Ongoing McCarthyism and US Anti-Intellectualism – Recording America’s Decline into Fascist Stupidity!

It is hard to imagine that the Founding Fathers of the US Revolution and US Constitution thoroughly supported the ‘Socialist’ Revolution of France in 1789 (sending Thomas Paine to encourage the violence and social change whilst flying the ‘new’ US flag of the ‘Stars and Stripes’ for all to see for the first time outside of the newly ‘Independent’ United States of America)! The US Fouunding Fathers believed very much in progression and in moving ‘forward’ and ‘away’ from the old forms of European government and social organisation. Indeed, in 1789, the Americans believed that a ‘new’ America was being founded in a France that was throwing-off its own long-established monarchy and which was embracing a form of ‘Socialism’ which saw the State secularised and religion moved firmly into the private sphere (a major Socialist stricture that the US firmly adopted). The Socialistic flavour of the US Constitution explains why ‘Ho Chi Minh’ was so impressed with it and always claimed to be motivated to fight the ‘modern’ Americans by it! Yes – something went very wrong with the direction that the US developed – eventually slipping ever further to the political right with some Americans even demanding their own monarchy! If the French Revolution were to happen today – the US would send bombers rather than supportive politicians! 

Anti-intellectualism is a very powerful tool in the modern US as it allows an entire population to pay lip-service to a left-leaning and progressive US Constitution whilst actively enacting far-right, regression and thoroughly reactionary policies in real life! The utilisation of anti-intellectualism allows both of these contradictory positions to exist simultaneously and side by side in the same country. Perhaps the greatest enemy of US far-right stupidity is not an external threat from some far-off Marxist-Leninist State – but rather lies closer to home buried deep within the ‘Socialistic’ leaning of its own Revolutionary ‘Constitution’. The endless stream of right-wing governments of the US want to keep the people in a heightened sense of paranoia and hysteria regarding ‘imagined’ external enemies – when the very real threat to the US embracing of the political far-right is its own Revolutionary history and the ‘Socialist’ tendencies of its own Founding Fathers who embedded their left-leaning attitudes within the US Constitution which serves as the legal foundation of the entire country!  

Of course, racism and media manipulation has played a key-role in keeping the US reactionary and far-right. Whereas the US Constitution possessed the ‘intention’ of developing away from the use of slavery – the country was taken over by like-minded individuals that saw ‘profit’ as being more important than progress. This slide to the right was not checked but allowed to continue to the point where everyday life in the US is thoroughly ‘fascistic’ and ‘racially-motivated’ – and the left-wing ideology that opposes this hatred is ‘demonised’ as being ‘the problem’. The utter inverted stupidity of this contemporary situation would probably surprise even Karl Marx who spent a number of years penning ‘current events’ articles for a New York newspaper! Marx even moved his Socialist Internationale to the US such was the Revolutionary potential of that country believed to be! However, White Supremacy, race-hate and anti-intellectualism now rule the roost in the US – creating a very dangerous environment for the American youth and those who grow-up with an inkling of the progressive nature of the US Constitution. The reality is that if there was ever a common movement in the US dedicated to eradicating the current far-right dominance of American culture – it would only have to take the re-assertion of the US Constitution to make everyday life in the US appear to be very similar to that in the USSR!  In the meantime, the idiots that administer the US education system would have you believe that Mao Zedong single-handedly killed 55 million people (the population of the UK) by re-distributing wealth, food, clothing and medical supplies! No one in China believes this or knows anyone who died in this supposed ‘massacre’ imposed by the supposed ‘oppression of equality’! 

How can a modern population of a country with a written Constitution be so out of touch with the Socialism of their own Founding Fathers? Gabriel Gipe, for instance, is just one of many American citizens who is ‘switched-on’ to the reality of the situation. He is a progressive teacher in the US who is to be ‘sacked’ for teaching his students to ‘oppose’ fascism (in other words, to manifest the policy of the US during WWII). In the US fascism has now mainstreamed and is viewed by many as the preferred ideology to guide the masses due to its links with religious conservativism. Indeed, in this ‘inverted’ nightmare of a country it is the principle of ‘anti-fascism’ which is taught as being the corrupting influence – and supporters of ‘anti-fascism’ as being the ‘enemy within’. In this regard, the continuous murder of non-White people by the White police, and the bias of the legal system and judiciary often make the feudalistic Taliban in Afghanistan appear more ‘tolerant’ and ‘level-headed’ than the Americans they recently defeated upon the battlefield! It is the fascistic United States (which is spreading its far-right pollution through the internet) which is the greatest exporter and perpetuator of terrorism in the world! It is the United States which murders and oppresses its own non-White and poor White populations to a level of barbarity unknown throughout human history! It is the bourgeois government of the United States that is carrying the torch of Adolf Hitler and which must be stopped before it destroys the world! The progressive elements of the American working-class must unite and organise and join with the international working-class in the battle to eradicate US fascism and US neo-Nazism! It is the far-right of America which has severely compromised to the progressive nature of the US Constitution and is busy exporting its anti-intellectualism to the rest of the world! 

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