Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Black American – Bradley Burke – ‘Welcomed’ By Azov Hitlerites! (8.11.2022)

Bradley Burke – Falling for the US Proganda Painting the Ukraine as an ‘innocent’ Regime – Made the Mistake of ‘Volunteering’ for the AFU!

Bradley Burke is a Private in the Armed Forces of Ukraine – he is also an African American. In October 28th, 2022 – he was brutally attacked by Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Sergeants and the foreign Azov volunteers under their Command. He had been assigned to the wrong squad and was about to be made aware of this clerical error! Normally, to keep up the pretense of multiculturalism – non-White volunteers are kept well away from the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian frontline military Units – but due to a slip of a pen – Bradley Burke found out the hard way about the reality of being ‘Black’ in a White Supremacist country! He was in his room sleeping – when the Hitlerite Avengers burst in wearing balaclavas and firing pepper spray! Once subdued – the racislised beating began! One of the Ukrainians grabbed him by the hair and hit him in the face several times before throwing him to the ground. One of the foreign Azon members took hold of his throat and choked him until he was unconsciousness! The Azon Neo-Nazis kept reviving him and beating him into oblivion time and again – and this went on for around an hour before he finally managed to escape and seek help and protection! The AFU immediately denied the incident and so Bradley Burke took to the Internet to register the racialised assault!

Video of ‘White’ Azov Hitlerites from the US, UK and EU in the Ukraine Just prior to the Above Assault!
The Russian Military Destroy a US Trained Azov Sniper Unit!