems to be at work whereby the authors of the racist ‘Fu Man Chu’ novels have started concocting all kinds of ‘face-saving’ stories of diabolical Chinese hiding in back allies and lurking in shadows! The story that three Juries ‘rejected’ (yes – Robert Xie was ‘tried’ four times before being convicted) is that he ‘lost face’ when his extended family’s Post Office was a success, and his restaurant was a failure! This is so racist that words fail me. The success of the extended family was also the success of Robert Xie – and he gained ‘face’ from it – not that this has anything to do with what White people think about things they do not understand.  

Another Fu Man Chu script has Robert Xie a) ‘confessing’ to another inmate that he did it (and we all know how trustworthy inmates can be), and b) stating that he knows ‘kung fu’ and can ‘kill’ someone by hitting the correct pressure-points when he feels like doing it! On top of this, and despite ‘adopting’ the surviving daughter – Brenda Lin – c) he was accused by this young woman of ‘sexually’ abusing her whilst she lived in his family home recovering from the trauma of her family being murdered. What Brenda Lin did not realise is that the Australian Police had placed cameras throughout the family home of Robert Xie – and it is the same Police that issued a public statement saying that NO sexual abuse took place! This has not stopped a now grown-up Brenda Lin (Robert Xie was not convicted until 2016) from continuously repeating this false allegation and being encouraged in her lying by various Bourgeois Women’s Rights group which perpetuate the inverted (religiously motivated) ‘myth’ that all men are ‘evil’! As matters stand, there are even ‘White’ pressure groups that think Robert Xie is innocent!