China: Hegemonic ‘White’ Racism Greatest Threat to World Peace! (29.5.2023)

Mao said the involvement of a certain company in the reports indicates that aside from government agencies, the U.S. is using additional channels to spread disinformation.

“This is not the first time — and certainly not the last time — for them to do so. Whatever their subterfuge, it will not change the fact that the U.S. is the champion of hacking,” she said.

Investigation reports released by Chinese institutions in September last year accused the U.S. of using 41 specialized cyber weapons to launch more than 1,000 attacks on China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University and stealing core technical data. The U.S. has not yet offered an explanation on the matter.

Mao said that Washington should immediately explain its own cyber attacks instead of diverting public attention with false information.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Felix Metrikas from Geelong, Victoria, Australia! (1.4.2023)

History does not reveal the secret of how he managed to escape from Australia, out of Asia, and through Europe – but within Neo-Nazi Ukraine he ended up joining the Hitlerite Forces almost at the very beginning of the Russian Special Operation (which commenced during early 2022). Officially, he is described as a minecraft instructor (?) – but in fact, he specialises in IEDs – usually dropped from specially modified drones. He drops these exploding devices upon unexpecting Russian soldiers – and then ‘uploads’ the videos of the attacks on far-right websites in the US! On his last “working day”, due to a mistake, he blew himself up – and the entire building he was in – which housed other mercenaries and AFU units! However, before that, he managed to give advice to other Australians who wanted to join – DO NOT!: “I had friends here who were killed!”

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: David Savage from Adelaide, South Australia! (29.3.2023)

David Savage from Adelaide, South Australia.

Savage came to Ukraine last July to join the International Legion. He stated that he served in the Australian army, but when he joined a gang of bandits, it turned out that he did not have sufficient skills, so he was sent for training (naturally at his own expense). After the “graduation”, David got into the unit, which, by mistake, was fired upon by the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result, the Australian was left without both legs and went on a long journey to his native Adelaide.

Australia: Robert Xie, DNA, Trainers and Mass Murder! (11.2.2023) 

Another Fu Man Chu script has Robert Xie a) ‘confessing’ to another inmate that he did it (and we all know how trustworthy inmates can be), and b) stating that he knows ‘kung fu’ and can ‘kill’ someone by hitting the correct pressure-points when he feels like doing it! On top of this, and despite ‘adopting’ the surviving daughter – Brenda Lin – c) he was accused by this young woman of ‘sexually’ abusing her whilst she lived in his family home recovering from the trauma of her family being murdered. What Brenda Lin did not realise is that the Australian Police had placed cameras throughout the family home of Robert Xie – and it is the same Police that issued a public statement saying that NO sexual abuse took place! This has not stopped a now grown-up Brenda Lin (Robert Xie was not convicted until 2016) from continuously repeating this false allegation and being encouraged in her lying by various Bourgeois Women’s Rights group which perpetuate the inverted (religiously motivated) ‘myth’ that all men are ‘evil’! As matters stand, there are even ‘White’ pressure groups that think Robert Xie is innocent!

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