Bourgeois Hypocrisy and Suicide! (7.2.2023) 

The (British) Office of National Statistics ONS) suggests that around eighteen (18) people take their own lives per day in the UK. Approximately two-thirds more kill themselves who are from economically deprived areas than are from wealthy areas. The numbers seem to peak between the ages 45-70 – but suicide can happen at any age. Being a statistical anomaly does not reduce the risk of an individual taking their own life. More men than women commit suicide in the UK – with biracial or ‘mixed’ ethnicity individuals being more at risk. Obviously, the injustices of the predatory capitalist system generate quite often unbearable psychological and physical socio-economic pressure upon the individuals effected, so that the ‘removal’ of their own physical existence from the equation of their life seems to take on logical parameters. No presence – no pain, etc.  

Of course, the mental and physical pain in such that those concerned lose the ability to ‘think beyond’ their immediate psycho-physical conditions, and it is this inability to properly consider all the implications of such an act – that creates the illusion of ‘logicality’. If something suitably ‘positive’ was to substantially change in the lives of these individuals concerned (I am excluding ‘cults’ or other forms of ‘compelled’ suicide) the chances are that this inner haze would clear, and the negative state occupying the mind and body would dissipate – clearing the way to a more healthy and broader way of viewing the situation. All this, of course, unfolds outside the philosophical discussion of a purely theoretical taking of one’s own life – which is a dry academic affair with little relevance to modern living. (When Ancient Greeks drank Hemlock – predatory capitalism did not exist). 

The way the Bourgeoisie maintains power in a modern, capitalist society is that it ‘blames’ all the injustices it inflicts upon the working-class on the receiving individuals themselves. This is to say that the Bourgeois State blames the victim for the suffering associated with the injustices it inflicts upon them. Generally speaking, when the average working-class (or ‘non-White’) person takes their own life, the media remains ‘silent’ about the causes and uninterested in the outcome. However, when the White middle-class decide to take their own lives (or who are somehow involved in such a tragic occurrence) – the Bourgeois media cannot do enough with its mock sympathy and fake eulogies!  

Such an incident is unfolding at Epsom College as I write – a £42,000 a year ‘private’ school in the UK for the children of the middle and upper-classes.  This school is so exclusive it possesses its own rifle range! Following reports of ‘unscheduled’ firing on the range – the attending Police found three dead bodies – the Head Mistress, her husband and their young daughter. As the Police have stated no one else is involved, the chances are that this is a double murder-suicide. One of the adults shot the other adult and child – before turning the gun on themselves. The other two scenarios are less likely – but as anything is possible they must be considered. The child shot the two adults and then turned the gun on herself – or all three independently took their own lives (an action usually related to a cult). As I monitor and infiltrate far-right websites in the UK and US (as a means to undermine and bring them down) – I notice that the Neo-Nazi chatter is making much of the husband being ‘non-White’ (some say ‘Chinese’ but bear in mind these people are often deranged and woefully inadequate) and are blaming him. The point is that the new ‘Head Mistress’ (a ‘White’ middle-class woman) was married to a non-White man (which the British media is now starting to blame for the killings) – with the family possessing a biracial daughter. If the statistics are correct – then there were fifteen (15) other people who were the victims of suicide on Saturday – the names of which will never be publicly known because they are of the wrong class and/or ethnic background.