Soviet-Era Artefacts Sent to My Family for Safe-Keeping from (Neo-Nazi) Ukraine! (2014)

Image of Lenin ‘Cut’ from a Wall Hanging By Kyiv Neo-Nazis!

Around August, 2014, our ‘Communist’ friends in West Ukraine contacted us and explained that the country had been taken-over by a far-right group that had been campaigning for years to take political power! They told us that it was religiously-based (Christian) and had a number of high-profile Ukrainian sports-people supporting it! Everything ‘Soviet’ and ‘Communist’ was banned and, they said, the streets were now patrolled by armed ‘guards’ wearing Nazi German ‘Swastika’!

Original Soviet Silk-banner Hidden in an Attic in Kherson!

We were sent two Soviet-era Artefacts (pictured above) – one cut by a Neo-Nazi thug from a hanging banner in a Kyiv Museum – and the second hidden for decades in an attic in Kherson! These important historical artefacts were posted to use for us to keep safely so that the ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi thugs could not get their hands upon them! In the case of the second object, the owner’s grandfather (a Red Army Veteran) had look after it for decades whilst younger relations had collected and pinned badges to it! Oneday, we intend to catalogue all the badges!

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