Neo-Nazi Ukraine: British Mercenary James Dee in the Hitlerite Units! (6.11.2022)

White British Men Fighting in the Neo-Nazi Nationalist Battalions!

Footage found by attacking Russian soldiers on the mobile telephones found on the bodies of foreign mercenaries recently killed during trench clearing operations on the border of Donbass! The Russians combine precise and pin point modern technology strikes – with old fashioned (but highly effective) bayonet charges developed during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) – when Soviet Red Army soldiers made a point of closing with Nazi German troops (and their Allies) to prove the Soviet people were not racially inferior (as Hitler maintained) – teaching the enemy a lesson they would not forget! It seems a similar practice is being applied today against Neo-Nazi Ukraine and their White Supremacist ‘Volunteers’!

James Dee – The Man of the Moment!

The British mercenary shown in this footage is one James Dee (from Pontefract) in the UK. He arrived in Ukraine during April 2022 and volunteered for service in the Neo-Nazi Battalions under the name ‘Charles A Carter’ – and is a member of the Hitlerite Ukrainan Karpatska Sich Unit. As other mecrenaries say – he is the Commander of the Britain 3rd Platoon within Karpatska Sich. James likes filming himself in trenches – but doesn’t do much actual fighting. He has not been online in last month and may well have been killed. His last known location was in the Kharkov region with the rest of the foreign White Supremacists! If you are a relative of James Dee – you should be ashamed that you raised a child who has defiled the memories of our British grandparents who fought the forces of International Fascism alongside our Allies – the USSR!

James Dee – Remember His Face – He Thinks He’s a Hero!