Supporting Jodie Whittaker as Dr Who

Indeed, the UN Report stated that the British media – which included the BBC – was behaving like the media of Nazi Germany in the 1930s as Hitler ideologically targeted Jews, Communists, Romany, the Disabled and anyone who opposed his dystopic view. I see no reason why the BBC should be allowed to hide its Crimes Against Humanity behind a veneer of responsibility that is Dr Who. Having re-engaged Series 11 (and watching single episodes out of sequence), I find Jodie Whittaker playing a very good Dr Who, with her unusual co-stars all playing their parts at different times and in different ways. Chris Chibnall has produced a multicultural masterpiece which I now support after ideologically ‘divorcing’ it from the BBC that produced it. Seeing an openly ‘gay’ King James finally melted my heart and has led to me re-positioning my stance over this series. My position has been strengthened against the misogynistic attacks upon Jodie Whittaker, and those who express a racist dislike of the series simply because of its elaborate multicultural cast! Dr Who is liked in Communist China due to its progressive science and perceived leftwing bias – and long may it remain so!