Chinese Cosmonauts Make Successful 7-Hour Space-Walk! (2.9.2022)

Chen and Liu were tasked with using a robotic arm to install new instruments outside Tiangong – adjusting the panoramic camera (and other operations). The two Chinese Cosmonauts were scheduled to stay outside for around seven hours – according to the Agency.

It was the first time Chinese Cosmonauts have used the Wentian Space Lab’s ‘Airlock Cabin’ to make preparations for a successful spacewalk!

Crew members of previous flights used the ‘Airlock Cabin’ on the Tianhe Core Module to support spacewalks.

With this ‘new’ Airlock Cabin – the Tianhe module has become the backup support facility for future spacewalks.

US Ambassador Breaks Protocol and ‘Praises’ China! (2.9.2022)

China is the only country in the world with commercially operated high-speed rail trains that travel at 350 kph. The network stretches from northeast forests and snowy plains to the Yangtze River Delta in the south, from the northwest Gobi Desert to the eastern coast of the East China Sea, traversing rivers and mountains to reach every corner of the country.