Emails: Russia’s Military Reversal in Kherson! (13.11.2022)

Dear Gillian

The Western media has been fabricating ‘news’ concerning Russian military defeats (left, right and centre) since the start of this conflict – but every time I have checked Russian-language sources (both ‘Official’ and ‘Unofficial’) for verifications, I have discovered that every single one of these stories has been a ‘lie’ and premised upon ‘fake news’. The Western (adult) audience nolonger seems to to able to distinguish ‘fact’ from ‘fiction’ – or care that the media it funds is routinely spreading false propaganda (usually of a ‘racist’ nature) – and doing all this in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’! 

But I digress. The Russian Armed Force have suffered a significant setback in Kherson and for three discernible reasons: 

a) Russian Intelligence failed to predict this attack. 

b) Russian Commanders failed to contain this attack. 

c) Russian troops failed to repulse this attack. 

These three factors make this event both worrying and significant in a war of (more or less) total Russian victories to date! Russia’s retreat was so quick that it left behind piles of (invaluable) untouched ammunition! These crucial military supplies were being stocked to: 

1) Hold Kherson indefinitely. 

2) Prepare Kherson as a springboard for advances.  

Thirty-one years ago (in 1991) – that part of the Soviet Red Army present in the Ukraine was chopped into an isolated faction and was re-named the ‘Armed Forces of Ukraine’. Its motivating ideology changed overnight from Marxist-Leninist ‘Internationalism’ to Bourgeois (racist) Nationalism! However, as US-led NATO aggression was expected to materialise as a large-scale incursion into and through the West of the USSR – the Red Army in Ukraine possessed some of the best Soviet troops and most advanced equipment. Their job was to ‘halt’ the NATO advance in a far more effective manner than initially achieved by the 1941 Red Army (hence the labyrinth of underground emplacements found within Ukrainian territory – which the Russian’s ‘pretend’ to be surprised about).  

The Ukrainian government appears to have rested upon its laurels and NOT invested in any significant military development – thinking that the advanced Red Army it inherited in 1991 was good enough for all future requirements – but this has proven a fatal error in judgement. Military technology continued to develop at a fast pace, and this is something the Russian government understood. It continuously studied what the US and China were doing – and made sure its ‘new’ Bourgrois Armed Forces were completely up to date and in no way ideologically or historically linked to the Soviet Red Army – hence its dominance to date in Donbass. That is – until now! 

In Kherson – either professional (foreign) troops took part in an operation wearing Ukrainian uniforms – or a ‘new’ type of Ukrainian soldier has taken to the battlefield. Either way – all my sources agree that the Russian Military was defeated and was forced to hastily retreat from the area. A highly aggressive and effective three-pronged attack was unleashed which created pockets of isolated Russians unable to retreat with the main body. These men tried to surrender – but in so doing were all killed (according to Russian language sources). There are tales of heroism – but ultimately the same end result – dead Russians. Both Ukrainian and Russian media are showing film footage of the aftermath (with some footage of beleaguered and hard-pressed Russian soldiers fighting a retreat).  

During all of this – the retreating Russian Military did manage to blow-up a major bridge – so worried were they of these ‘Ukrainian’ Forces capitalising on their success and following in the wake of the Russian retreat – purposely pushing further into Donbass (which the enemy never seemed to have attempted). This might be because this was a ‘test’ of new Ukrainian military tactics with different parameters of discipline. In other words, the enemy Commanders were ‘unsure’ whether any of this new approach would work, and they were only attempting highly ‘local’ achievements. The fact that this attack did work – and to such a high and total degree – is evident from the surprise shown by the Russians and the fact that no follow-up attack pushed into Donbass – as such a concerted Ukrainian attack could have started a theatre-wide ‘route’ of Russian Forces Eastward! Interesting developments. Is this is a new era or a flash in the pan? 



Dear Adrian

Kherson was the  bridge to Odessa. Me and my Serb chums have been convinced for some time that the Russians would never get to Odessa. Odessa is not the stronghold of Russian support people think it is.  Nearly a decade of Nazi propaganda and people’s blood ties to Axis powers mean that a Russian advancing army would not get a warm welcome. The only way to clear Odessa will be street fighting.  It would be very ugly. Darn Imperialist Russians thinking of cutting off Ukraine from the sea and uniting with Transnistria somewhat muddled everyone’s thinking.  This is never going to happen. There is no Nazism in Transnistira, it is not part of the remit of the SMO. Besides Transnistria is Easters Europe’s Bahamas (money laundering centre), money talks on both sides of the divide and it will be left alone. Russians seem to have caught up with our thinking and abandoned Kherson which is for now a somewhat foolish, vulnerable outpost of their endeavours.  Russia can not ‘win’ this war.  But on the other side, Ukrainian victories will all be pyrrhic. NATO will employ its full stupidity and hopefully destroy itself, this will not be a Russian ‘win’ but NATO destroying itself and most of Europe in the process.

The only successful outcome of this whole endeavour will the the collapse of Western monetary system, hyper inflation in the West leading to a temporary governing by a completely Fascist technocracy, but one which will not be able to hold its shit together because it totally overestimates the power of the technology it has to hand and totally underestimates the  resourcefulness and creativity of man to subvert  their evil …… good times will only come after this worst has happened.  Sadly such pain will be the only way to wake up everyone from their stupor.



Dear Gillian

Excellent scribing. You may consider my hat doffed!