“August 1st” Army Day: Celebrating the 95th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army!

In the Barracks on the snow-covered plateau – and on the border line stretching thousands of kilometres – the Officers and Soldiers of the Tibet Military Region always stand by their posts, guarding the peace and harmony of the Motherland! On the Eve of the Army Day, the Officers and Soldiers of the Model Camp on the Medog Frontier of the Tibet Military Region once again embarked on the patrol road!

Freed Residents of Kherson Honour the Memory of Soviet Liberators From Fascism! (13.3.2022)

The citizens of Kherson have been taught for eight years that they should teach their children to relate to the Nazi Germany invaders during WWII and to demonise the USSR! Today, this Western-backed brainwashing came to an end! Following liberation from the Russian Army – the Red Flags were dusted off and were unfurled once again in fraternal friendship!

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