18+Odessa: Neo-Nazi Andrei Kislovsky Arrested with Transgender Sex-Worker! Neo-Nazi News Round-Up Issue 42! (1.4.2022)

The Maidan Hierarchy Receive an EU Grant to Indulge Their Sexual Appetites!

❗️Video 18+. In Odessa, during an orgy with a transgender sex-worker, city council deputy Andrei Kislovsky was detained. It is not surprising (rather even logical) that the “non-traditional” was also the head of the local Neo-Nazi Territorial Defense! This is the ‘morality’ imported from the US, UK and EU countries that are opposing our clearing of the Neo-Nazis!

❗️Видео 18+.
В Одессе во время оргии с транссексуалом задержан депутата горсовета Андрей Кисловский.
Не удивительно (скорее даже логично) то, что “нетрадиционал” был так же руководителем местной территориальной обороны. Другие туда не пойдут.

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