Trump News: America Re-Writing History Again to Accommodate Its Flirtation with Fascism! 

Trump mobilised elements of the regressive working class, together with the petit-bourgeois and the bourgeoisie, to participate in a fascist uprising that would ensure the re-election of himself – probably permanently – with any pretence of liberal democracy out the window! Once this had been achieved, then no doubt the pogroms of blame would have begun above and beyond anything Trump had already achieved and the American System had allowed (as over his four-year tenure, the US legal system had demonstrated a remarkable tendency toward ‘flexibility’ in its accommodation of his ‘racially’ motivated legislation which he average minded-person would naturally assume to be ‘illegal’)! But here is the thing: the US is a brutal capitalist country and Trump is a prime example of what a predatory capitalist would and should be – as well as being racist and White! He ran America like he runs his boardrooms – where right-wing ideology and sheer will-power are admired and even expected! This being the case, what we are starting to see in the US now that a number of working class participants have been imprisoned and are being tried for their actions on Jan 6th – is that the American System that Trump attempted to take personal control of is now starting to contract in a protective shield around him and his fellow upper level conspirators rather like how the defeated  Confederate President – Jefferson Davis – was allowed to go free after the American Civil War under the legal pretext the ‘he had a point’! Just as Davis wrote an epic history book explaining the legality of the Confederacy – we are starting to see the ‘normalisation’ of Jan 6th and the ‘absolving’ of Trump (and his cronies) so that they once again become part of the establishment that they once tried to overthrow (and take power like Hitler) – but we have seen this sudden ideological ‘about face’ before and not just in the rehabilitation of the Confederacy. Exactly the same policy was applied by the US to Nazi Germany and Fascist Japan following their defeats – as elements of both regimes were utilised and normalised in what the US saw as its post-1945 fight against Socialism! Japanese and German War Criminals were invited to the West to head NATO and NASA organisations, share their ill-gotten scientific data and lead rooms full of starry-eyed Westerners in classes of distorted Zen and Japanese martial arts that had just ten years previously been used as the fascist vehicle for murdering Westerners and non-Westerners alike! If a country that has two hydrogen bombs dropped on it due to a racist grudge by its attackers can be brought to heel and subsequently slavishly adopt the capitalist system of those attackers – then it will be a relatively simple affair to get the US people to rehabilitate Trump as something of a lovable rogue, and that America’s flirtation with fascism is part of the inevitable consequence of being ‘free’ under capitalism! In many ways, the US System has become a master in the deployment of this sleight of hand as American’s ‘love’ the fascism they claim to be opposing! Fascism is capitalism in decline! 

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