Diane Van Deren – the Athletic Benefits of Short-Term Memory loss

As Diane cannot ‘remember’ how long she has been running, she is freed from the usual sense of fatigue and exhaustion that plagues runners possessing fully functioning memory capacities. Ordinary runners, utilising the evolutionary advantage of ‘memory’ are generally caught-up in the details of where they have been and where they are going, but none of this distracting information is present in the mind of Diane Van Deren.

Wikipedia Suppression of Knowledge

As a consequence, wikipedia’s anti-progress, anti-leftist and anti-truth position is very clear. Its established historical narrative reflects exactly how white middle class America views itself and the world around it. I think the ancient Greeks would be astonished to see that in today’s America, stupidity is packaged as ‘true’ knowledge!

The Dhammapada and the Uncreate

The Pali word ‘akata’ translates as ‘uncreate’, and this has been translated into the Chinese language through the use of the Daoist term ‘Wu Wei’ (無為). This is important in implication for the Ch’an idiom ‘language of the uncreate’., as it means that Ch’an doctrine is not only securely rooted in Buddhist scripture, but rooted in the earliest strata of that scripture.

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