Zhang Danhong (张丹红) – Maintaining Journalistic Truth Under the Spectre of German Racism (2008)


Zhang Danhong (张丹红) – Chinese Journalist

During the summer of 2008, an extraordinary outburst of institutional anti-Chinese racism occurred in modern Germany. Although not reported widely in the English-speaking press, nevertheless, it appears to have been orchestrated to cause maximum disruption to the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games. German racism, of course, is nothing new. This is a country that inflicted upon humanity one of its greatest tragedies in the form of the Nazi German holocaust, and which (through the US colony of West German), actively participated in the bringing-down of Communist East Germany and the Soviet Union. During imperialist times, Germany sent troops into China as a means to steal land that did not belong to Germany, whilst between 1898-1900, German troops ruthlessly participated in an international effort to viciously put-down the indigenous Chinese Boxer Uprising (a mass movement against Western imperialism). Fascistic German attitudes toward Socialism are not new, however, as in 1918 (whilst German troops were still fighting British troops in France), the Kaiser ordered German troops into Revolutionary Russia to fight alongside British troops, with the objective of ‘destroying’ the Socialist Regime developing there. Imperial, fascist and now ‘democratic’ Germany has a well established racist and anti-Socialist attitude that is historically clear for all to see. Little more can be expected from a country that treats former SS Officers (and ‘War Criminals’) with the utmost respect, providing such odious individuals with State-owned lavish accommodation and generous State Pensions.

Zhang Danhong, (who was 42 in 2008), was born in Beijing and studied Germanic language and literature at Beijing University and Cologne, Germany. In 1990, she became a Chinese journalist for the Chinese Department of ‘Voices of Germany’, and has been the Deputy Director of that department since 2004. As a German media expert and expert on Chinese affairs, (and since the violence of ‘smashing and robbing’ that occurred in Tibet in March of 2008), Zhang Danhong has frequently appeared at various seminars and on television programmes in Germany to make the case for China. Zhang has consistently maintained that the West should not criticize China with an ulterior attitude, but rather recognise China’s progress in Human Rights (and other key areas).

Four days before the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Zhang Danhong, reportedly said that ‘The Communist Party of China has more than any political force in the world implemented Article 3 of the Declaration of Human Rights’, referring to the Chinese Authorities pulling more than 400 million people out of poverty. Similarly, on a TV talk show in late July, Zhang reportedly said that the Chinese government had done much to protect local culture in Tibet, and criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel for deliberately sabotaging relations with Beijing. The German media is said to have reacted strongly to Zhang’s remarks. On August 11th, German magazine Focus attacked Zhang as someone who was ‘courting’ China’s Communist Party. On August 20th, the Berliner Zeitung Newspaper quoted parliamentary representative Dieter Wiefelsputz as saying that Zhang’s performance was a ‘catastrophe’. Two days later (on the August 22nd), the same newspaper confirmed Zhang’s suspension from work. Zhang’s employer – German Voices – (without any sense of irony) stated Zhang ‘Did not uphold the values of freedom, democracy and human rights that Germany has consistently adhered to.’ Even a cursory examination of German history exposes the lie of this statement.

After the German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the 14th Dalai Lama in the Prime Minister’s Office in 2007, a major diplomatic crisis was triggered between Germany and China, with the media in Germany initiating a racially motivated smear campaign against China. After the ‘March 14’ incident in Tibet in 2008, the German media reached fever pitch in its rhetorical war against China. Even in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan, some of Germany’s mainstream media outlets did not stop unwarranted accusations against China. For example, “Der Spiegel” attacked the Chinese government for its earthquake relief work in Sichuan Province as ‘making the disaster a public relations initiative.’

On a talk show entitled ‘Fighting for Markets and Medals – Fear of Emerging Power in China’ which aired on TV2 in Germany, Zhang Danhong criticized German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for pursuing a confrontation with China by meeting with the 14th Dalai Lama and undermining the historically good relations between China and Germany. Zhang also praised the Chinese government for its great efforts in protecting Tibetan culture. It is understood that around 20,000 people watched this programme on the day in Germany. Zhang Danhong said she received a large number of letters from viewers after the programme was aired, agreeing with her point of view.  On the issue of Tibet, Zhang has repeatedly and outspokenly criticized the Western media for its non-factual reports. At a conference in Bonn held by the Dalai Lama’s representative in Europe – Gusang Gyinzan – Zhang on the spot questioned Gusang Gyinzan as to why it was that the 14th Dalai Lama had told the Western media that he had given-up his demand for an ‘Independent’ Tibet, whilst the so-called ‘Constitution of Tibet Government in Exile’ (written in the Tibetan language) still retained the ‘Independence’ clause? Gusang Gyinzan was shocked into silence in front of the world media.

In the meantime, Zhang Danhong stated that her suspension was due entirely to her objective reporting about China, and her refusal to accept or repeat Western lies. The Western support for the 14th Dalai Lama and the Falun Gong Cult is the real reason her approach to objective and factual reporting has been attacked in Germany as such truthful reporting is a threat to the Western misrepresentation of China and her historic developments in all aspects of progressive development since 1949.

(Other Chinese sources state that Zhang Danhong was ‘sacked’ as ‘Deputy Director’ of the Chinese Department of ‘German Voices’, but was subsequently allowed to assume her role as an ‘Editor’. This followed the December 1st, 2008 decision taken by the German Broadcasting Authority that ‘German Voices’ had done no wrong in its treatment of Zhang Danhong. However, after this ‘indicent’, Zhang Danhong continued to be the target of German racism whilst at work for her objective approach to journalism)

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The Fabrication of Burma in the Western Mind


Author’s Note: As a Scientific Socialist, I do not unquestionably support the bourgeoisie system – but until we achieve a Socialist Revolution in the West, we are stuck with it, and must find some use for it. Although I am scholar specialising in Chinese philosophy and religion – and a practising Chinese Buddhist – I must state that I am irreligious and profess a support for science premised upon the study of a material universe (which includes Quantum Mechanics). Although I do not possess any notion of ‘faith’ in religion, and believe that religions should not hold political power, I am not opposed to religions per se. As long as it follows the law and does not cause harm to others, people are free to do as they will with their minds and bodies. However, as both a Socialist and a Buddhist, I consider myself a friend of Islam, and am perfectly aware of the Islamophobic lies and disinformation that currently emanates from the West. On a Muslim organised ‘peace march’ through London recently, my family and I were the only non-Muslims present. However, the polarised fashion the Western press is treating the situation in Myanmar (i.e. ‘Burma’ – I use the names interchangeably), both the wisdom systems of Buddhist and Islamic scholarship are being compromised and side-lined for the establishment of a purely Eurocentric (and racist) paradigm which has its foundations within the Western, imperialist presence in Asia. Obviously, I reject ALL Buddhist and Islamic derived violence, and would call upon the Burmese Government Authorities, the Buddhist Burmese Authorities, and the Islamic Authorities (both within and outside the Rohingya community) to defuse the situation and take a step-back from psychological and physical violence, and let traditional Asian wisdom and knowledge take the place of Western-inspired race-hate. ACW (9.9.2017)


The West – that is Europe and the US – has been dominated for hundreds of years by the the capitalist economic system, and its supportive (middle class dominated) liberal, democratic system. Freedom is defined as any and all socio-economic, political or cultural expressions that directly benefit the middle class, and which legally facilitate the unbridled ability to exploit the working class. Invariably, the middle class is numerically small, but retains most of the political power, and controls the majority of the finance. It guarantees this power from generation to generation by its iron grip on the military and the police, and a bourgeois legal system that only theoretically extends rights to all citizens. In reality, the bourgeois legal system only extends those rights that an individual can financially prove should be applied to themselves and their situation. This amounts to the situation (for the numerically superior working class) of no money equals no rights. As capitalism requires an ever expanding market of exploitation to furnish its insatiable thirst for profit, the Western bourgeoisie eventually exported their capitalist system all over the world. Although challenged here and there in the 17th and 18th centuries, it was not until the 19th century (and the rise of Marxism) that its progress was seriously (although temporarily) checked (as seen in the 1848 Europe-wide uprisings, and the 1871 Paris Commune). It was not until the Russian Revolution of 1917 (led by VI Lenin), that saw a large swathe of humanity reject predatory capitalism for Scientific Socialism – soon to be join by Mao Zedong’s China in 1949. Obviously, the Western bourgeois world, in an attempt to retain its economic, political and military hegemony over the world (particularly after WWII), began a disinformation campaign that involved the media (in all its aspects) as well as the professional and amateur academic establishment, to fabricate an ‘alternative’ history and interpretation of world history and current affairs, that was designed to denigrate Socialism amongst the exploited workers of the West (with racism toward non-Whites being a major component), so that these Western workers voluntarily ‘distanced’ themselves from those elements of the International Working Class that already lived ‘freely’ in Socialist countries (falsely and inaccurately termed ‘Communist’ by a Western media that remained entirely ignorant of the philosophy of Scientific Socialism). This disinformation campaign inverted reality, and presented working class freedom as working class enslavement – with the implicit threat that should the Western workers over-throw the oppressive capitalist regime they currently suffer under, life would be worse for them, rather than better. An extra layer of bourgeois security was generated through the tolerance and selective support of fringe far-right political groups in the West that blamed all the inequalities within the capitalist system upon immigrants, and which encouraged race-hate and racially inspired violence and murder. These fascists groups were designed to operate within working class communities and use race-hate to stop those communities being infiltrated by Socialist propaganda and organised working class movements that aimed to over-throw the British capitalist system either by force of arms, or through the ballet box. These rightwing groups have been very successful in convincing working class people to vote for parties that advocate policies which are against their own class interests, or to boycott the voting system altogether, and refuse to vote for parties that represent working class interests. Whilst inappropriately voting or not voting, the working class is stripped of all its militancy and conscious awareness, and sits passively on the political sidelines suffering terribly from oppressive government policies – whilst doing nothing constructive about it.

Who will save the Rohingya?

What does this have to do with Burma (Myanmar)? The question that has to be asked is this; If the domestic working class in Britain can be manipulated to perceive the world in a manner that is against its own class interests, how easy is it for the Western media (and mainstream academia) to use racism, prejudice and discrimination to misrepresent what is happening in Burma? The answer, of course, is highly likely. The British East India Company – operating out of India – used the British Army in a number of invading wars against the indigenous Burmese people between 1824 and 1885 (during the three so-called Anglo-Burmese Wars), effectively (and actually) annexing the country in 1886, making Burma an extension of the British imperialist rule of India. This administration continued until 1948 – when the British Labour Party granted Burma full independence from British colonial rule. However, under British rule, the Burmese people were used as a virtual slave-labour force, with Christian missionaries being imported by the British to convert the predominantly Buddhist population (a standard model of destroying indigenous cultures to make the ethnic people easier to control). Any ethnic Burmese who resisted was harshly punished with imprisonment, torture or even execution. Just as the British had imported en mass Tamil (Hindu) workers into the predominantly Buddhist Sri Lanka, they also imported (en mass) Bengali Muslim workers into Burma. The point of this enforced migration and settlement was the deliberate propagation of ethnic tensions between the subjugated peoples of the British empire, so that they could not ‘unite’ against British rule – being too busy fighting one another’s presence. Of course, the Bengali Muslims are not ethically Burmese (or ‘Buddhist’), and today refer to themselves as ‘Rohingya’ – a term not recognised by the Myanmar government since 1982. During WWII, the imperial Japanese invaded Burma, and the British Authorities armed and trained the Bengali Muslims – making them a distinct fighting unit of the British Army in the resistance to the Japanese presence. However, the ethnic Burmese people, by and large, welcomed the invading Japanese as ‘liberators’ from British colonial rule. This led to a conflict between the ethnic (Buddhist) Burmese fighting for the Japanese, who opposed the British-supported Bengali Muslims who were attempting to annex the Arakan area of Burma, and integrate it with the Bengal part of India (or today’s Bangladesh). It is this British arming and encouraging of Bengali nationalism that is seen as the historical origin of the ‘violent’ and ‘murderous’ ethnic tensions that exist today between ethnic (Buddhist) Burmese and ethnic (Muslim) Rohingya in the Rakhine State of Western Myanmar. The Burmese Authorities take the position today that it is Rohingya nationalism that is driving the inter communal violence, and that the Rohingya resistance to ethnic Burmese rule is now funded (in-part) by Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic States that finance and train the various elements of Islamic extremism and Islamic terrorist groups that exist in the world. Perhaps one of the biggest (and saddest) ironies regarding this matter is the video clip of Hilary Clinton admitting during an interview that the US ‘manufactured’ Islamo-fascism (i.e. ‘Al Qaeda’) as a means to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan (the same ‘Al Qaeda’ that would carry-out the 911 attacks in New York).

Who will save the Rohingya?

Burmese Buddhists living in the Rakhine State view themselves as ‘ethnic’ inhabitants of Myanmar, and state that Islamic militants regularly attack their villages and Buddhist temples, carrying-out acts of rape, torture and murder. The point of this activity is to ‘cleanse’ the area of the ethnic Burmese and their Buddhist culture. In response, the Burmese Authorities have deployed the military to carry-out punitive expeditions into the Rohingya areas. Before examining whether any of this is true or not, Burma’s modern history has to be understood. After gaining its independence from the British in 1948, Burma refused to join the British Commonwealth (viewing it as a means for Britain to retain political influence and power throughout its former empire), and declared itself a ‘Socialist State’, with close political and economic ties to the Soviet Union – and later Communist China. As the Cold War developed, and the US anti-Communist disinformation spread throughout the world, Burma was presented not as a former British colony that had suffered terribly under British imperialist rule and was now attempting to independently re-build its economy (and culture) from the base-up, but rather as a despotic and ‘failed’ State that ‘oppressed’ its people, and applied ‘racist’ policies toward the Rohingya. In fact, the propagation of Rohingya nationalism by the British, ensured that the Bengali Muslims in Arakan remained firmly opposed to Socialism, acting as a pro-Western, pro-capitalist destabilising force in Burma. Unlike the pro-capitalist 14th Dalai Lama and his unrepresentative pro-Tibetan Movement, the Burmese Socialist Authorities (many of whom were Buddhist), as well as the Buddhist monastic community, remained (quite naturally) opposed to capitalist greed and oppression. As a philosophy, Buddhism at its base remain anti-capitalist a priori – but has become associated with immense wealth in the West due to movie stars, rock stars and the middle class embracing various aspects of distorted Japanese Zen and corrupted sects of Tibetan Buddhism, etc. Asian Buddhist temples that teach non-greed, non-hated, and non-delusion, are generally ‘ignored’ by many Westerners who have no interest in the associated Asian culture through which this genuine Buddhism has been transmitted. As a consequence, Burma has been misrepresented to the Western mind very much in a racist and mythological manner, following the bourgeois blue-print used to misrepresent Tibet as a means to destabilise Communist China. As a result, up until 2011, Burma was a ‘brutal’ military regime that oppressed its people – an interpretation encouraged by the US and its mouth-piece the United Nations (UN). The problem the West now has is one of transition for its previously anti-Burma rhetoric, with regards to its former media darling in the form of Burma’s now de facto leader –  Aung San Suu Kyi (the 1991 recipient of the Noble Peace Prize) – who (rather embarrassingly for her Western bourgeois supporters) remains resolutely ‘anti-Rohingya’ in the face of the capitalist world’s criticism of her leadership and her government’s punitive actions against the Rohingya people. The Chinese language press has reported that Aung San Suu Kyi personally requested that the US not use the term ‘Rohingya’ in its diplomatic communications, and that as reported in today’s Morning Star (9.9.2017) and the Chinese language press (see links below), Aung San Suu Kyi has also stated that videos and reports purportedly recording and showing the torture and abuse of Rohingya’s, are in fact the product of ‘fake’ news. Although Aung San Suu Kyi is a supporter of Western-style capitalism (which has only impoverished the Burmese people), and the liberal, democratic process, (as opposed to the centralised democracy of the Socialist System), her attitudes and behaviour appear to mimic those of the previous ‘Socialist’ Burmese leaders who continuously referred to the Rohingya as ‘invaders’ from India. In fact, Aung San Suu Kyi (agreeing with other Burmese officials), has routinely stated that Myanmar is currently under a sustained Islamo-fascist attack from a Rohingya-led Al Qaeda insurgency (funded by Saudi Arabia – an ally of the US and Israel), which aims to annex the Rakhine State – purging it of its Buddhist culture and ethnic Burmese people – and replacing it with an Islamic culture. In this regard, Aung San Suu Kyi cannot understand why the West refuses to support Myanmar in its fight against Islamic extremism, when it supports Israel without question, and any other movement in the world that opposes Islamo-fascism. Just because Aung San Suu Kyi might be an expressed ‘anti-Socialist’, does not mean that she automatically supports the Western Cold War rhetoric that privileged the Rohingya people when Burma was a Socialist State. The fact that she will not ‘bow’ to international pressure to alter her stance on this issue, demonstrates the strength of the anti-Rohingya feeling throughout the country she now leads.

Malaysia Myanmar Protest

The West has used Buddhism in the past as a means to try and destabilise the Tibetan part of China – probably since 1949 – and it would seem that a Western presence in Burma might well be up to its old tricks again. Just as it is well documented in Western sources that the CIA armed and trained Buddhist monks in Tibet that had taken vows of non-violence, it would seem that Buddhist monks that have taken vows of non-violence and non-hatred have been influenced in Myanmar to propagate race-hate amongst Muslims in that country. Why would protesting Buddhist monks hold-up placards in English – a language very few Burmese or Rohingya’s could read? Who are these placards meant to inform? Are Burmese Buddhist monks really leading protests against the Rohingya people? The answer appears to be ‘yes’ with the caveat that not all Buddhist monastic orders in Myanmar support protests or agree that Muslims should be demonised. The Buddhist lay and monastic vows form a psychological and physical barrier to any violent production of thought or action. Of course, the Western press ignores the Myanmar Buddhist establishment that continuously calls upon the Burmese Buddhist population to meditate upon loving kindness, and to act with charity, wisdom and compassion toward all beings – including the Rohingya Muslim community.  Just as important (and as equally ignored by the Western press), is the Rohingya representatives that continuously call for ‘peace’ from Burmese Muslims, and not to respond with violence to any provocation (this latter point is even ignored by the Islamic press in the West, which remains wedded to representing the Rohingya people as a disempowered and oppressed ‘ethnic minority’ in Myanmar – that is currently suffering a ‘genocide’). This one-sided and poorly informed viewpoint has even been endorsed by the leftwing British politician George Galloway recently, through his social media. This situation is unfortunate and appears to be representative of a ‘hidden’ agenda preferred by forces operating outside of Myanmar. Consider this; the 14th Dalai Lama lives a life of luxury in the West, selling books and charging large amounts of money for study courses conveying the distorted form of Buddhism he teaches, (whilst calling for the destruction of the Communist government of China, and for young people in China to ‘self-immolate’) all of which breaks the monastic rules he took in his youth, but the Western press maintains a continuous support for his antics and remains ‘silent’ about his excesses and hypocrisy. This is the same Western press that misrepresents an overwhelmingly ‘peaceful’ Buddhist establishment in Myanmar as being a hot-bed of extremist terrorism. This reads very much like the usual Eurocentric ‘divide and conquer’ strategy in effect.


Are the Rohingya Muslims terrorists? Certainly not. Did they exist in Burma before their mass importation into the area? Undoubtedly ‘yes’. What, then, is the problem? The problem is the historical Western, imperialist interference in the internal affairs of Burma (Myanmar) – an interference that is continuing today and causing all kinds of suffering in Rakhine State. It is reasonable to assume that the West wants Burma to rip itself apart using ethnic and religious disputes to fuel the fire of hatred and violence. Have certain Buddhist monks incited violence between ethnic Burmese and ethnic Rohingya? The answer is ‘Yes’. However, as these monks broke their monastic vows of ‘peace’ to do this, they should have been expelled from the Buddhist monastic Order (the ‘Sangha’), and then tried in a civilian court and imprisoned. This is what usually would happen in a Buddhist country, and it is telling that this action was not taken in Burma. Of course, it may be that Aung San Suu Kyi – who received moral support from the Buddhist Sangha whilst under house arrest – is reluctant to move against the Buddhist monastic establishment which has a very powerful influence over the opinions and actions of ordinary Burmese people. If the Buddhist Sangha called for the over-throw of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese people would make short-work of ousting her from office. This explains her reluctance to ‘officially’ moderate the Burmese government’s stance on the Rohingya. Have innocent Rohingya been murdered? Yes – just as innocent Burmese Buddhists ave been murdered. Does the UN correctly reflect the problem in Burma? No. The UN is a mouth-piece for the neo-colonial policies of the US government, and its official announcements are always in line with current US foreign policy directives. Whilst advocating Islamophobia across the world, the US wants the Rohingya in Burma to appear to be a one-sided ‘victim’ in the ethnic violence perpetuated there. This is probably a hang-over from the days that the US wanted to bring-down the Socialist State in Burma – but just like the Al Qaeda the US developed in Afghanistan – the Islamic militants it created in Burma have now assumed a life of their own, and are effectively out of control. Although the Rohingya as an ethnicity are not terrorists, there is a minority that definitely uses violence to pursue political objectives. The problem has been that the Burmese military has attacked and punished large swathes of the Rohingya population – many of whom have had no connection with Islamic extremism or terrorism in Burma. This is an unjust situation involving both sides – but the Burmese people and the Rohingya must realise that they need to throw-off the destructive influence of the West, and in so doing reject the divisive politics of race and religion. Buddhists and Muslims can live together in peace in Burma, but this will take time, self-discipline, and an altruistic approach to social well-being.

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http://we-share-everything.com/遭緬甸軍隊屠殺 「羅興亞人」向翁山蘇姬政府宣/




India’s Embrace of (Eurocentric) Anti-China Racism and the Dalai Lama


Friends: 14th Dalai Lama (left) and Fascist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) invaded North-East India in late 1962 and successfully annexed a disputed geographical border area (set under the British imperialist rule of India), but which had been historically considered part of China. This was a consequence of India’s government siding with European racism and US imperialism in the Tibetan area of China. Following the CIA’s infiltration of the Tibetan area of Communist China – the 14th Dalai Lama – a man who had been personal friends with a number of Nazi German fugitives hiding-out in Tibet during WWII – took the side of Eurocentric racism and US imperialism, and despite being given every freedom and aspect of material support for the Tibet people – he allowed the CIA to mislead a large number of Buddhist monks (who had taken vows of non-violence) – and train these monastics in the use of fire-arms with the intention of murdering Tibetan governmental officials, any Tibetans who supported China, any Tibetans married to Chinese people (together with their ‘mixed race’ families), any and all Chinese officials, anyone with any association with China, or who held any leftwing political views. This CIA infiltration broke-out into overt violence in 1959 and was immediately put-down by the local Tibetan Authorities (who did not view the 14th Dalai Lama as the ‘leader’ of Tibet), and elements of the PLA (requested by the local Tibetan Authorities). By and large, ordinary Tibetans were not involved, and there was no popular support for the 14th Dalai Lama or his small group of dissident lamas. In fact, so unpopular was his antics that he had to leave the country (assisted by the CIA), being granted refugee status in a pro-Western India – that with US backing started agitating on the India-China border – trying to take land with the probable intention of invading China on behalf of the US (and re-establishing capitalist oppression in that country). Although India had gained its Independence from Britain in 1947 (where it became a highly oppressive ‘capitalist’ liberal democracy in its own right – riddle with crime, religious bigotry, caste discrimination and abject poverty) – its military structure (and its command and control system) remained distinctly ‘British’ for decades and was considered at the time to be a force to be recommend with. This is why the CIA made the mistake of entrusting the Indian Army with the objective of de-stabilising China and bringing-down its Communist System. As matters transpired, China’s PLA swept aside the Indian Army with a relative ease – attaining all its military objectives in around one month of military activity. The PLA suffered only 722 casualties – whilst the Indian Army suffered around 10,000 casualties (including those listed as ‘missing’). This humiliating defeat put an end to the CIA considering the use of the Indian Army as being a viable option for attacking Communist China. In the 1990’s, India signed a number of agreements with China ‘stabilising’ the disputed border region.

Generally speaking, Mao Zedong was against any war with India on the grounds that the ordinary Indian people (just like the ordinary Chinese people) had been the victims of Eurocentric racism and imperialism for centuries prior to Independence. The 1962 Sino-Indian War had to be fought not between the ordinary Chinese people and the ordinary Indian people (which collectively form substantial sections of the International Working Class) – but between the Chinese section of the proletariat (which had successfully ceased control of the means of production) and the Indian bourgeoisie which had took-over control of the governance of the Indian masses from the British – and had continued to pursue purely capitalist and regressive social, cultural, economic, religious, military and political objectives in the region. This still remains the situation today (with the exception of the successful Communist government in the Kerala area of South India, and leftist influences in one or two other areas), with millions of ordinary Indian people living in abject poverty. This situation went from dire to disastrous in 2016, when the rightwing and fascistic ‘Bharatiya Janata Party’ (BJP) was elected to power in India. Like any liberal democracy, many working class people feel alienated from the bourgeois political system and therefore do not participate in it as a means of ‘resistance’ to it. This often results in the better educated bourgeoisie (who understand the power of the ‘vote’) continuously electing governments that represent their own – greed-orientated – class interests. The BJP added to all this bourgeois hypocrisy with their own particular brand of religious (i.e. ‘Brahmanic’) bigotry and caste discrimination. The BJP considers the wealth of the higher castes to be ‘god given’, and the poverty of the masses to also be ‘god give’ – so from the BJP perspective, India’s massive disparity in wealth (and grinding poverty) is perfectly natural and there is no need to alter it. Furthermore, the BJP very much associates itself with the Western ‘capitalist’ system and social inequality – which includes the embracing of racial hierarchies. This is why the BJP is a staunch ally of the US and has initiated a ‘new’ epoch of anti-China racism and pro-Tibetan antagonism. The official media of India is full of ‘fake’ anti-China stories that have taken-on a life of their own within Indian social media. I have been astonished (on more than one occasion). to witness intelligent Indian people that I know on social media – trumpeting BJP anti-China racism – and repeating news stories that are obviously ‘false’! Much of the anti-China film footage from these fake news stories is filmed in the US colony of Taiwan – where the Chinese language dialogue is different to that expected on the Mainland, the uniforms of the military are inaccurate, and the behaviour of the officials (or soldiers shown) is distinctly ‘non-Chinese’! Of course, lurking in the background to this nonsense is the duplicitous 14th Dalai Lama and his billionaire Hollywood chums – but I expected more from the ordinary Indian people.

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Palestine: the Hypocrisy of Richard Gere


Richard Gere to Haaretz: Settlements Are an Absurd Provocation, the Occupation Is Indefensible

Once, Richard Gere was cornered by the British comedian ‘Dennis Pennis’ (played by Paul Kaye), with Pennis asking Gere: ‘Do you like ‘Tibet’, or do you think ‘gambling’ is wrong?’ Gere appeared to react as if Dennis Pennis was suffering from learning difficulties, and the film cut as he tried to protect a condescending ‘compassion’ in his direction. Richard Gere is the millionaire ‘Hollywood face’ of the 14th Dalai Lama’s CIA-backed mission to bring-down Communist China with lies and deceit.Richard Gere is a typical privileged ‘White’ man, who, through his excessive wealth, is able to indulge all his middle class fantasies and whims. Despite the world-wide ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement’ (known as ‘BDS’) designed to bring Israel’s behaviour in-line with Internationally accepted standards of behaviour with regard to that country’s fascist (i.e. ‘Zionist’) policies toward the Palestinians, Richard Gere (and his publicity team) chose to break with this anti-Israel demonstration of global contempt, and instead visit Israel anyway, as a means to ‘advertise’ his latest film, but his hypocrisy did not stop there, as Richard Gere gave an interview to the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz within which he presented his co-operation with Israeli commerce, as somehow being a statement of ‘protest’ against Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. Of course, Richard Gere said absolutely nothing about the founding of modern Israel (an act of White colonial expansion), or its continuous aggressive race-wars (and illegal land-grabbing) against the Palestinian people. This omission is astonishing as Israel’s behaviour is a matter of established historical ‘fact’ and official criticism by the United Nations. Although the list of atrocities committed by Israel’s military machine is long and extensive, its troops routinely murder and maim Palestinian men, women and children, brutalise disabled people, and are accused of rape and child molestation. The oppression against the Palestinians is ongoing, brutal, and relentless, but the following list conveys a sample of Israel’s ongoing and unlawful behaviour. In September 1948, Israeli militants murdered the UN Ambassador to Israel – Folke Bernadotte – no action was taken against Israel. During 1956, Israel recruited a number of Jewish agents in Egypt and authorised a terrorist campaign of bombing against British and US leisure and business targets (the ‘Lavon Affair’) – no action was taken against Israel. In June 1967, the Israeli Airforce deliberately targeted and bombed the USS Liberty – a US naval vessel – no action was taken against Israel. During the terror attacks on New York in 2011, an American woman (who was later interviewed and filmed), reported to police that she could see five Middle Eastern men dancing and cheering around a white van as the planes hit the WTC Buildings. After being arrested, it was reported that these men were Israeli intelligence operatives – who were quietly deported from the US – without facing any criminal charges. Although Richard Gere is merely lining his own pockets by visiting Israel (and defying the BDS action), Communist China routinely criticises the Zionist State of Israel, and continuously states its support for the Palestinian people and an independent Palestinian State. China rejects the CIA’s fabrication of its revolutionary history, and has continuously proven the peaceful nature of Tibet, its religious freedom, and progressive nature of its Socialist development. It is interesting that ‘telling the truth’ is an essential Buddhist precept, and yet Richard Gere continuously lies about Tibet, and never tells the truth about Israel!


Aum Shinrikyo (Аум Синрике) in Post-Soviet Russia (1991-1995)


The highly destructive ‘doomsday’ Japanese cult  – Aum Shinrikyo (オウム真理教) – was formally founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984. This cult followed a mixture of Eastern and Western religious teachings that made no logical sense, but operated through a Judeo-Christian ‘end of days’ mentality. As the world was about to end, Shoko Asahara taught that people must be physically and psychologically ‘punished’ as a means to achieve spiritual emancipation. This cult at its peak attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, and even permeated Japanese law enforcement and the Japanese judiciary. This is why Aum Shinrikyo crimes went unacknowledged and unpunished for any years. In reality, Shoko Asahara was a ruthless psychopath who drew hundreds of thousands of gullible people into his psychosis, whilst controlling the organisation he built around him with an intense and brutal efficiency. The cult developed its own para-military police and built its own prison complex – where members were sentenced to terms of torture and incarceration outside of Japan’s official State apparatus. When individuals refused to pay ‘protection’ money to Shoko Asahara, he would send punishment squads to their homes and inflict physical and sexual abuse, a process which ended in a number of high-profile murders throughout the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Aum Shinrikyo was popular (or at least ‘tolerated’) by Western governments due to Shoko Asahara’s personal friendship with the 14th Dalai Lama – who personally supported the destructive cult activities of Aum Shinrikyo, and under the auspices of the notion of ‘freedom of religion’, encouraged the spread of Shoko Asahara’s insane ramblings.


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the capitalist West, dedicated as it was to destroying all Socialist regimes around the world for being a ‘threat’ to unbridled profit-making, ordered the Russian authorities to import religious groups of all kinds into the formerly atheistic Soviet society (which was motivated only by progressive science). This policy essentially disabled the spark of Soviet scientific genius that had dominated the 20th century, and re-imported the previously banished ‘inverted’ mind-set of the bourgeoisie. This was a profound shock to the Russian people that had lost all State protection against exploitative religious cults such as Aum Shinrikyo. This importation of Aum Shinrikyo (which exploited tens of thousands of Russians in the early days), was personally backed by the 14th Dalai Lama, and viewed by the USA as part of its continuous attack on Communist China (with the hope that Aum Shinrikyo would permeate into China and bring-down the Chinese Communist government – a policy very similar in function to that pursued by the Western-generated cults of the Pro-Tibetan Movement and the Falun Gong). As Soviet society collapses, Aum Shinrikyo started to fill-in the gaps with programmes of indoctrination and social organisation. This involved Aum Shinrikyo taking over a Russian TV channel, and acquiring military vehicles and arms from the disintegrating Soviet Red Army. Aum Shinrikyo criminality in post-Soviet Russia is one of those stories that is seldom told, and which caused untold misery amongst the Russian people. When Russian groups (and individuals) complained, the 14th Dalai Lama joined with Western governments in condemning these complaints as ‘religious intolerance’.


This all changed on May 20th, 1995, when Aum Shinrikyo successfully carried-out its terrorist Tokyo Subway sarin gas attack. This attack killed thirteen people, seriously injured fifty, and caused other injuries in another five thousand. It was only after this attack that the Japanese State moved against Shoko Asahara, arresting him and his henchmen, and breaking the cult’s substantial power-base. As the centre of this cult broke in Japan, the various Aum Shinrikyo branches around the world faced official closure and disbandment – although the cult still operates with a very diminished membership in the world today. In the meantime, Shoko Asahara sits on Death-row in a Japanese prison waiting to be hanged for his crimes – with his friend – the 14th Dalai Lama – continuously agitating for his sentence to be commuted.


In 1989, Shoko Asahara gave the Dalai Lama one hundred thousand US dollars (gathered from Aum Shinrikyo Supporters), in return, the Dalai Lama gave the Shoko Asahara a ‘diploma’ and a letter of recommendation. In this letter, addressed to the competent authorities of Tokyo, the Dalai Lama called Shoko Asahara ‘a very capable spiritual mentor’ and defined the sect ‘Aum Shinrikyo’ as ‘a legitimate distributor of Mahayana Buddhism and a sect that can push the public toward kindness.’ The Dalai Lama in the letter even asked the relevant Tokyo authorities ‘to release the Aum Shinrikyo sect from taxation.’  This is not surprising, as Shoko Asahara had made a number of visits to India, and each time had met with the Dalai Lama. During one particular meeting, the Dalai Lama told Shoko Asahara the following: ‘Dear friend, Buddhism in Japan has fallen into decay, if this continues, Buddhism will disappear from the land of Japan. You have to spread real Buddhism in your homeland, you are the most suitable person to do this, because you understand the idea of being a Buddha. I’m glad that you are responsible for this work, because by carrying-out this vital task, you are directly representing me.’


Shoko Asahara is partially sighted, and made a career for himself by persuading others that he possessed unusual spiritual powers. This included telepathy, remembering past lives, telekinesis, controlling others thoughts and behaviour, and healing. To date, none of these powers have been proven as existing in any other form than the imagination of Shoko Asahara’s corrupted mind. However, as the Dalai Lama also believes that he possesses similar (imagined) powers, a friendship grew between the two spiritual leaders, both of whom actively sought political gain from their religious beliefs. The Dalai Lama believed that Shoko Asahara was a reincarnated ‘Buddha’ in Japan who possessed other-worldly powers. Just as the Dalai Lama has stated numerous times that his intention is to bring-down the sovereign government of China, Shoko Asahara pursued nothing less than world domination through committing endless atrocities which he saw as incidents of ‘purification’.  Whereas the Dalai Lama still incites young people to set fire to themselves, Shoko Asahara gave orders for endless tortures and murders. This occurred in Japan, but the extent of this activity in post-Soviet Russia remains a sensitive issue. The speculation is that many naïve Russians walked blindly into the embrace of Shoko Asahara – and paid dearly for their abandonment of Socialism. It has only been with the rise of President Putin that the Russian people have once again become legally protected from the activities of bizarre and highly dangerous religious cults.

Russian Language References:







How Lama Dondrup Dorje Misrepresents Chinese Taijiquan

The 14th Dalai Lama has collaborated with the political forces of US capitalism since at least the late 1940’s, but this evolved out of his friendship with the Nazi war criminal (and friend of Adolf Hitler) Heinrich Harrer, who had escaped from a British internment camp in India during WWII.  He stayed in Tibet until 1952 – when he was contacted by the CIA and co-opted into its attempted programme to destabilise the Communist Chinese regime, through a thorough and complex disinformation campaign that exists to this day, and which is premised upon Eurocentric racist attitudes toward China. In this respect, the 14th Dalai Lama has empowered the racism of the West that previously motivated and justified the most brutal campaign of European invasion, domination, degradation and destruction of China.  Instead of anti-Chinese racism being checked and neutralised in the modern world, the 14th Dalai Lama – through his fabricated and misleadingly entitled ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ – has at the sametime, destroyed his historical position within genuine Tibetan culture, misrepresented Tibetan culture and history, and exchanged an austere life as a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan part of China, for a fully extravagant and bourgeois lifestyle in the West (involving five star hotels, limos, bodyguards, celebrity friends, and the eating of meat, etc).  The 14th Dalai Lama, through his clique of Western lamas, teaches a form of distorted (and Christianised) Tibetan Buddhism, for which they charge substantial fees (a transaction out-lawed within genuine Buddhist practise).  More to the point, these pampered and corrupt lamas living in the West, follow a script approved by the 14th Dalai Lama, which misrepresents Chinese history and culture, and presents such entities to the West in an incorrect and untruthful manner.

In the West, where anti-Chinese racism abounds, Chinese martial arts are often misrepresented by many of the people who claim to be practising them. Much of the time this is due to a lack of genuine knowledge and good instruction.  However, the internal art of Taijiquan is a very advanced and progressive understanding of human perceptual psychology and bio-mechanics. Like its Russian counter-part of Systema, Taijiquan teaches the development of the awareness of bodyweight and how the bodyweight ‘drops’ into the ground (rooting the practitioner) through a permanent and dynamically ‘aligned’ posture (i.e. bones and joints).  As every action has an opposite and equal reaction, the dropped bodyweight ‘rebounds’ backup through the bones and joints where it is emitted through the required anatomical weapon (such as a single knuckle).  This is relaxed hitting with maximum bodyweight – and once mastered, is very effective in combat – because this method of striking is highly condensed and passes through the outer structures of the body and disrupts the neural network, creating confusion in the mind of the unsuspecting opponent, and the temporary ‘failure’ of the ability to stand properly or generate enough power to retaliate.  A Taijiquan master has the ability to take away the opponent’s ability to retaliate. Incoming power from the opponent is either deflected by the ‘rounded’ bones and joints, or absorbed and harmlessly dispersed through the body structure.  This is what ‘Chinese’ Taijiquan is designed to do and many never master it.

Lama Dondrup Dorje, in the above video is following the typical Pro-Tibetan Movement imperative of continuously misrepresenting Chinese culture, and brain-washing Westerners into following nonsense and believing in religiously inspired mythology.  None of this Lama Dondrup Dorje expression is real. Within authentic Chinese culture, qi translates as ‘breath’, that is all.  Within the body, qi flows through the blood as oxygen, and is augmented by bio-electric energy, and the energy provided by the digestive system.  Within combat training, bodyweight is added to the mix, and all this is brought together by an advanced state of psychological awareness.  Taijiquan is effective because the opponent must be ‘touched’, and that there is no such thing as ‘no touch’ fighting.  Just as the West blindly follows the corrupt 14th Dalai Lama’s interpretation of history, non-Chinese people fall for what Lama Dondrup Dorje is teaching.  The people in this video are the victims of a ‘cult’ mentality, as are all those who ‘believe’ in the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’ in general.  These people are brain-washed to act in a manner that Lama Dondrup Dorje requires for him to award them with praise and congratulations.  How crazy all this seems from a genuine Chinese cultural perspective, particularly as Lama Dondrup Dorje is exhibiting the very ‘inverted’ and ‘deluded’ mind-set that both the Buddha and Marx stated was negative for the healthy evolution of humanity.  Lama Dondrup Dorje and his misled ‘Taijiquan’ students, represent delusion in action, and displays how suitably motivated individuals can throw themselves around a padded floor, if the psycho-physical climate requires it.


CCTV Exposé: Dalai Lama Clique Behind Self-Immolation in Tibet


Original Chinese Language Text By: Beijing Morning News (17.5.2013)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Self-immolation does not occur in the early Buddhist texts, and is generally not considered a legitimate part of Buddhist practice.  Buddhist philosophy is a body of logical thought designed to uproot and end all (human) suffering in the mind, body and environment.  The voluntary infliction of immense self-suffering through immolation is counter-intuitive, but has been known in certain areas of Mahayana Buddhist development.  It was reported in Greece (by Apollonius of Tyana and others), that an Indian Buddhist monk once self-immolated in Athens during the early 1st century, apparently as a voluntary act of ending his own life, whilst attempting to prove to the astounded the Greeks the ‘power’ of Buddhist concentrative effort.  The Ven. Walpola Rahula, on the other hand, in his ‘Zen & the Taming of the Bull – Towards the Definition of Buddhist Thought’, dedicates a chapter to this subject. He states that self-immolation never existed in the Theravada School (or in Indian Buddhism), and that it probably arose with the Lotus Sutra (compiled in the 1st century CE), specifically with the Bodhisattva Bhaisajyaraja, who, after eating incense and drinking scented oils or twelve years, wrapped himself in divine clothes, and set himself alight as an offering to the Buddha.  Walpola states that it was in China (and Vietnam) from around the 5th century CE that reports of self-immolation (as highly unusual and rare ‘acts of devotion’ to the Buddha) start to be scene in the historical record (perpetuated by both monastics and laity). In China a funeral pyre would be built in the shape of a stupa, and the devout Buddhist would sit atop the platform and set fire to the structure himself.  For weeks or months prior to this, the devout Buddhists concerned would reduce their ordinary diet and begin to consume incense and oil.  As a consequence, the body became emaciated and highly flammable, and presumably led to a quicker death.  However, it must be stated that self-immolation in this manner is virtually unheard of today in China, and probably reached a peak between the 5th and 10th centuries CE, falling into redundancy, or being replaced by such acts as ‘burning’ fingers off as a means to repay a karmic debt. As regards self-immolation as a political act, monks carried-out this procedure in public, in Vietnam, in protest to US imperialism, and in support for Vietnamese Communism.  Generally speaking, as in ancient China, the Vietnamese monks were highly experienced and seasoned Buddhist monastics who possessed the maturity and insight to understand exactly what they were doing.  Such individuals had already ‘cut-off’ the root of delusion and perceived the world in a very different light.  The situation with the Pro-Tibetan Movement, however, is not the same.  Here, the 14th Dalai Lama wishes to destroy the Chinese Communist Revolution, and return China (and Tibet) back to the control of the capitalists. The self-immolation he encourages is aimed at the young and gullible – those who are not enlightened or mature, and who are easily led with empty promises of ‘martyrdom’.  In this regard, self-immolation becomes a vehicle for politically inspired murder.  ACW 14.9.2016

Evidence has emerged that the 14th Dalai Lama (and his clique in the West) are behind a small number of young Tibetans being manipulated into setting fire to themselves in public recently, in the Tibetan region of China.  These events have caused the Venerable Chuan Yin (传印) – the President of the Chinese Buddhist Association – to state that killing, (or causing to kill), is a highly negative and destructive action – fundamentally opposed to all aspects of the Buddha’s teachings, that stands in contradiction to the Buddhist moral code, as agreed by all schools of Buddhism.

In 2013, a note came to light – left by Ban Majia (班玛加) following his abortive suicide attempt – that mentioned a text entitled ‘Instructions for Self-Immolation Manual’ [自焚指导书 – Zi Fen Zhi Dao Shu] (hereafter referred to as ‘Instruction Manual’) that had been secretly circulating within certain areas of the Tibetan community in China.  This Instruction Manual was signed by ‘La Maojie’ (拉毛杰) [Tibetan: ‘Lhamo Kyab’].  Lhamo Kyab is a close associate of the 14th Dalai Lama, and has served as a prominent elected member of the so-called ‘parliament’ that represents the (corrupt) wishes of the Dalai Lama clique of controlling ‘high lamas’.  The 14th Dalai Lama has continuously placed Lhamo Kyab in the position of minister for education. The Instruction Manual was originally circulating on the internet, but was quickly removed by the Dalai Lama clique once it was clear the manual had been exposed and its origins (in the ‘Pro-Tibetan Movement’) made clear to the general public. The 14th Dalai Lama has been exposed as inciting violence and death through authorising the compiling and release of this manual, whilst maintaining a public face of supporting peace and co-operation.


Instruction Manual (Extracted Content):

Extensive Methods for Self-Immolation

This manual is divided into four distinct parts:

I) Ideological Mobilisation. This advocates the practice of honourable ‘self-immolation’ as an act to be carried-out by a ‘very great hero’. Men and women are encouraged to set fire to themselves and thereby instantly become ‘heroes’ and ‘martyrs’ in the name of the 14th Dalai Lama and the Pro-Tibetan Movement.

2) Self-Immolation Preparation.  This gives detailed instruction of how to ‘prepare’ for the act of ‘self-immolation’.  It states that it is important to choose the ‘best time of day’ to cause maximum disruption to society, whilst courting the greatest amount of press coverage for the 14th Dalai Lama.  This is why the ‘best location’ must be carefully chosen prior to the event.  It is important to write a suicide note (extolling the 14th Dalai Lama and the Pro-Tibetan Movement), and to co-opt at least two other people to assist the self-immolation through photographing and filming the event.  Recording the self-immolation event is important (for ongoing media coverage about the 14th Dalai Lama).

3) Self-Immolation Slogans.  Just prior to the self-immolation (whilst the ‘hero’ is still conscious and pain-free) they are to shout ‘Free Tibet’, ‘Dalai Lama Return to Tibet’, ‘Free Political Prisoners’, and so on.

4) Co-Ordinated Activities.  Whilst the self-immolation event is unfolding, it is important that a raft of associated economic, religious, cultural, educational and political activities unfold at exactly the same time, to generate the view that there is widespread support for the Pro-Tibetan Movement in China.  This can include petitions to the central authorities, impromptu speeches outside schools or other public places, as well as shouting slogans and participating in other propaganda.  This is important subsidiary action in support of the 14th Dalai Lama, designed to give the impression to the world media, that he is popular in China (and Tibet).

This instruction manual is a guidebook authorised by the 14th Dalai Lama and is designed to make the self-immolation process unfold as smoothly as possible, so that the maximum political and media coverage is gained.  Those doing the self-immolation are to be considered ‘heroes’ who sacrifice their lives for the 14th Dalai Lama, and may take both comfort and solace from this fact.


Director Zhang Yun (张云) of the Institute of History (which is part of the China Tibetology Research Association) stated that ‘The irrefutable evidence is beyond doubt that this instruction manual is authorised by the Dalai Lama clique as part of a long term and extensive preparation programme to mislead the people, by encouraging the use of self-immolation disguised as ‘religious’ practice, but which is in reality designed entirely for gaining politic objectives in the Tibetan region of China.’

Source: Beijing Morning News (Editor: Wang Yu [王玥])

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:


央视揭达赖集团操纵自焚 专家称藏人从无自焚习惯


中国佛教协会会长传印表示诸罪中杀罪最重 藏人从无自焚习惯






来源: 北京晨报 (责任编辑:王玥)

The Racist Rhetoric of the Pro-Tibetan Movement


Tibetan Invasion of South-West China (c. 8th Century CE)

Millions of Tibetans peacefully live in provinces in south-west China, bordering (or near to) Tibet, and have done for hundreds of years.  These people have their own language, cultural customs and Buddhist traditions, which Chinese people often participate in.  Conversely, many Tibetans people explore Chinese culture and spirituality.  This situation has come about historically because hundreds of years ago, Tibetan warriors invaded China from Tibet (in the 8th century CE), and politically united their homeland of Tibet with China.  It was in fact the pre-Buddhist Tibetans who, by extending Tibetan territory, political power and cultural influence, permanently bound the two countries of Tibet and China together.  Initially, the area of south-west China was politically annexed under Tibetan control for decades, but when China eventually regained control of its own territory (now full of millions of Tibetans), Tibet was naturally retained (as part of China) by the will and consent of the Tibetan people living in south-west China.  This happened because the Tibetans in China now viewed south-west China as being part of a greater Tibet, and did not want the Tibetan empire to be broken-up.

There are many more examples of early Tibetan imperialism in the region, with ruthless Tibetan warriors attacking and destroying other countries surrounding Tibet, but this bloody history is played-down and hidden – not in Tibet itself (which is a modern and civilised country), and not amongst China’s peaceful and vibrant Tibetan population – but rather in the rightwing and racist rhetoric of the Western created and supported Pro-Tibetan Movement, which has its roots in the CIA presence in Tibet in the 1950’s (I have written about this elsewhere).  This essentially ‘Cold War’ rhetoric presents the Tibetan people through a highly racialised filter, very much in the mould of WWII era Japanese militarism and fascism (which depicted the Japanese people as being both physically and spiritually superior to all other ethnic groups).  It is also something akin to Hitlerism, and the notion of a ‘pure race’ and of a race of ‘supermen’.  To add fuel to this toxic fire, this ‘imagined’ Tibet is mythologised as being a victim of eternal ‘injustice’ (very much in the mould of the Jewish racism of Zionism).  The Tibetans in China and Tibet do not subscribe to this Eurocentric view of themselves, and do not view themselves as ‘invaded’ or living under ‘duress’.  However, as the Dalai Lama and his clique, live a life of luxury in the West (at the tax-payers expense), those Tibetans (and misguided Westerners) who have fallen under the CIA’s influence are basically ‘paid’ to perpetuate this ignorance throughout the Western world.  A crucial element of this misrepresentation of Tibet and China, is the racialisation of Chinese people, so that they are depicted as the ‘cause of all evil’ (very much how Hitler misrepresented German Jews), and therefore racially ‘inferior’ when compared to racially ‘superior’ (and entirely imagined) ‘Tibetans’ as envisioned by the Pro-Tibetan Movement.  Supporting the Pro-Tibetan Movement is to support anti-Chinese, Eurocentric racism perpetuated by paid informants of the CIA, whose only motivation is the destruction of Chinese Communism.

George Galloway’s Comments on Buddhism


The general viewpoints of George Galloway can be found on his numerous Youtube videos, and his comments on Facebook and Twitter, etc.  As a well-known politician of the British political left, his stance on a number of controversial issues has earned him praise and blame in equal measure, and his exclusion from the Labour Party under Tony Blair (in 2003) for opposing what many consider to be the illegal invasions of Afghanistan (and Iraq).  He was subsequently attacked in the world media and accused of all kinds of weird and wonderful behaviour, but he took effective legal action and proved all these allegations to be wrong (earning a substantial financial recompense from the guilty parties).  He has produced a very good podcast concerning the biography of Che Guevara, and has explained elsewhere that his flag is red, and his country is the future.  He fervently opposes all forms of racism (including Zionism) and is famous for opposing the racist English Defence League (EDL), British National Party (BNP), the National Front (NF), and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP).  This is despite a ‘disturbing’ video of George Galloway sympathetically interviewing the racist UKIP leader – Nigel Farage – over leaving the EU.  Not once during this interview was UKIP’s (or Farage’s) racism confronted, with George Galloway lamenting at one point that it was unfair that UKIP had attracted five million votes but not earned a single seat in the UK Parliament.  For non-white people watching this, (and anti-racists of any background), this was difficult viewing, even taking into account the necessity on the left for political expediency – and the leftwing call to leave the EU for purely economic reasons (as opposed to the rightwing reasons which are premised entirely upon racism and xenophobia).

Despite his obvious Marxist approach to critiquing the bourgeois State and its duplicitous institutions, George Galloway has stated during a radio conversation with a member of the British rightwing, that he ‘is not a Marxist’.  Furthermore, whilst stating that he is a Socialist, he confesses a faith in a theistic god, and has stated that he was born into a Catholic family.  This situation has become confused somewhat due to his obvious well-read knowledge of Islamic theology, and his obvious popularity in some areas of the British Muslim community, and has led some to speculate that he has ‘reverted’ to Islam.  As matters stand on this issue, George Galloway continuously states that his religious beliefs are a ‘private’ matter and not a subject for public discussion.  In the recent London Mayoral Elections (within which he stood), George Galloway remained very popular amongst certain populations of London’s Muslim population, despite the fact he was standing against the British Muslim candidate of the Labour Party (the Blairite Sadiq Khan).

George Galloway is a friend of Communist China and fervently opposes the Western created Pro-Tibetan Movement administered by the duplicitous Dalai Lama.  Indeed, when confronted with a pro-Tibetan caller during his radio show, he quite rightly stated in no uncertain terms that Tibet is a historical part of China, and that the Chinese Communist government had raised more people out of poverty than any other regime on earth.  He also conflated Buddhism in general, with the distorted Buddhism perpetuated by the pro-Tibetan movement, and even stated that there is ‘only one god’, as if Buddhism is a theistic religion (which it is not).  In this regard, George Galloway keeps-up a constant and correct anti-Dalai Lama rhetoric against his sham nationalism and manipulation of Buddhist philosophy.  However, in a recent Facebook post, George Galloway quite rightly criticised the Dalai Lama for his recent ‘anti-migrant’ and apparently ‘racist’ attitudes regarding the free EU movement of workers from one country to another, and then stated that the Buddhists who are attacking the Rohingya Muslims in Burma are doing so under the Dalai Lama’s instructions.  The Dalai Lama and the pro-Tibetan movement are corrupt, of that there is no doubt, but equating Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism with Burmese Theravada Buddhism is incorrect.  Firstly, despite the racist Western media manipulating everything to its advantage, Theravada Buddhism (whose suttas are written in Pali) has no ‘pope’ and is not controlled by a single Buddhist monastic.  As a philosophy of self-development, it presents ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ as the highest aspect of secular, human thought, and rejects ‘theism’ as being unimportant for personal development.  In this regard, early Buddhism represents the development of the world’s first system of logic (as positively commented on by both Marx and Engels).  In Burma (and elsewhere) there has been problems of Buddhists attacking Muslims (and Muslims attacking Buddhists), but this has nothing to do with the Dalai Lama.  Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism has nothing in-common with Theravada Buddhism, other than the fact that it developed in India (albeit much later), and represents an integration of Buddhist and Brahmanic thought.  In Burma, a small breakaway group of Theravada Buddhists have become infected with Western racism and nationalism, and it is this ‘foreign’ ideology of ‘Islamophobia’ that is causing the inter-communal violence.  It is the same situation in Sri Lanka.  However, the mainstream Theravada Buddhist School does not, and never has condoned inter-ethnic violence or the alien ‘Islamophobia’, and it is incorrect for George Galloway to assume that a) Buddhism is a theistic religion organised along the lines of the Catholic Church, or Islamic Mosques, b) the distorted [and Christianised] Buddhism of the Dalai Lama is indicative of all Buddhism, c) the Dalai Lama runs the Buddhist world, and d) that a racist, Western presence has nothing to do with ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims.

Indeed, even within Communist China, with its secular and progressive education system and Marxist-Leninist critique of capitalism, many people are Buddhists, Daoist, and Confucians, with the only difference being that by law all these religions and philosophies must actively participate in the building of Socialism within the country, and not oppose or undermine this process.  This is also the case in the Tibetan area of China, where the Dalai Lama has no power and is not viewed as being in control of anything.  White racism is the cause of the supposed ‘Buddhist’ attacks on Muslims, and someone of the obvious calibre of George Galloway should assist the oppressed peoples of the world to expose this.  Buddhism is not the enemy of Islam – but the Dalai Lama and his CIA-created Pro-Tibetan Movement is definitely the enemy of Communist China and genuine Tibet.

How the BBC Fabricated the 1989 Myth of ‘Tiananmen Square’


Author’s Note: I have personally met many Chinese people who were at Tiananmen Square in 1989 – and all state that the Western version of events was a ‘lie’ – and that the students were out in ‘support’ of their Communist Government and against Western media reports to the contrary. In 2011, the Wikileaks event proved that no ‘massacre’ occurred in Tiananmen – but that the BBC and US Intelligence conspired to ‘fabricate’ the entire story as a means to bring down Communist China. Even today, despite the Wikileaks exposure of Western lies, many UK media out-lets continue to perpetuate the lie.  This in includes the Trotskyite ‘Socialist’ distortion, and those leftist elements in the West infected with Eurocentric racism, who traitorously assist the bourgeoisie in its attempt to bring down Communist China, and demonise the Chinese diaspora.  At the time of Tienanmen in 1989, many members of my Chinese family in the UK suffered racial abuse from Black, White and Asian people as they went to school or work. All this suffering was based upon a BBC-generated racist lie that has now been exposed. Things must be bad in the racist camp when the odious Daily Telegraph (that usually does so much damage to the Chinese community through its racism), actually prints an article ‘confirming’ that the BBC ‘lied’ in 1989! ACW 4.6.2016

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is paid for by a national licensing fee that is legally enforced upon the British people, regardless of their ability to pay.  The BBC is a middle class institute that gathers the majority of its income from the British working class.  However, its ethos, of course, is entirely ‘middle class’, with a condescending attitude toward the working class that is forced to finance its essentially bourgeois, capitalist and pro-monarchy stance.  In this sense, the BBC is ideologically unable to be ‘impartial’ because it fundamentally rejects working class issues and concerns, and continuously manifests an a priori anti-leftist political rhetoric that prevents the working class from pursuing its own class interests (by not providing positive political educational programmes about Scientific Socialism, Utopian Socialism, Anarchism, Animal Rights and other generally progressive causes), but instead encourages the mass adoption of rightwing and far-rightwing political agendas associated with race-hate, fascism and neo-Nazism.  The BBC has pursued this exclusively middle class agenda since its inception in 1922, but its ability to present the other side of the argument has varied throughout its history.  This is because the BBC is government controlled, and each government has had a different plan for the indoctrination of the British workers.  However, even when offering alternative viewpoints, the BBC has continuously carried-out this policy from its middle class ideological basis, more in an attempt to convince the working class that its own class interests should remain subordinate to those of the middle class (who already control everything in society).  This is why the BBC has continuously misused its national funding premise to perpetuate not only an ideologically middle class view of the world, but also to misrepresent current events and history in pursuit of that ideal.  It is doubtful, therefore, that the United States of America (USA) could have established its false ahistorical view of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, or the demonization of Communist China in Europe, without the complicity of the BBC and its ability to broadcast inaccurate and deficient anti-Communist propaganda throughout Europe (and the world).

In the late 1980’s, the US and British Intelligent Services actively conspired in the bringing down of Soviet Russia, and attempted to bring down Communist China.  With the assistance of the BBC, the Soviet Union was brought to its knees and eventually collapsed, thus ending the existence of the world’s first Workers’ State.  In China, during May and June 1989, thousands of students gathered in Beijing to peacefully support the Chinese Communist government, showing their approval of the recent reforms under the then leader Deng Xiao Ping.  The 1980’s was a great time for the Chinese people, as the Communist reforms of 1949 started to deliver nation-wide benefits for all the people.  This was a considerable achievement under Communist Rule that succeeded in transforming the quality of life of China’s huge population across its geographical landmass in just under 40 years!  China was beginning to economically peak as the capitalist West continued to suffer under the boom and bust reality of its highly exploitative and derisive economic system.  Obviously, for both the US and the UK (which were both suffering under the auspices of their respective politically rightwing leaders and regimes), the victory of Communism in China was proving a bitter pill to swallow.  Whereas the US and UK had managed to manipulate the Trotskyite traitor Mikhail Gorbachev into quite literally legislating the USSR out of existence (in 1991), the same Western forces, encumbered as they are by their historical anti-Chinese racism, were unable to directly effect the mechanism of the Communist Chinese government.  Whereas the American CIA had orchestrated the ‘myth’ that a) Tibetan was a sovereign State, and b) China had ‘invaded’ it in 1959, thirty years on, the BBC was tasked with creating yet another ‘false flag’ operation across the Western media in an attempt to unleash another wave of anti-Chinese racism and anti-Communist rhetoric.  With the assistance of such BBC reporters as Kate Adie and John Simpson (amongst many others), the illusion was created in the Western world that a tragedy had unfolded in China due to disaffected students protesting against the Chinese government and the Communism it pursued.  At no time were Westerners able to access the Chinese Mainland media to see the extent to which the BBC was lying.  This is an important observation, because today, with the advent of the internet, which allows for more or less immediate live coverage of important international events from differing media sources, the scale of the deception perpetuated by the BBC throughout the Western world regarding the fallacious ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’, could not be easily repeated today.  This does not mean that the BBC has ceased to ‘lie’ as a media institute, far from it, since 2010 (and the election of the rightwing Tory and then LibDem Coalition), the BBC has abandoned all pretensions of impartiality, and instead has ruthlessly pursued the rightwing Tory agenda that has seen the deaths of thousands of Disabled people (and others) throughout the UK, due to the dismantling of the Welfare and National Health Systems.  In other words, the BBC has led the media assault on the British workers who collectively pay the majority of the BBC’s financial income.  Today, when hundreds of thousands of British protesters take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations against the current rightwing British government, the BBC manipulates the media by refusing to cover the events, and ignoring the concerns of those who are legally forced to pay for the BBC through the compulsory licensing system.

In 2011, the rightwing (and generally racist) Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK (that often gives voice to anti-Chinese racism), published a story drawn from Wikileaks, that presented diplomatic cables sent from the US Embassy in Beijing confirming what the Chinese Communist government had stated all along, that ‘no one’ was killed in Tiananmen Square, and that consequently no ‘massacre’ occurred.  Again, this is another pivotal point that exposes the BBC’s lies that ‘thousands’ were killed in the square, and that these events were witnessed by BBC reporters.  Although the racist Daily Telegraph cannot generally be taken seriously when reporting non-European news, and certainly not when discussing China from its default ‘racist’ position, nevertheless, it is significant that such a bastion for white privilege should take this remarkable step of revealing a major BBC news story to be a ‘myth’.  Even if the credentials of the racist Daily Telegraph are quite rightly to be questioned in regard to this matter, the original material of Wikileaks is the deciding (and confirming) factor.  Why has the British rightwing press been allowed to expose a major US and UK Cold War lie in this manner?  It is probably due to the fact that Communist China did not collapse in 1989, but has in fact continued to blossom through its Communist policies to such a degree that it is now emerging on the world stage as one of the planet’s truly great economic and cultural power-houses history has ever seen. China has achieved this economic miracle by lifting more people out of poverty than any other regime in the history of humanity.  Chinese Communism is paying dividends when it is obvious that the capitalist world is struggling to maintain the privileged lifestyles of the few and the denigration of the masses in its unequal system of exploitation, when it ruthlessly controls all the media, educational establishes, and resources, etc.  As Chinese Cosmonauts now train to go to Mars, and Chinese military technology ascends that of the West, it could well be that the capitalist powers that be know when they are in ideological trouble.  In the meantime, the BBC, as part of the bourgeois media system, will continue in its mission to disinform the British working class, and prevent it from uniting in the name of its own class interests.  The British working class should unite together and initiate its own Communist Revolution so the British people can share in the success of Scientific Socialism, and transform the BBC into the ‘Peoples’ Broadcasting Corporation’ (PBC), apologise to the peoples of Russia and China, and work for the positive establishment of Socialism throughout the world!

As things stand, the mainstream Western media continues to perpetuate the BBC manufactured lie of the mythic ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’.  This also continues in Chinese language propaganda texts emanating from the United States and its colonial presence in Taiwan (and elsewhere throughout the Western-controlled Chinese diaspora).  This anti-China literature has as its focal point the US created Pro-Tibetan Movement, the Falun Gong Movement, and the Epoch Times – all apologists for white racism and capitalist greed.  Just as the BBC seeks to influence the British working class away from pursuing its own class interests (and establishing Socialism in the UK), the Epoch Times seeks to prevent ordinary Chinese members of the working class from uniting with, and fully supporting Communist China.  In this task, any and all false means are used to ensure that a thoroughly ‘false’ image is perpetuated throughout the Chinese population outside of China.  This presents the warped notion that white racist capitalism is in the best interests of the non-white victims of that racism.  Chinese people throughout the world should throw-off the shackles of Western, racist domination, and fully support Mainland China in the West.  Such a move would assist the European working class in the establishment of its own Socialist Revolution throughout Europe and the USA.  This would assign capitalism to the dustbin of history, where it most certainly belongs, as it must never be forgotten that the fundamental inequalities of capitalism kills people through neglect, poverty, starvation, murder, accident, war, rape, child abuse, misogyny, racism, and religious bigotry every single moment, of every single day, without cessation.  This is because the privileged few within capitalist society retain their position through the brutal control of resources, the majority of which they retain for their own use.   Capitalism is the ‘true’ ongoing massacre of the working class, and the only ‘cover-up’ that exists in the world.

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