Docter Who Fan-Fiction: Davros Meets Stalin (1943)

Davros – and a small detachment of Daleks – crash-land in Nazi Germany on the eve of Hitler’s invasion of the USSR. After being captured and interrogated by Hitler – Davros decides to join the Nazi German forces as they invade the Soviet Union. In early 1943, Davros and his Daleks are captured in the ruins of Stalingrad and Davros is taken to the Kremlin to be questioned by Joseph Stalin – the elected General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.  

Davros: “We attack your troops, destroy your buildings and terrorise your civilians – and yet you offer us food, shelter and support?” 

Stalin: “You are an enemy of the people – that is true – but you are the product of your environment.” 

Davros: “We are the enemy of all weakness.” 

Stalin: “Weakness is the natural state of the people suffering under the yoke of capitalist oppression. The point is to strengthen the people through civilised hard-work in the correct direction.” 

Davros: ”This is a waste of resources. Granting assistance to the weak deprives the strong of their advantage over the poor.” 

Stalin: “The rich and powerful have amassed their wealth and political power through unjust means – they are not worthy of retaining their ill-gotten privileges.” 

Davros: “No, no, no! The profits of any society must be held firmly within the hands of those who can best direct those profits to the betterment of the most worthy!” 

Stalin: “And who generates these profits?  Is it not the workers who – through their labour – generates any profit within a society?” 

Davros: “Who cares where the profit emerges from, just as long as it does emerge.” 

Stalin: “We care.” 

Davros: “And who are you to upset the natural order of a hierarchical society?” 

Stalin: “We are the ‘Bolsheviks’ – as we represent the interests of the ‘majority’ of workers in society.” 

Davros: “And we are the ‘Daleks’. We will destroy your society, take its resources and build ‘new’ Daleks to further our universal interests.” 

Stalin: “The people will not allow you to do this.” 

Davros: “Really? And how will you resist us?” 

Stalin: “The Red Army will resist you.” 

Davros: “Oh yes, the ‘Red Army’, well, we will deal with your antiquated fighting forces soon enough. They will be swept aside. Your compassion and sense of pointless social justice will be your end.” 

Stalin: “The working class cannot be defeated. Even if you win a thousand battles we will adjust and confront your forces time and time again. Your losses will be great and your soldiers will lose their morale.” 

Davros: “Daleks possess no ‘morale’. We exterminate without mercy! Your Red Flag will be in tatters!” 

Stalin: “We will develop technology to counter your own.” 

Davros: “Perhaps. But you will not be able to sustain a defence against the purity of the Daleks. Your tolerance of difference and preference for ‘equality’ will be the end of you.” 

Stalin: “No. Diversity is strength. We will grow stronger the greater your threat is to us. Socialist education will ensure that no one within our society will take your side. You have no ‘5th column’ here!” 

Davros: “We will pierce the heart of your ‘Socialist’ society and it will bleed to death upon a tide of its own sentiment…” 

Stalin: “Then we will convert your tin soldiers and manufacture ‘Red Daleks’ – you will not prevail!” 

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