Chernobyl: Remembering the Selfless Bravery of the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Engineers! (28.4.2023)

In our “Socialist” world then – which hah not yet been cut into competing National entities with pointlessly competing pseudo-histories – the wonderful people of a beautiful country simply saved the lives (and guaranteed future existences) of vast territories that were in trouble – without dividing it according to (Bourgeois) Nationality (or national-tongue). It’s scary to imagine the consequences – if something like this happens today!

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: US Warns Russia NOT To Touch American Nuclear Assets in the Region! (19.4.2023)

The US government has ‘warned’ Russia not to touch it – according to the US mouth-piece – CNN. The evidence for this is stated in a letter from the US Department of Energy – sent last month to Rosatom. It says that the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant in Energodar:

“…contains nuclear technology and sensitive data – the export of which is controlled by the US government.”

In this way the US government has confirmed the presence of its nuclear assets in the Ukraine – whilst obviously ‘fearing’ a widespread Russian military victory throughout the region concerned! Attempting to ‘warn’ Russia after the complete ‘failure’ of its economic embargo of Russia is interesting!

US Army: Chinese TCM “Adopted” to Keep Troops Fit! (14.4.2023)

TCM originated in the Chinese culture. It explains health and diseases from a macro, systemic and holistic perspective. As a unique form of medicine, TCM exercises a profound influence on the life of the Chinese people. It is a major means to help the Chinese people maintain health, cure diseases, and live longlives. 

Born in China, TCM has also absorbed the essence of other civilizations, evolved, and gradually spread throughout the world. As early as the Qin and Han dynasties (221 BC-AD 220), TCM was popular in many neighboring countries and exerted a major impact on their traditional medicines.

China has launched a series of programs to promote the development of TCM. With curative effects being seen by the public, TCM is gaining popularity worldwide and being widely used in many countries.

US: Cover-Up Fears of 400,000 Gallons of Radioactive (Tritium) Water Leaked from US Nuclear Power Plant! (19.3.2023)

Tritium is a naturally occurring radioactive form of hydrogen that is produced in the atmosphere. It is a byproduct of the production of electricity by nuclear power plants.

Xcel Energy said the leak came from a water pipe running between two buildings at its Monticello facility and was stopped.

The company also said it is monitoring the groundwater plume through two dozen wells while pumping contaminated groundwater through extraction wells.

“We are working to ensure this cleanup is concluded as thoroughly as possible with minimal or no risk to drinking water supplies,” said Kirk Koudelka, MPCA assistant commissioner for land and strategic initiatives.

Xcel Energy is said to be exploring building aboveground storage tanks or installing a retention pond to store water containing tritium that has been collected during ongoing recovery activities.

Lebanon: Zionist Israel ‘Paid’ to Recognise International Boundary! (16.10.2022)

“You can count on Total’s commitments; I will follow up on the matter,” Macron said in a phone call with his Lebanese counterpart Michel Aoun.

The leaders of Lebanon and Israel announced Tuesday that the two countries had agreed to resolve a decades-long dispute over their maritime boundary in the eastern Mediterranean. On Thursday, Aoun announced Lebanon’s approval of the final version of the agreement proposed by the U.S. energy envoy Amos Hochstein to demarcate maritime borders with Israel.

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