The Capitalist Fragmentation of the Human Mind and the Revolutionary Nature of Disability! (19.10.2019)

Whereas many people check the external, fragmentation process at the point of contact, and are able to develop corresponding inner strictures of mediating greed and indifference to suffering, other, more gentle souls are not able to interact or react in this manner and the interior of their minds are fully, immediately and totally subsumed by the pure capitalist system. The full power of fragmentation rushes into the interior of their mind and nothing is ever the same again. Capitalist ideology becomes naked psychological and emotional conditioning, generating behavioural patterns that mediate with the external world in an entirely new, narrow, and unfamiliar fashion. This capitalist ideology reflected back upon itself, free of the falsifying ideology that it is ‘natural’, ‘good’ and the ‘only’ economic system through which humanity can interact. Those who suffer from a fragmented personality often express to the rest of us the true ‘horror’ of the capitalist world we inhabit and perpetuate. As a rule, mainstream society ruthlessly punishes these great people for the insight that the capitalist system has enforced upon them. This is like the situation of a homeless person who reminds us that capitalism ‘takes away’ homes… HG Wells asked Ramsey MacDonald – the Labour Leader – if he would help move Louis Wain out of ‘Bedlum’ in London to a more sedate and safer place where he could paint his cats without being assaulted by staff or other inmates. The staff tried to stop him painting by treading on his fingers – but no matter what they did to this great man – he continued to paint his cats (and expose the corruptness of capitalism)… Was he not a Great Revolutionary in his own right?