On Having no Head…

My attention was drawn to this story yesterday, by a post on social media purportedly made by one of the monks residing at this temple. I was immediately struck by the very ‘non-Buddhist’ sense of ‘victimhood’ voiced by this (Asian) member of the ordained Sangha, and how he encouraged the (predominantly ‘Western’)  laity to respond to this matter with an emotionally ‘disturbed’ mind-set.

US Confirms Tibet Part of China

It is obvious from even a cursory study of the Dalai Lama’s behaviour and teaching that he does not follow the Vinaya Discipline. He lies routinely about the history of Tibet and China, and teaches a distorted version of the Buddha-Dharma that does not accord with the Vinaya Discipline, the Sutras, or the Abhidharma – the three sections of the Buddhist teachings.