Chinese Scientists Discover New Lunar Mineral (9.8.2022)

(ECNS) — Chang’e site-(Y), a new mineral, was discovered from the moon samples brought back by China’s Chang’e-5 probe in late 2020, Chinese authority announced on Friday.

It marks China becoming the third country to have discovered a new mineral on the moon following the US and the former Soviet Union.

Chang’e site-(Y) is a phosphate mineral in the form of columnar crystals found in lunar basalt grains. It is the sixth new mineral discovered by humans on the moon and approved by the International Mineralogical Association (IMA).

China also made achievements in magma differentiation, space weathering, Helium-3 gas and bio-energy conversion from Chang’e-5 lunar soil samples, which are helpful for understanding the origin and evolution of the moon, exploring the effective use of lunar resources, and realizing “zero energy consumption” of extra-terrestrial environment and life support system, experts said.

The discovery was jointly released by the China National Space Administration and the China Atomic Energy Authority on Friday, a day before China’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

2022-09-09 Editor:Zhao Li