Blind Chinese Footballer Brings Hope to Children in the Dark! (14.9.2022)

Zou sewed a bell to the inside of a football to produce sound, dismantled a bed board to use as fence, and coached his blind students on cement, resulting in many injuries.

Zou repeatedly encouraged Wang, saying “Try again, don’t be afraid”.

Wang had two front teeth broken and his mouth filled with blood during fierce competition at the 9th National Paralympic Games held in Chengdu in 2015. But he finally secured success thanks to excellent skills, winning overwhelming applause for his team, an excited Wu recalled.

In China, today, more and more visually impaired people enjoy increasing career options. Now, they can work as piano tuners, stenographers, visually impaired, internet service testers, coaches, and even lawyers, among others.

UN General Assembly President Calls for Solutions Through Solidarity, Sustainability, Science! (14.9.2022)

“We must do our utmost to uphold and protect the values and principles of the United Nations Charter. There can be no cherry-picking, certainly not in these most tumultuous and uncertain times,” he said, stressing the importance of conflict prevention.

“In recent weeks, we have (seen) record-setting temperatures, raging fires, and devastating floods. It looks as if mother nature is fighting back. But few of her weapons are as destructive as the ones that we have created ourselves. Never in the past 40 years has the risk of using nuclear weapons been greater than it is today,” he warned.

“This ominous reality calls on all of us to unite around the issue of disarmament. This also holds true for small arms and light weapons, the proliferation of which is a great obstacle to our development and progress around the world. We must work to stop their illicit trade,” said Korosi.