Industrial Action – Soldiers and Midwives Are Workers! (12.11.2022)

The time has come for Nurses and Midwives – those who fought Covid-19 and died whilst protecting us (because the Tories would not issue PPE which cost pennies) – to ‘STRIKE’ on behalf of the British nation! That is – to STRIKE for US! The NHS is collapsing due to the privatisation drives and cuts in funding and services! People are dying due to the Tory cuts and action has to be taken! The Bourgeois Union for Nursing usually colludes with the Establishment – but no longer! The Nurses are joining the Midwives (a traditionally ‘Leftwing’ Union) in taking Industrial Action! Gee’s ballot papers arrived this morning and we are proud of her decision to Strike! Long Live the Workers! Long Live the NHS! Long Live Socialist Medicine!