“August 1st” Army Day: Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army!

CCTV News: Today (August 1) marks the 95th Anniversary of the founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army! On the occasion of the 95th Founding Day of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Officers and Soldiers of the Army carried out various activities to celebrate their founding!

Guo Shuming (郭淑明) – President of Linfen Central Hospital – Training PLA Medics!

In the Barracks on the snow-covered plateau – and on the border line stretching thousands of kilometres – the Officers and Soldiers of the Tibet Military Region always stand by their posts, guarding the peace and harmony of the Motherland! On the Eve of the Army Day, the Officers and Soldiers of the Model Camp on the Medog Frontier of the Tibet Military Region once again embarked on the patrol road!

The PLA Protect the People!

The patrol Officers and Soldiers of the “Motuo Border Guard Model Camp” of the Tibet Military Region: their blood is the heart and soul of the Army, and they are committed to Guarding the Border. This is Chinese territory, we are the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, we are in Medog, Tibet, and we wish the People’s Army a happy birthday – strong and brilliant!

Men and Women Are Equal in China!

On the training ground, in the Military History Museum and in the Revolutionary Memorial Square – a unique educational activity is unfolding which makes the pride of the soldiers arise spontaneously and strengthens the hearts of the Officers and Soldiers!

The People’s Liberation Army Airforce Keeps China Safe!

Xu Zifei (徐梓斐) – a Private Soldier in a Brigade of the 83rd Group Army: “I feel that the responsibility on our shoulders is heavier than it has ever been. As a Revolutionary Soldier in the new era – we must strengthen our ideals and beliefs, and constantly practice the ability to kill the enemy in order to fulfil the mission entrusted by the Communist Party and the People!”

The 41st Naval Escort Taskforce – On Peacekeeping Missions in the Gulf of Aden!

Tan Li (谭力), Instructor of a Mixed Brigade of the 71st Group Army: “A ritual education is a baptism of the Revolutionary Spirit. The past 95 years of the People’s Army have been truly magnificent! Sweeping the Cemetery of the Martyrs and revisiting the Oath of Enlistment is to let us not forget the original mission of our Enlistment! We must keep the Revolutionary Spirit alive forever, and contribute all our strength to the dream of a strong army and a strong country!”

Peacekeeping PLA Troops in Mali!

Li Wei (李炜), Captain of a Squadron of the Guard Picket Team based in the Jiangsu Military Region: “On the occasion of the 95th Anniversary of the founding of the Army, today we visited the Crossing River Victory Memorial Hall and reviewed the glorious history of the PLA! It was the Revolutionary Seniors who won the Victory – paying with their lives and blood! As Revolutionary Soldiers in the new era – we have strengthened our determination and our belief in the the Revolutionary Army.”

Chinese Language Article:

庆祝中国人民解放军建军95周年 全军部队以多种形式庆祝“八一”建军节

2022-08-01 09:44





第83集团军某旅列兵 徐梓斐:我感觉到肩上的责任更重了,作为一名新时代革命军人,我们必须要坚定理想信念,不断苦练杀敌本领,才能完成好党和人民赋予的使命任务。

第71集团军某合成旅指导员 谭力:一次仪式教育就是一次灵魂洗礼,人民军队的95年是波澜壮阔的95年。祭扫烈士陵园,重温入伍誓词,就是要我们不忘入伍初心使命,永葆革命本色,为强军梦、强国梦贡献自己的全部力量。

江苏省军区警备纠察队某中队分队长 李炜:在建军95周年之际,今天我们参观了渡江胜利纪念馆,回顾了解放军光荣的历史。是革命老前辈用生命和鲜血赢得了胜利,作为新时代的革命军人, 我们更加坚定了矢志奋斗强军决心和信念。




临汾市中心医院院长 郭淑明:把训练伤防治、夏季疾病预防等医学知识、医疗服务送到官兵身边,表达我们医务工作者对人民子弟兵的敬意和感谢!


第9批赴马里维和警卫分队政工组长 刘超:在第95个建军节到来之际,能够在异国他乡佩戴和平勋章,意义非凡,这既是对过去的肯定,更是对未来的激励。我们将珍惜荣誉,继续坚守战位,在蓝盔战场续写更大的荣光。

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