Russia Ready to Donate Potash Fertilizers to Developing Countries: Putin Informs China! (10.9.2022)

Whilst the US, UK and EU continue to supplies arms and logistics ‘free of charge’ to the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ (Neo-Nazi) regime currently controlling West Ukraine (under Zelensky) – Russia has decided to contribute ‘free of charge’ – vitally important fertilizers that can no longer be ‘sold’ due the US-led enforced economic sanctions being applied to Russia! This is a by-product of Russia militarily deciding to confront and remove the Neo-Nazi threat which is stalking the environs of its own front-door!

Sichuan: 88 Dead – 30 Missing After 6.8-Magnitude Earthquake in Southwest China! (10.9.2022)

A ‘natural’ anti-China racism runs-through the centre of and all Western discourse surrounding any discussion regarding China – and has ensured that although China’s Search and Rescue Services are provided ‘free of charge’ to any location in need around the world (and are always on the front-line of any disaster situation) – seldom is this altruistic attitude of ‘caring’ reciprocated (or applied) to Chinese citizens! In this case, many of the those Chinese citizens happen to be of ‘Tibetan’ ethnicity – an inconvenient fact the Western governments involved with the criminal 14th Dalai Lama Clique do not want their respective populations knowing about! Over a thousand years ago, tens of thousands of warlike Tibetans left their traditional regions to the Northwest of China and invaded the Southwest of China before settling into these newly conquered areas! This explains why millions of Tibetans are born in (and live very happy lives) in Southwest China – a process of Tibetan migration and colonisation that has ensured the permanent political and cultural cementing together of the Northwest and Southwest regions of China!