Doctor Who Fan-Fiction: Davros Meets Hitler (1941)

“Daleks are really Nazis?”

On the eve of the Nazi German invasion of the USSR (21.6.1941), Davros – and a detachment of special-attack Daleks – fall through a rift in time, and crash-land outside a sensitive military area to the north of Berlin. Although surrounded on all sides by SS Death-Head (Criminal) Battalions armed with the latest Nazi German weaponry, ten Daleks emerge from their ‘saucer’ and give a surprisingly good account of themselves before a high-powered magnetic surge weapon was triggered by the Nazi scientists – rendering all Dalek technology temporarily impotent. Davros – being in a wheelchair – is taken directly to Hitler…  

Davros: “Tell me, what are your plans?” 

Hitler: “World domination through racial purity.” 

Davros: “And what about the disabled?” 

Hitler: “Racially impure.” 

Davros: “But surely science can ‘purify’ the impurity?” 

Hitler: “Agreed. Science will eradicate all impurities.” 

Davros: “You misunderstand me. Science can repair and improve.” 

Hitler: “Agreed. Science repairs and improves a racially impure society.” 

Davros:  “We are at cross-purposes. Science can eradicate disability by repairing the bodies and minds of those thus afflicted.” 

Hitler: “Science improves and purifies society by permanently ‘removing’ all impurities from it.” 

Davros: “On Skaro, the nuclear war made us all disabled. We had nothing left. Science turned us into supermen.” 

Hitler: “Your race should have died.” 

Davros: “Agreed. Our race did die – and was reborn anew!” 

Hitler: “Science resides in the hands of the abled and it will be applied to all those who are too feeble to defend themselves.” 

Davros: “The danger is that the ‘abled’ will one day be ‘dis-abled’ by war or evolution – it is precisely at such times that science can be used to augment and eradicate disability.” 

Hitler: “You have been brought to me because you are disabled. Your fellow metal soldiers destroyed our best soldiers before their technology failed.” 

Davros: “Yes. We are the superior beings. We do not tolerate weakness even when it happens to us.” 

Hitler: “Your technology is interesting – but your broken bodies are an affront to Nazi Germany dignity.” 

Davros: “We seem to be at your mercy, but consider this, our two cultures are very similar. Authority driven hierarchies reliant upon scientific domination and an inherent dislike and rejection of all difference.” 

Hitler: “Hierarchy and order. Everyone knows their place. There can be no ‘equality’ within racial purity as nature is premised upon necessary difference.” 

Davros: “A superior race can appear to be ‘equal’, but within such a race there are many differences of perfection.” 

Hitler: “Agreed. ‘Socialism’ is not ‘equality’ but hierarchy. It is the top-down maintenance of society for the greater good of all residing within it – and it is led by the ‘great man’ – the ‘tribal leader’, who makes all resources available to a race or nation, and he achieves this by eradicating ALL differences and weaknesses from that society, just as a surgeon removes tumours and diseased organs from a single body.” 

Davros: ”Difference equals illness – an interesting proposition. We were ‘different’ but now we have hierarchy and order. Our differences were magnified through radiation poisoning – but the genius of my mind led us out of the mire using science.” 

Hitler: “But you reside in a wheelchair.” 

Davros:’Yes. My body is finished but maintained by Dalek technology. My body is just a case for my genius. A spark of humanity remains which I use to guide the development of the Daleks.” 

Hitler: “Your robots are ruthless – like my SS and Gestapo. They ‘exterminate’ without thought.” 

Davros: “They are superior to your earthly soldiers as nearly all their humanity has been purged.” 

Hitler: “All their humanity has been purged…” 

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