Remembering the Fallen! (12.11.2022)

Soldiers Are Workers in Uniform – Lenin!

Around three million Czarist Russians were killed and/or wounded (fighting as an Ally of the UK) during WWI between 1914-1917! During 1917 – the Russian soldiers rose-up, shot their Officers, left the trenches and walked back to Russia in support of VI Lenin and his Bolshevik Party! The Russian soldiers joined the Workers and the Russian Revolution was born! During April of 1918, the US and UK (together with 12 of their Allies) joined Imperial Germany (and 6 of their Allies) in an invasion of Revolutionary Russia with a mission to murder Lenin and kill the Revolution!

Kai-Lin Bows Her Head Out of Respect!

This means that British, American and German troops fought side by side and in pursuit of a common goal between April 1918, and November 11th, 1918. Whilst British and US troops were fighting and dying against German troops in France and Belgium – British, US and German troops where fighting together against Socialism in Russia! This situation persisted until Imperial Germany ‘Surrendered’ and all German troops left Revolutionary Russian. However, the British, US and 12 other Allies continued fighting in Revolutionary Russia until all bourgeois (capitalist) elements were finally defeated by the Soviet Red Army and expelled during 1921! What has erroneously dubbed the ‘Russian Civil War’ by Western historians (as if it had nothing to do with the militarism and greed of the West) cost the lives of 10.5 million Russian men, women and children! This is considered the greatest number of deaths ever inflicted during a so-called ‘Civil War’!

I Wear the Soviet Red Army Cap Out of Respect for the Russian Dead Inflicted by the British, Germans and Americans!

During WWII, the USSR was an important Ally of the US and UK. Nazi Germany invaded the USSR during mid-1941 with the intended goal of committing genocide and wiping out the Slavic race! This was an invasion supported by the Catholic Church and the Trotskyites – involving Fascist Italy and Spain! These troops carried out their murderous intent led by Catholic priests! This is why millions of Catholic West Ukrainians volunteered to form a Special SS Unit in the Nazi German army! This was comprised of paedophiles, criminals and murderers who where unleashed on the Soviet population! Churchill, at the behest of the Pope had 10,000 of these Ukrainian SS criminals flown to Scotland (to escape Soviet justice) where their cover story was that they were Polish Refugees! The Nazi Germans (and their Allies) murdered 41 million Soviet men, women and children between 1941-1945! Today, a (bourgeois) Russia is confronting a Neo-Nazis Ukraine which has been funded and armed by the US, UK and EU! Whilst remembering all the victims of war (including our family members who have fought for Britain in the past), we also remember the Russian soldiers who are once again called upon to fight the racism and moral decadence of the West! Leat We Forget – indeed!

We Love You All! So Says Lenin and Buddha!