Ukraine: The US is Using the UK as ‘Muster-Point’ for Neo-Nazi Recruitment! (4.1.2023)

Around three or four months ago I was told – via a Russian language Telegram Channel – of an African American (Bradley Burke) who had ‘volunteered’ for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Around three-weeks ago – I was contacted by a member of his family in the US stating that he had ‘gone missing’. The story was that White men in civilian clothing (who looked and acted like ‘military men’) were targeting the African American community in the US – offering ‘no questions asked’ military service abroad. Leaflets were handed-out and all any interested party had to do was call a ‘free’ telephone number to get the ball rolling! 

The ‘small print’ gave-out some blurb of Ukraine being abit like Israel and that it was every true American’s duty to ‘volunteer’ to protect this hard-pressed State from Russian aggression! The person mentioned above fell for these lies and without telling his family – ‘made the call’! Within weeks he was in an ultra-far-right Neo-Nazi Unit (apparently assigned by mistake) and was racially beaten by Ukrainians (and other ‘White’ volunteers)! He recorded the aftermath of this attack and uploaded it to Twitter – but it was soon taken down (as it exposed the Neo-Nazi nature of the Ukrainian regime that the US had knowingly put into power) – but not before it was shared far and wide! Even so, it looks as if both Russia and the West have been actively ‘removing’ any reference to this racial attack.  

This was when he went missing and stopped communicating with his family in the US. Obviously, there was (and is) absolutely ‘zero’ sympathy from the Russian side (as he had gone there to ‘kill’ Russians). What I found odd about this episode is that his relative kept talking about having to contact the United Kingdom (UK) – and that whilst doing this the ‘helpline’ would keep them holding for hours before being arbitrarily ‘cutting’ them off! Why? Well, yesterday, Bradley Burke turned-up in the US after first clearing the ‘debriefing’ process which happens in the UK!  

I am told that when US and European men and women ‘volunteer’ for military service in Neo-Nazi Ukraine – the US has decreed the UK to be a mustering point for these thousands of primarrily ‘White Supremacists’ including a significant number of former IDF veterans (Bradley Burke is one of the few exceptions who seems to have fell for the lies). In the UK, these people gather and are looked after by the British State. They are provided with virtually all their military equipment (minus the weapons which await them in the Ukraine – pre-shipped if you like) and are put-up at hotels free of any charge to them!  

On the return journey, these people are funnelled once again into the UK where they are ‘debriefed’ by the Intelligence Services. In return for all this compliance they receive financial assistance, housing, free medical treatment, psychological treatment and are taught a preferred ‘explanation’ of their time in the Ukraine. They are told to omit any mentions of Swastikas, pictures of Hitler and any examples of ‘straight-armed salutes’! This includes a complete censoring of any and all atrocities committed by the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Forces against the Russians (and their allies). Once all this is taken care of, they are given the choice of permanently staying in the UK – or given a free aeroplane ticket back home!  

This is happening under our noses. Not only are tens of thousands of Neo-Nazi Ukrainins being shunted into our communities – but those who went to the Ukraine and carried-out War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity are being treated with the same respect as the average British person holds the military service of their grandfathers during WWII (when the UK was an ally of the USSR)! This dalliance with the far-right demonstrates that it is the US that controls the UK – and not the British people themselves! Exactly the same US that pathologically demands predatory capitalism on the one-hand – whilst upsetting and destroying the balance of the world economy on the other in an attempt to punish Russia for daring to stand-up to Ukrainian Neo-Nazism!