The Taxman (1966) – How the Beatles Got it Wrong! (9.11.2023)

Yes – very rich people did pay a substantial amount of their ample incomes as a contribution in this re-distribution of wealth – but the working-class paid much more tax collectively than the middle or upper classes (even though the rate of tax each individual paid was less due to their lower incomes). It is a shame that the four Beatles took the money the British public gave them in reward for their (extraordinary) musical talents – and then ‘refused’ to contribute what amounted to a relatively ‘small’ over-all contribution of their incomes toward the general health of the nation! Later, when John Lennon walked around wearing a ‘Mao Zedong’ badge – perhaps one or two of the Beatles regretted making this track – particularly as the sentiment expressed is inherently ‘right-wing’ and would eventually feed into the fascistic ideology of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and a host of other faceless Tory and Lib-Dems leaders! Since 1979, the Beatles may have been pleased to see the start of the privatisation of the NHS, the selling-off of Council Houses, the closing of hospitals and the dismantling of the Welfare System! Perhaps they were ecstatic when Thatcher abolished ‘free’ University education for the British youth – immediately plunging hundreds of thousands into a lifetime of abject poverty! By applying such right-wing ideology, the Tories and Lib-Dems (according to a UN investigation) murdered over 120,000 people with disabilities between 2010-2016! They achieved this by cutting taxes for the rich and services for the poor – a simple correlation that further enriches the already wealthy whilst simultaneously reducing the life-expectancy of the poor!

How the Racist US Political System Prevents Access to the Basic ‘Human Right’ of Voting! (9.11.2022)

In addition, a report from The Sentencing Project found that state-level voting bans have a disproportionate impact on Black and Latino voters. According to the report, “One in 19 African Americans of voting age is disenfranchised, a rate 3.5 times that of non-African Americans.”

Although the U.S. boasts that every American is equal to live, enjoy liberty and pursue happiness, and keeps telling the world it is inclusive and open, the shadow of racial discrimination continues to loom.

Politicians fail to bridge the racial divide, but use minority groups as a tool for their elections, which fails to realize true democracy. On the contrary, it will only worsen social problems like racial discrimination and aggravate the division of American society.