The Russian-Ukraine Clash is a Contradictory ‘Capitalist’ Conflict! (5.1.2023)

On the one-hand there is a Russian mercenery group named after the German Composer – Richard Wagner – (one of Hitler”s primary inspirations due to his relentless anti-Semiticism) and on the other hand there are the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians wearing Nazi German
‘SS’ insignia! Both sides either deny what they are doing or deny the implications behind what they are doing! The Russians are pursuing a Pan-Slavic (right-wing) ‘Nationalist’ path – whilst the Ukrainians are wedded to modern trends in ‘National Socialism’ as devised by Adolf Hitler and applied within (and outside) of Nazi Germany! This dalliance with the political right-wing and far-right by both ‘capitalist’ sides is compounded by the Catholic Church which is oponrly supporting the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian regime alongside the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – a breakaway branch of the Russian Orthodox Church – which is performing the same supportive function for the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. The Russian Orthodox Church – by way of contrast – supports the actions of a ‘capitalist’ Russia as it is better for Russia to be ‘capitalist’ and encourage religious ignorance than for Russia to be a Socialist State and discourage all religious superstition!

Indeed, both countries are practicing a form of fascism whilst attempting to stay within the bounds of liberal, democratic politics. Russian fascism is non-Hitlerite and has its origins in the Pan-Slavic (racist) ideology of Scandinavia – whilst the Ukraine (which 32 years ago was the proud frontline of the ‘Internationalist’ Soviet Union) has unashamedly nailed its colours to the mast of Neo-Nazism! Both Russians and Ukrainians share exactly the same Northern European DNA with only the distorted thinking associated with (capitalist) Nation States making the two regions seem populated by unrelated genetic stocks! The only distinction is to what extent the invading Northern Europeans populations (being comprised only of men) ‘mixed’ with the local indigenous populations of various types of Asiatic people, etc.

The water does become a little sullied, however, as the hideous Russian ‘Wagner’ insignia (similar to the Hitlerite ‘Death’s Head’ emblem included above) is even an emoji on Telegram! Richard Wagner was an anti-Semite who served as one of Hitler’s main inspirations behind the formation of his ideology of ‘National Socialism’! This is where Russian Pan-Slavic fascism overlaps and intersects with Hitlerism – and considering that Htler planned to wipe-out the Slavic race in the USSR ‘polluted’ with ‘Jewish’ Bolshevism (as he saw it) the ‘silence’ from the Russian people in general is remarkable! Of course, these ‘Wagner’ Hitlerites fighting for Russia once murdered a POW with sledge-hammer – and filmed it for public consumption – again, no condemnation from the Russian people! This is how the deluding ideology of predatory capitalism poisons the minds of the working class and makes people kill one another over which racist myth is adhered to and which version of the same religious myth is believed to be ‘correct’!

Capitalism, fascism and religiosity must be all swept away through the mind-focusing power of Marxist-Leninism! Supporting Russia should not be taken as supporting ‘capitalist’ (or ‘Pan-Slavic’) Russia – and opposing Ukrainian Neo-Nazism should not be seen as rejecting the working class of Ukraine! These are the contradictions that capitalism causes and which Socialism solves! What ‘capitalist Russia does not recognise is that although many ‘Bourgeois’ (capitalist) countries politically oppose Russian hegemony and self-determination within its own geographical region – large sections of the working class in those ‘Bourgeois’ countries actually ‘disagree’ with the policies of their national ‘Bourgeois’ governments – and hold viewpoints either friendly or indifferent toward Russia’s actions! Modern Russia does not want to acknowledge this reality just as it does not want to discuss how much better life was for the average Russian (and ‘Soviet’) citizen under the Socialism of the USSR! Again, if you are of a mind to dig deep enough – you will find the machinations of the Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church with all their primitive phobias, prejudices and insane anti-logical ideas! Religion is poison! As for the Protestant Churches – these are all supporting the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Refugees that are being invited into our Western countries – to live as our neighbours!