Explaining the Origin of ‘Z’ and ‘V’ as Russian Army Call Signs! (7.3.2022)

‘Z’ For ‘Victory’!

I enquired with my Russian sources why it is that the Russian Army are using ‘Z’ and ‘V’ as popular call-signs during the Special ‘De-Nazification’ Campaign in Ukraine? I received this reply:

‘изначально это были армейские учения в Белоруссии, где условным противником был “запад” и “восток”. Отсюда эта аббревиатура…’

This translates as:

‘Originally, these were Russian Army exercise Call-Signs used in Belarus, where the the enemy was conceived as attacking from the “West” and from the “East”. Hence the abbreviation…’

West = ‘Zapad’ (запад) = Call-Sign ‘Z’

East = ‘Vostok’ (восток) = Call-Sign ‘V’

‘V’ For ‘Truth’!

In the current military campaign being conducted by the Russian Army – the direction of the ‘Neo-Nazi’ enemy is ‘West’ (Zapad-запад) hence the Call-Sign ‘Z’. However, as the Russian Army must achieve ‘Victory’ (Probeda-победа) toward the ‘West’ – ‘Z’ has become equated with the objective of ‘Victory’! As the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk are situated in East – ‘Vostok’ (восток) – Ukraine, and given that they have been the victims of Neo-Nazi (Maidan) aggression from West Ukraine for eight-years (a process that has killed between 13000-14000 men, women and children), the ‘Truth’ (Pravda-правда) of the matter lies in that direction. Therefore, the Call-Sign ‘V’ -signifying the ‘East’ – has also become associated with ‘Truth’ and the entire justification for Russia’s military action! In other words, ‘Z’ signifies what the Russian Army must do (win), and ‘V’ denotes ‘why’ they need to do it!

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