Exposing Ukrainian Neo-Nazism – We Must Collectively ‘Resist’! (29.12.2022) 

We Reject the ‘Racist’ Nationalism of the Ukraine and Fully Embrace the ‘Internationalism’ of the USSR and Comrade Joseph Stalin!

Since 1945, it has been the US which has tightened its grip upon Western (and then Eastern) Europe, extending its military control and economic hegemony. Since the rise of the internet (in the late 1990s), this control of Western Civilisation has included the seeping into our minds and homes of crass US culture. This has been similar to a military invasion but one requiring no troops, and which our own governments have colluded with! We are not kept safe from the population that US anti-intellectualism represents. Since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, the US has openly flexed its militaristic muscle – treating the outside as its plaything. This has included cynically inviting the Hitlerite forces of the world to take their ‘revenge’ upon a modern Russia for the Soviet defeat of Hitler in 1945 (as if ‘capitalist’ Russia is in anyway reflective of the USSR), and in so doing assist in the shifting of the boundaries of NATO toward the Russian borders!  

As the ‘Working-Class’ – We Should Know and Remember Our Own Heroes!

In response, a very small slither of East Ukraine (Donbass) has legally declared itself ‘Independent’, and according to the UN – Russia – having acknowledged this ‘Independence’ has done nothing ‘wrong’, certainly nothing ‘illegal’ by coming to the aid of these beleaguered people. This is the real story not reported by the Western, mainstream media – which would rather report the fiction emanating out of Washington for all to consume! This is not surprising as although modern Russia is certainly NOT ‘Socialist’ in anyway – the US-contrived regime in the Ukraine is undoubtedly ‘Neo-Nazi’! Russia (according to the ‘UN’) has lawfully come to the aid of a very small area of what was East Ukraine – and yet Central and West Ukraine are awash with US and EU government and charity money (even though there is NO warfare of any type in these areas) with the population no longer having to ‘work’!  

Marxist-Leninism is the Only Ideology That Can Fight Ukrainian Neo-Nazism and Bourgeois Capitalism!

This false situation has been compounded by ethnic Ukrainians (from these areas of ‘zero’ conflict) together with their entire extended families) being given immediate ‘Refugee Status’! This despite many openly holding the White Supremacist attitudes associated with the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime of Ukraine – and whilst taking the free houses, free money, free schooling and free education being given-out like sweats – these unwanted people continuous ‘complaining’ about the multicultural nature of our countries outside of the rabidly ‘racist’ Ukraine (attitudes often encouraged and endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church which possesses a long history of collaborating with fascism). As most of these people believe that it is ‘we’ who should be learning their language of ‘Ukrainian’ – very few have bothered to master the English language skills as of yet required to understand the undercurrent of working-class resistance to the latest fascistic outrage the Bourgeoisie is daring to inflict upon us!  

It Is the Ordinary People Who Must Resist Ukrainian Neo-Nazism!

We, the British working-class, as the former allies of a USSR led by Comrade Joseph Stalin during WWII (1941-1945), refuse to accept this attempt at creating a ‘new’ dystopian status quo where our schoolchildren come home espousing the merits of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism – because they ‘heard the Ukrainian kids discussing it in the playground’! Schools in the London area have already been asking the multicultural population of children to ‘make cakes’ for ‘Uncle Zelensky’ and the supposedly ‘beleaguered’ Ukrainian people – apparently unaware that if these Ukrainian Neo-Nazi people expand beyond the borders of Catholic controlled Ukraine – there will be ‘new’ Death Camps operating and it will be ‘us’ – (or those who do not fit-in with the Ukrainian vision of Hitlerism) who will be ‘processed’ through them! After-all, our Bourgeois governments have given the Neo-Nazi Ukrainians our media, our housing, our schools, our welfare and our hospitals – and I suspect that barring an armed uprising – they will soon be giving these Neo-Nazi Ukrainians our very bodies and personal property to play with!  

A Playful Image from ‘Modern’ Russia!