Fan-Fiction: Davros Meets Trotsky (1938)

Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Union in 1929 – after being found guilty of treason. He had been trying for years to reinvigorate capitalism and feudalism in the USSR probably from even before the 1917 Revolution. When coming to the West, his ideology was viewed by the capitalists as a natural opposition to genuine Scientific Socialism, and received official support (and can be seen in the work of George Orwell). The point of Trotskyism is to mislead the working class whilst claiming to free it. To support capitalism whilst claiming to overthrow it, etc. Indeed, in 1938, Trotsky – whilst aligning his movement with the Catholic Church (and its support for fascism) – called for his followers to support Nazi Germany in its upcoming attack upon the Soviet Union. This was just after his meeting with Davros… 

Davros: “I am recruiting superior beings – those who believe they are outstanding and above the average human – true-leaders with vision and direction of purpose.” 

Trotsky: “What! Really? I am dialectically far greater than any other leader alive – and that includes within any political system extant today.” 

Davros: “I need someone who will eradicate ‘difference’ in the name of preserving ‘difference’, remove notions of ‘justice’ in the name of supporting ‘justice’ and crush ‘choice’ in the name of upholding ‘choice’. Are you such a person?” 

Trotsky: “I am. I have no ambition other than to acquire as much political power and influence as I can. I have no political scruples, and neither do I truly care about any other individual. Power is what I want and I direct all my intellectual abilities toward this.” 

Davros: “Good, Good! You have potential my honest friend! Tell me, what are your plans? How will you manipulate your following?” 

Trotsky: “The Socialists are opposing German Nazism – but I say therein lies strength! I say that German Nazism is the quickest path to political power and social dominance. The consolidation of Hitler’s will must be combined with that of the clear-seeing of the Pope – and integration of State and Church is confirmed in me!” 

Davros: “You sound like a ‘new’ god in these troubled times. A rebirth of divinity in this time of atheism. The masses can only be saved by their permanent enslavement – they must be ‘freed’ from the chains of their physical existence.” 

Trotsky: “Indeed! ‘Freeing’ can mean many things! Losing the body can be taken as meaning a mechanical upgrading such as with your Daleks – Hitler has similar ideas but involving ‘tanks’. Humans are not as technologically advanced, but German Nazism is progressing effectively and this is why I am supporting it. Yes – you hear me correctly – and I shall lay the foundation for my ‘Fourth International this year (1938) and align my followers with those of Hitler! We will be unstoppable!” 

Davros: “And what of your Soviet enemies? It is they on this planet who oppose all totalitarian modes of thought – who do not support my clarity of vision or understand my brilliance of mind. They are a threat to my use of science. They claim (in the name of the working class) to lead all progressive (and dialectical) forces on this planet and to free the workers from the shackles of capitalism. Are they not the foundation of your very ideology?” 

Trotsky: “Once – but no more. Stalin saw through my attempts at ‘lying’ and ‘manipulating’ my way into power. He saw through my use of expedient power to build influence amongst the masses. As I was expelled from the USSR in 1929, I now ‘expel’ al elements of genuine ‘Socialism’ from the working class, and offer these stupid people a sham or a myth of freedom which I present as ‘Revolution’. I think you can see my corruption…” 

Davros: “Indeed, I can my able friend. A Dalek possesses an attitude just like yours. Pure fascism takes no notice of the needs of the people – and this callous attitude is justified as ‘serving’ the people. We remove the ordinary body of flesh (thus solving all the suffering associated with the flesh) and we place it in special machines. This is a form of ‘immortality’, is it not? Your fascists are not as quite as developed as the Daleks – but they are progressing in the right direction.” 

Trotsky: “This is precisely why I cooperate with capitalism whilst claiming to overcome capitalism. Why I pretend to overcome racism whilst supporting the very same racism. We must develop the tank so that it becomes more than just an iron box within which we place disconnected human operators.” 

Davros: “Exactly. Come my friend, we shall work out the details together. We will progress by rejecting any and all notions of human morality and integrity. In this regard – Leon Trotsky – you have been the greatest example of this emancipation of humanity so far!” 

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