Ukraine: The Nazi German Origin of the ‘Maidan’ Trident! (2021)

Social media platforms in the West have been quick to ‘delete’ as many posts as possible that offer first-hand, genuine and reliable information regarding the origin, history and criminality of the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime! Why? Well, because knowledge is power and if a population (such as that in the UUS, UK and EU) cannot access the ‘other point view’, then no opposition to official policy can be developed. Hold on – I hear you say – that sounds like the Hitlerism of Nazi Germany, and you would be right! The above post was made on Twitter in 2021 and was soon deleted by Twitter. The ‘Trident’ emblem used by the ‘Euro-Maidan’ regime stems from the SS Galicia Division and was devised for use by the War Criminal Stefan Bandera. Bandera was a Ukrainian who joined the Nazi Germans who was a key-player in the founding and operating of the Ukrainian National Army! This Nazi formation murdered tens of thousands of Soviet citizens and Red Army Soldiers! Essentially, it is a Swastika Trident emphasising the two blades and the spear which pierce the bodies of ALL the enemies of Hitler! Today, this is used as an anti-Russian symbol – but still appears as a mark on many identifying papers found on those who murder migrants, the disabled, the elderly and children! This is the symbol the Western media would have you venerate!

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