Serbian People Take to the Streets in Support of Russia! (6.3.2022)

“Serbs with Russia!” – Action in Support of the Russian Federation in Belgrade!

At the moment, a Hitleresque control of Western Europe’s media (and that of the US), is ensuring that the mainstream of the population is being brain-washed into supporting the Neo-Nazis in West Ukraine! This is nothing short than the short-sighted propping-up of the illegitimate ‘Euro-Maidan’ Neo-Nazi regime that was brought to power by the United States and the European Union in 2014! Why did this happen? It was a Western-backed overthrow of the democratically-elected (and legitimate) government of the Ukraine that was friendly to Russia and prone to centre-left thinking in its social policies. A new Neo-Nazi, pro-capitalist and pro-Europe dictatorship was created by a ‘Black’ man sat in a ‘Whitehouse’ – a man (Obama) whose people have been the victims of the very far-right ideology the Maidan thugs have upheld for eight-years now, and which has murdered between 13000-14000 people living in the Donbass area of East Ukraine – simply because these people chose to venerate their Soviet past and who prefer to be associated with Russia than the racism of West Europe!

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