Fouad Kaady Killed by Psychopathic US Police


I assume that Mr Fouad Kaady was of Middle Eastern extraction (and possibly a Muslim).  On September 8th, 2005, he was involved in a very bad car accident that saw his car catch fire, and he suffered cuts, bruises and third-degree burns across his entire body.  He clothes were burned off and he sat concussed on the side of the road.  The video above presents a 911 emergency telephone call to the US Authorities, informing of this crash and of the injured driver.  What then follows is what I assume to be Internal Affairs audio-recordings of the two police officers explaining what allegedly happened next.  Instead of getting Mr Fouad Kaady medical help – as would be the norm for any sane public servant – the two police officers immediately begin the process of assuming the injured driver was a suspect in a crime.  They claim to have seen his third-degree burns and his skin hanging-off, but found that way he was sat (described by one officer as being ‘like an Indian’) was disturbing to them, and that they did not want to go near his bleeding wounds.  It is clear as the police testimony unfolds, that the injured driver had become ‘non-human’ in the minds of the officers concerned.  Despite his horrific injuries, Mr Fouad Kaady was asked to ‘lie on the ground’ and ‘place his hands’ behind his back.  When he did not comply, the officers tasered him – with the electricity emitting barbs sinking into his already cooked and peeling.  The two police officers then ‘invent’ a story (not corroborated by any of the numerous witnesses) that this severely injured man stood-up and started chasing them screaming that he was going to kill them!.  The police say that they shot this injured man dead because he was a threat to their safety.  Of course, a subsequent investigation cleared both officers of any wrong doing – but a private prosecution forced the police department concerned to offer a pay-out of $1 million to the family of Mr Fouad Kaady, whilst the police department itself continued to deny any liability.  The testimony is chilling because these two ‘white’ police officers feel so secure in their world of corporate-sponsored ‘white privilege’,  that they talk with an almost ‘enjoyable’ confidence that it does not matter what they do or say, the establishment is not going to act against them.  In a sense, the two police officers were engaging in an act of ‘imaginative play’, where it is acceptable to kill Black and Minority people (along with poor White people), as long as stories over-lap, and the right key words and scenarios are used.  I suspect Mr Kuoad Kaady was murdered by White US police officers because is was a Muslim.  When these two despicable police officers talk, the listener is exposed to the true psychopathic racists that are employed as police officers in the USA.  In all likelihood, the two racist police officers did this because of the 911 hysteria surrounding the US (illegal) military invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Lastly, the US media fully supported these two police officers and embarked on a full character assassination mission against Mr Fouad Kaady.





Clackamas County to pay $1 million in Fouad Kaady shooting death

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