Russia: New ‘Soviet-Style’ Military Medal Issued! (2.1.2023)

A ‘New’ Military Medal in Russia Reflects a Soviet Award Prominent During the Great Patriotic War!

The Russian Defense Ministry has started awarding Veterans of the ‘Special Military Operation’ (in Donbass) with a ‘new’ type of medal which draws upon the symbolism as used by the USSR in its war against International Fascism (1941-1945)! This is why this ‘new’ Russian Military Medal carries the imagery of the ‘Soviet Order of the Red Star’ on its obverse side.

From the end of December, 2022, Private Soldiers, NCOs and Commissioned Officers fighting in the Russian Armed Forces (primarily at the ‘Front’ during the ‘Special Military Operation’ in Donbass) became ‘eligible’ to receive this distinction!

This decision was taken after considering how respected and popular the ‘Soviet Order of the Red Star’ had been throughout the Red Army, and the use of its symbolism suggests a firm historical link between the past and the present with regard to Russia’s eternal fight against fascism!

Although a ‘Military Medal’ – civilians demonstrating bravery and determination in the face of the enemy can also be awarded this distinction!


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Минобороны России начало награждение участников спецоперации новыми медалями, на которых отчеканено изображение боевого советского ордена Красной Звезды.

В конце декабря новой медалью были награждены солдаты и офицеры, воюющие на фронте специальной военной операции.

Учитывая, каким массовым и уважаемым в Красной Армии был орден Красной Звезды, очевидно, что его изображение на новой награде должно означать связь поколений.

В статусе медали говорится, что её могут удостоиться и гражданские лица.

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