100th Anniversary of the Founding of the USSR (1922-2022)! Two Articles by VI Lenin! (30.12.2022) 

A Picture of a ‘Young’ VI Lenin (Plus Signature) Found on the Front Page of Volume One (of a Two-Volume Set). This is an Actual Photograph Respectfully Affixed to the Page and Covered with a Layer of Protecting Tissue Paper!

Author’s Note: Bourgeois history regarding the USSR (and the Marxist-Leninist Movement) cannot be trusted. Of course, some of it is of better quality than others (with Alexander Werth and EH Carr be shining examples), although even where the history might be described as ‘good’ the reader must remain ‘wary’ at all times of the presence of hidden Bourgeois vitriol and Trotskyite deception! This type of political sabotage (encapsulated by the pathetic work of ‘George Orwell’) is always designed to lead the attention of the Proletariat ‘back’ to the normalcy of the (exploitative) Bourgeois status quo, to develop negative attitudes about working-class Revolutions and to turn their collective backs upon the idea of changing the world for good (and for the better)! Indeed, the work of Stanislav Lem continuously conveys reality from a ‘Communist’ perspective – to the point where contemporary (and ‘adoring’) Bourgeois readers can no longer distinguish between ‘capitalist’ and ‘Socialist’ science fiction! (Indeed, I attach a link to an auto-translated ‘Russian’ language Wikipedia page regarding Stanislav Lem which gives a very different impression of the man than the anti-intellectual US equivalent – dominated as it is by its ahistorical and fanatically hysterical anti-Communist insanity). Stanislav Lem might be an example of the opposite trend to ‘Orwell’ in operation – whereby primarily unsuspecting audiences are being drip-fed Marxist-Leninist ideology – only in an ‘entertainment’ format, and slowly but surely having their thought processes (and behaviours) gently modified and influenced from the outside – shifting them toward the political left!  

Hard-Back Volume Two of a Two-Set (1947) Edition of Lenin’s Collected Works! No Dust Cover But Sturdy Nonetheless!

As Lem uses his native Polish language in an ‘Internationalist’ sense, his work avoids all the pitfalls associated with feudal, Bourgeois and religious prejudices surrounding what it means to be ethnically ‘Polish’ – and translates very well (in a ‘Mayakovsky’ and ‘Futuristic’ sense) into any other language without too much difficulty. Lem’s work, like that of Marx and Lenin, is meant for the entirety of humanity – and not any one particular ‘pocket’ of Bourgeois contradictions, paradoxes and illogicalities! This is what Stanislav Lem states about the beloved ‘religiosity’ as practiced by the Bourgeoisie – ‘No religion can do anything for humanity because it is not knowledge based on experience. Of course, it reduces the “painfulness of being” for individuals, and in passing increases the sum of misfortunes afflicting everyone, precisely because of its helplessness and inaction in relation to mass problems. So we should not defend it as a useful tool even from a pragmatic point of view, because this tool is bad and helpless in the face of humanity’s problems.‘ But I digress (whilst also remembering to recommend the excellent work of Grover Furr). Presented below are the last two articles that VI Lenin penned, and which were published just AFTER the founding of the USSR in early 1923! As Lenin was at the centre of a massive outpouring of human Revolutionary activity, his work deals with various and diverse elements of Soviet State building and are often very ‘fluid’ in nature! Whereas the Collected Works of JV Stalin are a no-nonsense approach to the lineal history of the Russian Revolution and the construction of the USSR – the works of Lenin are more ‘circular’ in approach (although no less clear and concise) as he is having to deal with 101 things throughout every waking hour of each day (in real time)! Matters arise before his bodily senses and his mind’s eye – and these matters must be carefully analysed, and a direction of action (together with a solution) must be found! Whereas Stalin followed Lenin – for millions of people striving to build a better life – it was Lenin who served as the transforming centre for a vast and diverse section of humanity! 

No One At the Time Suspected What the Bourgeoisie was Planning Against the USSR Regarding the US Cold War!

This is what the Bourgeoisie (just as much in modern Russia as in anywhere else it still rules and regulates the misery of humanity) does not want you to know or remember! For the Bourgeoisie the USSR was a nightmare because it marked the end of Bourgeois rule! The USSR marked the end of Bourgeois privilege and the using of working-class minds and bodies for its own physical enrichment and sexual gratification! This is why the Bourgeoisie ‘hates’ the USSR and its propaganda is orientated to make you hate it as well! This is the behaviour of a class enemy, and you would do well to learn from this example. Try to acquire Collected Works of Marx and Lenin as printed in the USSR. As always, avoid Trotskyites bearing gifts – as they always intend to drag the Revolutionary rug out from beneath your feet!  

Stalin was Always a Good Student of Lenin!

A few years ago, I acquired a Two Volume Set entitled the Essentials of VI Lenin (1947) from Comrades in the ‘New Communist Party’ (NCP) in London. The NCP was busy embracing the North Korean ideology of ‘Juche’ and were happy to jettison overt ideological works pertaining to the USSR – such as those involving Lenin and Stalin. Their loss was my gain (although a modest amount of money did change hands) and I acquired the full Stalin Collection and a very good (and quite ‘rare’) Two Volume Edition of Lenin – published at a time when the USSR was still riding high following its 1945 Victories over Naxi Germany and Imperial Japan – and before the US Cold War had fully kicked in – (falsely equating as it did the USSR with Nazi Germany). A point to remember is that the Nazi Germans (and their allies – which included the Vatican) murdered around 41 million Soviet men, women and children – far more than officially died in the ‘Holocaust’ (although at least in-part, the Nazi Germans carried-out some of the ‘Holocaust’ killings whilst occupying Soviet soil). The USSR, of course, betrayed Lenin and Stalin through the behaviour of Nikita Khrushchev in 1956 – a known coward who fled the fighting in the Ukraine during 1941 to save his own skin! The USSR as founded in 1922 must be applauded for the working-class achievement that it was, and which it remains! We must strive to keep its memory alive by correctly telling its story! Included below are what are believed to be the last two articles a very ill Lenin managed to write and publish during early 1923 (written around three-weeks to just over two-months respectively – after the successful founding of the USSR). These articles by Lenin are entitled ‘How We Should Reorganise the Workers and Peasants’ Inspection (23.1.1922) and ‘Better Fewer, But Better’ (2.3.1922). Lenin’s work tends to ‘allude’ to the USSR (that is, Lenin ‘talks around’ the subject) rather than mention it directly – so these two articles give something of the progressive (intellectual) ‘taste’ of the time within which the the USSR was founded! Onward Comrades! ACW (30.12.2022) 

Lenin’s Thought Processes Were Multidimensional!
Contained Within Lenin’s Writings is Much Condensed Wisdom Which Needs to Be Thoroughly ‘Read’ and ‘Considered’!
It Is the ‘Quality’ of Those Who Comprise the ‘Collective’ Work – and NOT the ‘Quantity!
Lenin is Often Talking About ‘Pre-Modern’ and ‘Modern’ Societies. Societies Not Yet Transformed by the Progressive Forces of Oppressive Capitalism – and Those Which Have Been.
Many Areas of Russia (and the Surrounding Countries) Were Feudalistic, Poverty-Striken and Culturally Backward!
Russia Was So Backward Under the Czar That Very Few Areas Possessed Clean, Running Water Nor Electricity!
Modern ‘Capitalist’ Russia Today is the Direct Result of the USSR – With Lenin and Stalin Directing the Workers to Construct a Modern ‘Advanced’ State from Scratch!
Study Marx and Engels – Read Lenin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh! This Process Will ‘Uproot’ the Bourgeois ‘Inverted’ Mindset – Purify and Dismiss the ‘False Consciousness’ – and Create a True Proletariat Revolutionary!