China: Japanese Tourist Asks for ‘Directions’ in Nanjing! (8.2.2023)

A Young Japanese Woman Asks for ‘Directions’ from Local Chinese People – Looking for the Nanjing Massacre Memorial!

By and large, this Japanese tourist is treated with respect and consideration from the average Chinese person – many (if not all) local to the Nanjing area. The young woman concerned speaks in very good Putonghua – if a little slower than normal. The full video can be seen by clicking the link above – but I include a short clip of two elderly Chinese men – both of whom lived through the Nanjing Massacre as young childrem. One explains that her Japanese ancestors carried-out a terrible act – but that it is good that she possesses the moral courage to pay her respect to the ‘Chinese’ victims of her ‘Japanese’ ancestors! I would also like to include this comment left by a viewer of this video in China:



‘At that time, the Japanese people ate the white rice dug out of the mouths of the people of Manchuria, used the coal dug out by Korean labourers, robbed money from all over from those they enslaved throughout East Asia to build trains that ran all over Japan, made indigestion medicines from stolen resources and built elementary and middle schools. You say you are a Commoner – have you eaten rice? Have you taken the indigestion medicines? Did you take the train? Is your child in middle school? I’ve never seen you complain. When enjoying the dividends of war, why didn’t I see that you have any opinions on militarism? But of course – when you get hit by an atomic bomb – you are innocent again! Okay, then you dismantle the railway and return it to us, spit out the rice, dismantle the primary school, prevent your Japanese children from being educated, and pretend they are illiterates from North China. Then you are innocent. When eating meat, you are like the emperor. If you get beaten, you become a proletarian again under the influence of militarism. Why do you have all the good things? Officials consider propagating the theory of people’s innocence for the sake of the relationship between the two countries, which we should understand and support. But if you really believe it, isn’t your brain a little bit out of order? Many people think that Nanjing people must have “hatred” when facing the Japanese. However, these Nanjing citizens in the video use their actions to convey: Forgetting history is betrayal, but remembering history does not mean eternal hatred.’