Piecing Together Anti-China Rhetoric


It is interesting to observe the photograph above of a typical pro-Tibetan demonstration, (taken on September the 22nd, 2015 in Seattle, USA) that there is no leftwing political support as determined by the flags that are evident.  In fact together with the fallacious ‘National Flag of Tibet’ are the US flag, and the Taiwanese Nationalist flag.  This is because the pro-Tibetan Movement, together with the Falun Gong and Taiwanese Independence Movement are all political rightwing entities.  Not only this, but the origins of these movements lie not in Asian spirituality, Asian culture, Asian psychology or Asian history, but are in fact the product of Western, bourgeois, liberal, capitalist psychology and ideology.  Why is this the case?  This is the case because the capitalist countries of Europe and the USA (together with their Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean capitalist allies), are all pursuing a highly aggressive United States derived and anti-Communist policy.  Part of this policy is the active infecting of some Asian people through the propaganda of Eurocentric racism, and then the application of that racism towards Chinese people living within Communist China.  This is, of course, the continuation of Western racism through the recruitment, grooming, and deployment of misled and weak-minded Asian individuals who are inducted into pseudo-political movements, the ideology of which represents the Judeo-Christian sentimentality of the Western bourgeoisie.  These groups also recruit Western supporters who are politically unaware, and who are ignorant of Chinese history and Chinese culture.  Western supporters of capitalism are quite happy to assist in this racist attack on Mainland China, because they think that as other Asians are apparently legitimising their racism – the racism is morally justified.  Part of this racist rhetoric is the continuous misrepresentation of Chinese culture, and the distortion of the Chinese Communist political system.  This is aided and abetted by the mainstream media in the West that continuously produces ‘lies’ and ‘falsifications’ about China that have no basis in fact, and no sources within the Chinese language.  As these groundless allegations have no Chinese language sources, it is obvious that they have their originations solely within the mind of the Western (and racist) bourgeoisie.  The fact that some misled Asian people also believe these fraudulent stories, is used by the Western press as an act of ‘inverted’ justification.  The chain of events is this: the Western governments invent anti-Chinese racist disinformation, and then disseminate these lies through their willing media and press.  As anti-Chinese racism in the West is prolific, the Western governments and media meet only minor resistance to its propagation, as many people are willing participants in this deception.  Even if Communism in China collapsed – Western anti-Chinese racism would continue uninterrupted.  The US government wants to weaken and destroy Communist China by breaking it apart (as it did with the USSR), and see Taiwan and Tibet split from direct Mainland Chinese Communist control.  The Falun Gong is a mimicry of true Chinese culture, and a misrepresentation of Chinese spirituality, because the Falun Gong is a Western ‘political’ entity tasked with propagation of anti-Mainland China propaganda. This is centred around the allegations by the Falun Gong that China continuously violates ‘Human Rights’ in China.  These false allegations are broadcast through the Falun Gong mouthpiece – The Epoch Times, and yet none of these allegations have any Chinese language source references. In other words, none of these dysfunctional stories about China, actually originated in China.  This includes such bizarre Western racist lies as ‘organ harvesting’ (even mentioned as correct in a recent interview given by the American-African intellectual Mr Dick Gregory).  This misrepresentation of China is nothing other than the ‘inverted’ mind-set of the theistic (Judeo-Christian) religion that relies upon the agency of ‘blind faith’ for its legitimation.  The US government routinely uses racism and brainwashing to achieve its political and economic ends.  In the meantime, many people in the West inhabit a ‘mythic’ reality that presents a completely ‘false’ interpretation of China and Chinese culture.  This white racist rhetoric is so powerful and convincing that it has spread into the African diaspora – where some black intellectuals actively engage in the perpetuation of Western race-hate aimed at the Chinese people.

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