US Anti-Intellectual: Fictional Mass Killings as a Numbers Game!

The ‘Far-Right’ in the US Opposes ‘Science’ and any Mass Action Premised Upon Logic and Reason!

From a philosophical and sociological perspective, it seems bizarre in the extreme that just over eighty-five-years after the end of WWII the far-right should be as prevalent and as influential as it is throughout the world – despite being responsible for the deaths of millions of people in Africa, Asia, the USSR and Europe! Japan’s rise to power could be said to have begun as early as 1868 with the Meiji Restoration and its rapid modernisation and military expansion, Whilst Fascist Italy began in 1922 with Nazi Germany in 1933. This ‘Axis’ spawned a far-right military alliance that used its forces to spread the rhetoric of racial supremacy and racial dominance throughout the world. Japan’s invasion of China, Burma, the Philippines, India, Indonesia and elsewhere led directly to the deaths of millions (with these numbers continuously ‘played-down’ due to post-WWII Japan being an anti-Communist ally of the USA)! Fascist Italy’s invasion of Africa killed hundreds of thousands of Africans in its drive to secure its own control of a large land empire! This was the root-cause of the Catholic Church’s support for fascism before, during and after WWII (as the Vatican benefitted directly from fascist rule). The Nazi Germans, of course, being the most technologically and industrially advanced of the three fascist countries concerned, managed to killed around thirty-four million Soviet men, women and children, and at least another eleven million in the ‘Holocaust’ in a relatively short space of time!  

Ironically – Only ‘Marxism’ Will Save the US from the ‘Swamp’ of its Own Stupidity!

Due to the US taking a right-wing position toward the Socialist World post-WWII, the death toll inflicted by the fascist countries before and during WWII has always been played-down, trivialised and otherwise reduced to ‘understandable’ levels – with the US and UK actively participating in ‘hiding’ and ‘assisting’ escaping fascist War Criminals from facing any consequences inflicted by Soviet judicial measures. Together with the CIA, Churchill and the Catholic Church allowed ‘rat lines’ to run throughout Europe which assisted Nazi (and other) fascist War Criminals escape to South America – a continent virtually untouched by the destruction of WWII but possessing political regimes sympathetic to the fascist cause! Fascist Spain, for instance, with its direct cultural links to South America was a regime built by the Catholic Church and the fascist allies prior to WWII – which was allowed to continue to exist unchanged and unchallenged after WWII due to its anti-Communist politics. Although the Soviet Red Army did the far greater share of the fighting and dying against fascism during WWII – the US likes to portray itself as the world leader during this time when in reality its forces were pursuing a ‘race war’ against Imperial Japan! America’s anti-Japanese racism was as bad and disgusting as any racist ideology produced by the Axis powers!  

Even Americans Know There’s Something Wrong!

Sound academic research suggests that by 1610 CE, the European invasion and settlement of the Americas had killed around sixty-million people. This is a time-period of just one-hundred and eighteen-years since the landings of Christopher Columbus in 1492! This figure does not convey the magnitude of the brutality and rape that unfolded during this time which saw White (European) men sexually exploit indigenous men, women and children – as the Christian Church assisted with the demonisation of these people – declaring them sub-human. During its invasion of the Soviet Union between 1941-1645 the Nazi Germans murdered around thirty-four million men, women and children. This is a staggering crime that US apologists after the war term ‘understandable’ whilst alleged Soviet excesses are termed ‘atrocities’ in return! Running parallel to this, the Nazi Germans massacred another eleven million men, women and children during the Holocaust! This Germanic mass-killing was encapsulated by the campaigns of mass-murder initiated by the Italians and the Japanese! All of this was the product of ‘fascism’ and ‘fascistic’ ideology!  

Many Americans Believe Vaccines Contain ‘Spying’ Technology!

In return for siding with the capitalist West – the Socialist World was re-paid by the US by being associated with the enemy they fought and eventually defeated. The anti-intellectual tone of its post-WWII rhetoric and assessment suggests that the US sees no difference between the Socialist World on the one hand – and the Fascist World on the other. To give this viewpoint credibility a plan was concocted to ‘fictionalise’ history and teach the false conclusion that every Socialist regime (and Socialist leader) has committed ‘mass murder’ as a means of ridding the world of predatory capitalism!  Well-known and popular historical lies were formulated (containing NO material evidence of any kind) that suggest that Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong (both ardent anti-fascists and supporters of Western reform) are the only ‘true’ mass-killers in history despite their being no material evidence for this in Russia or China! Furthermore, these lines of rhetorical mismanagement only came into existence in the post-WWII era and are not evident as existing in the time periods ascribed to them. This means that when Stalin and Mao were supposed to be carrying-out these acts of mass-murder – no one reported on them ‘at the time’ – but only ‘retrospectively’. Of course, these supposed ‘crimes’ were not reported at the time because e they never happened! These are fictions the US government invented to mislead its own people and cover-up its own cooperation and conniving with the fascist world!  

The US Flag is Now a Symbol of Stupidity!

The problem this US policy has caused is that it has created a docile population of people in America which no longer possess the ability to discern ‘fact’ from ‘fiction’ – and which is arrogantly ‘proud’ to be so ignorant that it does not care about what anyone else thinks in the world! For such a people it is the mind-numbing and opinion-crushing ideology of ‘fascism’ which is the ‘true’ defender of the liberal system and free speech – and it is the ‘anti-fascist’ movement which is viewed as the ‘attacker’ of the free speech that fascism guarantees! The logical conclusion from this ‘inversion’ is that the US now firmly aligns itself with the historical and contemporary forces of fascism – and presents the Socialist World as being the vehicle of everything ‘bad’ and ‘detrimental’ about the world. Of course, not everyone in the US automatically thinks this way – but it has become the de facto position of the US State in the last five decades or so. This means that nothing expressed by US academia or US media can be trusted as being objectively real, and that the US system must now be viewed as something very similar to Nazi Germany and the harbinger of extreme fascistic ideology which it is also busy exporting through the internet and US-controlled social media! In the meantime, try as I might, I can find no one in Russia or China who a) knows anything about any historical mass-murders, or b) anyone supposedly killed during any historical mass-murders! Indeed, given the objective evidence, it is the US that is the preserver of fascist ideology and as an exporter of terrorism – the greatest threat to world peace!  

Free Vaccines are Considered the Product of ‘Evil’ Socialism!

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