Anti-Falun Gong: Cults Inside Out – By Rick Alan Ross


This is an extraordinary book written by a US citizen who has seen through the dangerous lies of the Falun Gong cult. Disturbed by what he saw of the Falun Gong’s growing influence in America, and the disastrous manipulation of the vulnerable and the weak-minded, Rick Alan Ross decided to take action himself, when the US Authorities refused to acknowledge the cult activities of the Falun Gong in the West, and refused to initiate a criminal investigation. The subsequent book – Cults Inside Out – has been sold on to rave reviews and very high sales. This should not be surprising, as Rick Alan Ross is widely acknowledged as a world authority on cults, cult behaviour, and on how to help people escape from cults and regain their individual dignity and freedom. He has pursued an independent research programme that has involved the interview of hundreds of former Falun Gong cult members, current Falun Gong cult members, and has even travelled to Mainland China to interview individuals that the Falun Gong claimed were ‘dead’ and ‘murdered by the Chinese Authorities’. Rick Alan Ross was born in 1952, and first became concerned about cults and cult-like activity in 1982 – when a cult tried to invade the retirement home his grandmother lived in. He was astonished how these cults were able to quickly brain-wash otherwise strong individuals, and take complete control of their lives. For the last 30 years, Rick Alan Ross has helped hundreds of people escape from cults, whilst educating the general public about the dangers of cultish activity within modern society. In the last decade, Rick Alan Ross has paid particular attention to the Falun Gong cult operating in the US and in Mainland China.

The Chinese Mainland government has fully supported Rick Alan Ross – and granted him visas and permission to interview former Falun Gong victims. This led to him visiting Kaifeng city (in Henan province), where he interviewed the survivors of the ‘1.23’ self-immolation incident – namely mother and daughter Hao Huijun (郝慧君) and Chen Guo (陈果). On January 5th, 2011, he published his report online in the US. Rick Alan Ross stated that Hao Huijun and Chen Guo were not imprisoned, had never been imprisoned, and has received the best (free) medical attention available in China. Both stated that they were threatened and psychologically and physically abused by other members of the Falun Gong – and out of desperation, tried to take their own lives to escape the Falun Gong. In fact, the Falun Gong leader in the US – Li Hongzhi – personally suggested the pair set themselves alight. This situation was brought by the Falun Gong’s practice of false religion, and the practice of ‘isolation’ from family and friends. Once suitably controlled, cult members can be forced to do any thing. Behind the smiling facade of the Falun Gong – violence and murder lurks. During a number of Falun Gong burglaries in China (initiated by Li Hongzhi), a number of cult members were hurt, and a 12 year old girl was killed. One area of focus for the Falun Gong now involves college and university campuses – where impressionable young people have been targeted by Li Hongzhi for conversation. This cultish activity is particularly strong in colleges and universities that teach anti-China political rhetoric. This book focuses on the mental illness of Li Hongzhi, and how he seeks to ‘control’ all those around him through a combination of threats and violence. As matters stand, the US Authorities turn a blind eye to the injuries and deaths suffered by Falun Gong practitioners in America.

A very interesting point revealed by Rick Alan Ross is that despite the Falun Gong being openly supported by the US Government as part of its anti-China policy, in fact, among ordinary US citizens, the Falun Gong cult remains extremely unpopular simply because of its observable behaviour. The Falun Gong cult turns Europeans against their families and communities – and leads Americans away from Judeo-Christian beliefs. The Falun Gong cult also drives atheists into the arms of organised religion. Exactly the same negative response has been seen in Canada – despite the Falun Gong media continuously making claims to the contrary. The point is that ordinary Westerners do not believe the anti-China rhetoric employed by the Falun Gong cult. This attitude has nothing to do with politics, but is a pragmatic response to the Falun Gong cult’s attack on Western communities and vulnerable individuals. Indeed, Rick Alan Ross has revealed that there is a definite anti-Falun Gong cult attitude now evident across the world – which sees individual county’s prevented from ‘banning’ this dangerous cult due to US threats of political and economic sanctions.

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瑞克·艾伦·罗斯最新专著《Cults Inside Out

由美国反邪教专家瑞克·艾伦·罗斯(Ricky Alan Ross)撰写的新书《Cults Inside Out》(意为“走进和走出邪教”)近期在全球著名在线书店亚马逊网上架,这部专著中包含对大量法轮功、科学教派练习者、受害者的案例剖析。此书上架以来在美国好评如潮。人们不禁要问,一部研究邪教问题的书为何会引起高度关注?






瑞克·艾伦·罗斯先生强调,不论是在美国、加拿大、中东,还在中国、俄罗斯、乌克兰,在全球范围内,都面临着邪教的侵袭,不论人们的价值观念有多么的不同,但对邪教的认识还是有相对一致的标准,邪教危害的是国家的肌体、社区的稳定和居民的健康,对生命问题的关注要求各国间加强反邪教的协调,通过“膜拜团体研究国际论坛”这样的形式,各国专家可以各抒己见,发表对邪教问题的见解。如关于邪教团体的定义,著名精神病学家与作家罗伯特·J·利夫顿(Robert Jay Lifton)在1981年首次制定了三条标准:1、一个日益成为膜拜对象的拥有超凡魅力的领导人,一般原则同样在团体组成的最初起着重要作用,但可能会渐渐失去力量;2、一个强制性劝诱或者思想改革的进程;3、领导人及其执政集团在经济、性及其他方面对组织成员的剥削。按照这三条标准,法轮功是不折不扣的的邪教,不论在哪个国家都应当受到排斥,因此,要加强协作、信息共享,让这些邪教活动无处藏身。


Falun Gong Rape Cult Exposed in Henan (2014)!


Falun Gong Sexual Assault Disguised as ‘Daoism’

According to the People’s Procuratorate of Hui county, Henan province, in late September a number of netizens reported to the police that the illegal Falun Gong cult had infiltrated the QQ social media site within Mainland China, and through two different accounts, namely ‘Bright Wisdom No Doubt’ (明慧不惑 – Ming Hui Bu Huo), and ‘Wake Up to Nature’ (梦醒自然 – Meng Xing Zi Ran) – were disseminating anti-China propaganda and perverted literature misrepresenting traditional Chinese Daoist thinking and practice. These two QQ accounts were traced to a website named ‘Great Central Plains’ (大中原 – Da Zhong Yuan), which upon investigation, was found to have deliberately spread 260 cult-like articles designed to cause confusion and discontent throughout China’s peaceful and progressive society. This website had received over 160,000 hits, and had been shared around 20,000 times. On December 4th, 2013, the suspected criminal named ‘Sun Mou’ (孙某) was arrested by the investigating police. When all the evidence was presented the legal scrutiny, the People’s Procuratorate of Hui county, Henan province approved of the arrest on January 9th, 2014, the Falun Gong cultist known as ‘Sun Mou’ was formally charged with ‘rape’ and ‘fraud’ in accordance with China’s Law.

The suspect ‘Sun Mou’, (male), was born in August 1951, and lived in South Village, Chengguan Town, Hui county – and was a Falun Gong convert. Sun Mou stated that since 2001, the Falun Gong cult-leader – Li Hongzhi (李洪志) – had become his father. Li Hongzhi had ordered Sun Mou to correct as many women in China as possible, as a means to bring-down the Chinese State. Li Hongzhi stated that through an act of ‘will’, he had genetically ‘modified’ Sun Mou’s DNA, and advised him to have sexual relations with as many women as possible. Li Hongzhi (falsely) taught that through this illicit sexual contact, (which did not require the ‘consent’ of the women involved), the women in question would experience a ‘change in attitude’ toward their country, and from thereon work to undermine its government. Li Hongzhi further stated that any children subsequently ‘conceived’, would grow-up to naturally oppose the Chinese State. This behaviour was presented as a (false) version of the Daoist practice of ‘pre-natal’ (先天 – Xian Tian) Daoist self-cultivation, that granted high energy levels, and purified the women’s body (through ‘semen’ entering it). The man carrying-out this cultish ‘rape’ was said by Li Hongzhi to gain vibrant health (of body and mind), and live for a long-time. In the Zhouzhou area of Hebei, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Zhang’ (张). In the Xi’an area of Shanxi, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Gou’ (郭). In Shanghai, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Zhao’ (赵). In the Dalian area of Liaoning, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Xiu’ (修). In the Qingdao area of Shandong, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Xu’ (许). In Beijing, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Jiang’ (姜). In Beijing, two sisters surnamed ‘Zhou’ (周) were two of his rape victims. In the Fuzhou area of Fujian, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Liu’ (刘). In the Shenzhou area of Fujian, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Li’ (李). In Sichuan, one of his rape victims was surnamed ‘Ke’ (柯). In the Naning area of Guangxi, two of his rape victims were sisters surnamed ‘Teng’ (腾). Further police investigation has revealed at least 17 other women who have been rape victims of this latest in a line of Falun Gong criminal outrages. Sun Mou has shown no remorse and has expressed the idea that the family must be undermined to bring down the Chinese State – and instigate Li Hongzhi as the leader of the nation. In the meantime, many of those who were ‘brain-washed’ into this Falun Gong perversion were made to hand-over their property and wealth to the Falun Gong cult (currently headquartered in the USA). Many others have come forward to state that the Falun Gong training methods do not work, and actually cause bad psychological and physical health. Sun Mou has knowingly exploited tens of thousands of innocent victims – and has dishonestly received around 20 million yuan from those victims.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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Aum Shinrikyo (Аум Синрике) in Post-Soviet Russia (1991-1995)


The highly destructive ‘doomsday’ Japanese cult  – Aum Shinrikyo (オウム真理教) – was formally founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984. This cult followed a mixture of Eastern and Western religious teachings that made no logical sense, but operated through a Judeo-Christian ‘end of days’ mentality. As the world was about to end, Shoko Asahara taught that people must be physically and psychologically ‘punished’ as a means to achieve spiritual emancipation. This cult at its peak attracted hundreds of thousands of followers, and even permeated Japanese law enforcement and the Japanese judiciary. This is why Aum Shinrikyo crimes went unacknowledged and unpunished for any years. In reality, Shoko Asahara was a ruthless psychopath who drew hundreds of thousands of gullible people into his psychosis, whilst controlling the organisation he built around him with an intense and brutal efficiency. The cult developed its own para-military police and built its own prison complex – where members were sentenced to terms of torture and incarceration outside of Japan’s official State apparatus. When individuals refused to pay ‘protection’ money to Shoko Asahara, he would send punishment squads to their homes and inflict physical and sexual abuse, a process which ended in a number of high-profile murders throughout the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Aum Shinrikyo was popular (or at least ‘tolerated’) by Western governments due to Shoko Asahara’s personal friendship with the 14th Dalai Lama – who personally supported the destructive cult activities of Aum Shinrikyo, and under the auspices of the notion of ‘freedom of religion’, encouraged the spread of Shoko Asahara’s insane ramblings.


Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the capitalist West, dedicated as it was to destroying all Socialist regimes around the world for being a ‘threat’ to unbridled profit-making, ordered the Russian authorities to import religious groups of all kinds into the formerly atheistic Soviet society (which was motivated only by progressive science). This policy essentially disabled the spark of Soviet scientific genius that had dominated the 20th century, and re-imported the previously banished ‘inverted’ mind-set of the bourgeoisie. This was a profound shock to the Russian people that had lost all State protection against exploitative religious cults such as Aum Shinrikyo. This importation of Aum Shinrikyo (which exploited tens of thousands of Russians in the early days), was personally backed by the 14th Dalai Lama, and viewed by the USA as part of its continuous attack on Communist China (with the hope that Aum Shinrikyo would permeate into China and bring-down the Chinese Communist government – a policy very similar in function to that pursued by the Western-generated cults of the Pro-Tibetan Movement and the Falun Gong). As Soviet society collapses, Aum Shinrikyo started to fill-in the gaps with programmes of indoctrination and social organisation. This involved Aum Shinrikyo taking over a Russian TV channel, and acquiring military vehicles and arms from the disintegrating Soviet Red Army. Aum Shinrikyo criminality in post-Soviet Russia is one of those stories that is seldom told, and which caused untold misery amongst the Russian people. When Russian groups (and individuals) complained, the 14th Dalai Lama joined with Western governments in condemning these complaints as ‘religious intolerance’.


This all changed on May 20th, 1995, when Aum Shinrikyo successfully carried-out its terrorist Tokyo Subway sarin gas attack. This attack killed thirteen people, seriously injured fifty, and caused other injuries in another five thousand. It was only after this attack that the Japanese State moved against Shoko Asahara, arresting him and his henchmen, and breaking the cult’s substantial power-base. As the centre of this cult broke in Japan, the various Aum Shinrikyo branches around the world faced official closure and disbandment – although the cult still operates with a very diminished membership in the world today. In the meantime, Shoko Asahara sits on Death-row in a Japanese prison waiting to be hanged for his crimes – with his friend – the 14th Dalai Lama – continuously agitating for his sentence to be commuted.


In 1989, Shoko Asahara gave the Dalai Lama one hundred thousand US dollars (gathered from Aum Shinrikyo Supporters), in return, the Dalai Lama gave the Shoko Asahara a ‘diploma’ and a letter of recommendation. In this letter, addressed to the competent authorities of Tokyo, the Dalai Lama called Shoko Asahara ‘a very capable spiritual mentor’ and defined the sect ‘Aum Shinrikyo’ as ‘a legitimate distributor of Mahayana Buddhism and a sect that can push the public toward kindness.’ The Dalai Lama in the letter even asked the relevant Tokyo authorities ‘to release the Aum Shinrikyo sect from taxation.’  This is not surprising, as Shoko Asahara had made a number of visits to India, and each time had met with the Dalai Lama. During one particular meeting, the Dalai Lama told Shoko Asahara the following: ‘Dear friend, Buddhism in Japan has fallen into decay, if this continues, Buddhism will disappear from the land of Japan. You have to spread real Buddhism in your homeland, you are the most suitable person to do this, because you understand the idea of being a Buddha. I’m glad that you are responsible for this work, because by carrying-out this vital task, you are directly representing me.’


Shoko Asahara is partially sighted, and made a career for himself by persuading others that he possessed unusual spiritual powers. This included telepathy, remembering past lives, telekinesis, controlling others thoughts and behaviour, and healing. To date, none of these powers have been proven as existing in any other form than the imagination of Shoko Asahara’s corrupted mind. However, as the Dalai Lama also believes that he possesses similar (imagined) powers, a friendship grew between the two spiritual leaders, both of whom actively sought political gain from their religious beliefs. The Dalai Lama believed that Shoko Asahara was a reincarnated ‘Buddha’ in Japan who possessed other-worldly powers. Just as the Dalai Lama has stated numerous times that his intention is to bring-down the sovereign government of China, Shoko Asahara pursued nothing less than world domination through committing endless atrocities which he saw as incidents of ‘purification’.  Whereas the Dalai Lama still incites young people to set fire to themselves, Shoko Asahara gave orders for endless tortures and murders. This occurred in Japan, but the extent of this activity in post-Soviet Russia remains a sensitive issue. The speculation is that many naïve Russians walked blindly into the embrace of Shoko Asahara – and paid dearly for their abandonment of Socialism. It has only been with the rise of President Putin that the Russian people have once again become legally protected from the activities of bizarre and highly dangerous religious cults.

Russian Language References:главная/далай-лама-поддерживает-аум-синрикё-и-другие-секты-китайские-сми/



Cadres & Masses Protest Illegal Falun Gong Activity in Hebei Province (2002)


Original Chinese Article By: Zhou Wenguang (周文廣)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On July 8th, 2002, hundreds of people gathered in Shijiazhuang Cultural Square before a  big screen, as part of a multifaceted protest against the recent illegal activities of the Falun Gong cult. A documentary detailed every facet of the Falun Gong’s illegal hijacking of the China’s Xinnuo satellite system, revealing how Li Hongzhi (the cult’s founder) had order this criminal behaviour as a means to broadcast false Falun Gong anti-China propaganda. Although the illegal Falun Gong activity was short-lived and easily defeated, ordinary Chinese people responded with anger at this ‘foreign’ intrusion into the lawful and orderly interior of the Chinese homeland. The ordinary Chinese people thoroughly condemned Li Hongzhi and his illegal Falun Gong cult as being thoroughly ‘evil’.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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  7月8日,數百名市民在石家莊文化廣場大屏幕前,通過電視了解由李洪志操縱和指揮境外“法輪功”邪教組織實施的以非法信號攻擊我國鑫諾衛星,致使中央和部分省級電視臺節目受到嚴重幹擾的情況後,紛紛譴責李洪志及其“法輪功”的罪惡行徑。  新華社記者周文廣攝

How the BBC Fabricated the 1989 Myth of ‘Tiananmen Square’


Author’s Note: I have personally met many Chinese people who were at Tiananmen Square in 1989 – and all state that the Western version of events was a ‘lie’ – and that the students were out in ‘support’ of their Communist Government and against Western media reports to the contrary. In 2011, the Wikileaks event proved that no ‘massacre’ occurred in Tiananmen – but that the BBC and US Intelligence conspired to ‘fabricate’ the entire story as a means to bring down Communist China. Even today, despite the Wikileaks exposure of Western lies, many UK media out-lets continue to perpetuate the lie.  This in includes the Trotskyite ‘Socialist’ distortion, and those leftist elements in the West infected with Eurocentric racism, who traitorously assist the bourgeoisie in its attempt to bring down Communist China, and demonise the Chinese diaspora.  At the time of Tienanmen in 1989, many members of my Chinese family in the UK suffered racial abuse from Black, White and Asian people as they went to school or work. All this suffering was based upon a BBC-generated racist lie that has now been exposed. Things must be bad in the racist camp when the odious Daily Telegraph (that usually does so much damage to the Chinese community through its racism), actually prints an article ‘confirming’ that the BBC ‘lied’ in 1989! ACW 4.6.2016

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is paid for by a national licensing fee that is legally enforced upon the British people, regardless of their ability to pay.  The BBC is a middle class institute that gathers the majority of its income from the British working class.  However, its ethos, of course, is entirely ‘middle class’, with a condescending attitude toward the working class that is forced to finance its essentially bourgeois, capitalist and pro-monarchy stance.  In this sense, the BBC is ideologically unable to be ‘impartial’ because it fundamentally rejects working class issues and concerns, and continuously manifests an a priori anti-leftist political rhetoric that prevents the working class from pursuing its own class interests (by not providing positive political educational programmes about Scientific Socialism, Utopian Socialism, Anarchism, Animal Rights and other generally progressive causes), but instead encourages the mass adoption of rightwing and far-rightwing political agendas associated with race-hate, fascism and neo-Nazism.  The BBC has pursued this exclusively middle class agenda since its inception in 1922, but its ability to present the other side of the argument has varied throughout its history.  This is because the BBC is government controlled, and each government has had a different plan for the indoctrination of the British workers.  However, even when offering alternative viewpoints, the BBC has continuously carried-out this policy from its middle class ideological basis, more in an attempt to convince the working class that its own class interests should remain subordinate to those of the middle class (who already control everything in society).  This is why the BBC has continuously misused its national funding premise to perpetuate not only an ideologically middle class view of the world, but also to misrepresent current events and history in pursuit of that ideal.  It is doubtful, therefore, that the United States of America (USA) could have established its false ahistorical view of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, or the demonization of Communist China in Europe, without the complicity of the BBC and its ability to broadcast inaccurate and deficient anti-Communist propaganda throughout Europe (and the world).

In the late 1980’s, the US and British Intelligent Services actively conspired in the bringing down of Soviet Russia, and attempted to bring down Communist China.  With the assistance of the BBC, the Soviet Union was brought to its knees and eventually collapsed, thus ending the existence of the world’s first Workers’ State.  In China, during May and June 1989, thousands of students gathered in Beijing to peacefully support the Chinese Communist government, showing their approval of the recent reforms under the then leader Deng Xiao Ping.  The 1980’s was a great time for the Chinese people, as the Communist reforms of 1949 started to deliver nation-wide benefits for all the people.  This was a considerable achievement under Communist Rule that succeeded in transforming the quality of life of China’s huge population across its geographical landmass in just under 40 years!  China was beginning to economically peak as the capitalist West continued to suffer under the boom and bust reality of its highly exploitative and derisive economic system.  Obviously, for both the US and the UK (which were both suffering under the auspices of their respective politically rightwing leaders and regimes), the victory of Communism in China was proving a bitter pill to swallow.  Whereas the US and UK had managed to manipulate the Trotskyite traitor Mikhail Gorbachev into quite literally legislating the USSR out of existence (in 1991), the same Western forces, encumbered as they are by their historical anti-Chinese racism, were unable to directly effect the mechanism of the Communist Chinese government.  Whereas the American CIA had orchestrated the ‘myth’ that a) Tibetan was a sovereign State, and b) China had ‘invaded’ it in 1959, thirty years on, the BBC was tasked with creating yet another ‘false flag’ operation across the Western media in an attempt to unleash another wave of anti-Chinese racism and anti-Communist rhetoric.  With the assistance of such BBC reporters as Kate Adie and John Simpson (amongst many others), the illusion was created in the Western world that a tragedy had unfolded in China due to disaffected students protesting against the Chinese government and the Communism it pursued.  At no time were Westerners able to access the Chinese Mainland media to see the extent to which the BBC was lying.  This is an important observation, because today, with the advent of the internet, which allows for more or less immediate live coverage of important international events from differing media sources, the scale of the deception perpetuated by the BBC throughout the Western world regarding the fallacious ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’, could not be easily repeated today.  This does not mean that the BBC has ceased to ‘lie’ as a media institute, far from it, since 2010 (and the election of the rightwing Tory and then LibDem Coalition), the BBC has abandoned all pretensions of impartiality, and instead has ruthlessly pursued the rightwing Tory agenda that has seen the deaths of thousands of Disabled people (and others) throughout the UK, due to the dismantling of the Welfare and National Health Systems.  In other words, the BBC has led the media assault on the British workers who collectively pay the majority of the BBC’s financial income.  Today, when hundreds of thousands of British protesters take to the streets in peaceful demonstrations against the current rightwing British government, the BBC manipulates the media by refusing to cover the events, and ignoring the concerns of those who are legally forced to pay for the BBC through the compulsory licensing system.

In 2011, the rightwing (and generally racist) Daily Telegraph newspaper in the UK (that often gives voice to anti-Chinese racism), published a story drawn from Wikileaks, that presented diplomatic cables sent from the US Embassy in Beijing confirming what the Chinese Communist government had stated all along, that ‘no one’ was killed in Tiananmen Square, and that consequently no ‘massacre’ occurred.  Again, this is another pivotal point that exposes the BBC’s lies that ‘thousands’ were killed in the square, and that these events were witnessed by BBC reporters.  Although the racist Daily Telegraph cannot generally be taken seriously when reporting non-European news, and certainly not when discussing China from its default ‘racist’ position, nevertheless, it is significant that such a bastion for white privilege should take this remarkable step of revealing a major BBC news story to be a ‘myth’.  Even if the credentials of the racist Daily Telegraph are quite rightly to be questioned in regard to this matter, the original material of Wikileaks is the deciding (and confirming) factor.  Why has the British rightwing press been allowed to expose a major US and UK Cold War lie in this manner?  It is probably due to the fact that Communist China did not collapse in 1989, but has in fact continued to blossom through its Communist policies to such a degree that it is now emerging on the world stage as one of the planet’s truly great economic and cultural power-houses history has ever seen. China has achieved this economic miracle by lifting more people out of poverty than any other regime in the history of humanity.  Chinese Communism is paying dividends when it is obvious that the capitalist world is struggling to maintain the privileged lifestyles of the few and the denigration of the masses in its unequal system of exploitation, when it ruthlessly controls all the media, educational establishes, and resources, etc.  As Chinese Cosmonauts now train to go to Mars, and Chinese military technology ascends that of the West, it could well be that the capitalist powers that be know when they are in ideological trouble.  In the meantime, the BBC, as part of the bourgeois media system, will continue in its mission to disinform the British working class, and prevent it from uniting in the name of its own class interests.  The British working class should unite together and initiate its own Communist Revolution so the British people can share in the success of Scientific Socialism, and transform the BBC into the ‘Peoples’ Broadcasting Corporation’ (PBC), apologise to the peoples of Russia and China, and work for the positive establishment of Socialism throughout the world!

As things stand, the mainstream Western media continues to perpetuate the BBC manufactured lie of the mythic ‘Tiananmen Square Massacre’.  This also continues in Chinese language propaganda texts emanating from the United States and its colonial presence in Taiwan (and elsewhere throughout the Western-controlled Chinese diaspora).  This anti-China literature has as its focal point the US created Pro-Tibetan Movement, the Falun Gong Movement, and the Epoch Times – all apologists for white racism and capitalist greed.  Just as the BBC seeks to influence the British working class away from pursuing its own class interests (and establishing Socialism in the UK), the Epoch Times seeks to prevent ordinary Chinese members of the working class from uniting with, and fully supporting Communist China.  In this task, any and all false means are used to ensure that a thoroughly ‘false’ image is perpetuated throughout the Chinese population outside of China.  This presents the warped notion that white racist capitalism is in the best interests of the non-white victims of that racism.  Chinese people throughout the world should throw-off the shackles of Western, racist domination, and fully support Mainland China in the West.  Such a move would assist the European working class in the establishment of its own Socialist Revolution throughout Europe and the USA.  This would assign capitalism to the dustbin of history, where it most certainly belongs, as it must never be forgotten that the fundamental inequalities of capitalism kills people through neglect, poverty, starvation, murder, accident, war, rape, child abuse, misogyny, racism, and religious bigotry every single moment, of every single day, without cessation.  This is because the privileged few within capitalist society retain their position through the brutal control of resources, the majority of which they retain for their own use.   Capitalism is the ‘true’ ongoing massacre of the working class, and the only ‘cover-up’ that exists in the world.

Piecing Together Anti-China Rhetoric


It is interesting to observe the photograph above of a typical pro-Tibetan demonstration, (taken on September the 22nd, 2015 in Seattle, USA) that there is no leftwing political support as determined by the flags that are evident.  In fact together with the fallacious ‘National Flag of Tibet’ are the US flag, and the Taiwanese Nationalist flag.  This is because the pro-Tibetan Movement, together with the Falun Gong and Taiwanese Independence Movement are all political rightwing entities.  Not only this, but the origins of these movements lie not in Asian spirituality, Asian culture, Asian psychology or Asian history, but are in fact the product of Western, bourgeois, liberal, capitalist psychology and ideology.  Why is this the case?  This is the case because the capitalist countries of Europe and the USA (together with their Japanese, Taiwanese and South Korean capitalist allies), are all pursuing a highly aggressive United States derived and anti-Communist policy.  Part of this policy is the active infecting of some Asian people through the propaganda of Eurocentric racism, and then the application of that racism towards Chinese people living within Communist China.  This is, of course, the continuation of Western racism through the recruitment, grooming, and deployment of misled and weak-minded Asian individuals who are inducted into pseudo-political movements, the ideology of which represents the Judeo-Christian sentimentality of the Western bourgeoisie.  These groups also recruit Western supporters who are politically unaware, and who are ignorant of Chinese history and Chinese culture.  Western supporters of capitalism are quite happy to assist in this racist attack on Mainland China, because they think that as other Asians are apparently legitimising their racism – the racism is morally justified.  Part of this racist rhetoric is the continuous misrepresentation of Chinese culture, and the distortion of the Chinese Communist political system.  This is aided and abetted by the mainstream media in the West that continuously produces ‘lies’ and ‘falsifications’ about China that have no basis in fact, and no sources within the Chinese language.  As these groundless allegations have no Chinese language sources, it is obvious that they have their originations solely within the mind of the Western (and racist) bourgeoisie.  The fact that some misled Asian people also believe these fraudulent stories, is used by the Western press as an act of ‘inverted’ justification.  The chain of events is this: the Western governments invent anti-Chinese racist disinformation, and then disseminate these lies through their willing media and press.  As anti-Chinese racism in the West is prolific, the Western governments and media meet only minor resistance to its propagation, as many people are willing participants in this deception.  Even if Communism in China collapsed – Western anti-Chinese racism would continue uninterrupted.  The US government wants to weaken and destroy Communist China by breaking it apart (as it did with the USSR), and see Taiwan and Tibet split from direct Mainland Chinese Communist control.  The Falun Gong is a mimicry of true Chinese culture, and a misrepresentation of Chinese spirituality, because the Falun Gong is a Western ‘political’ entity tasked with propagation of anti-Mainland China propaganda. This is centred around the allegations by the Falun Gong that China continuously violates ‘Human Rights’ in China.  These false allegations are broadcast through the Falun Gong mouthpiece – The Epoch Times, and yet none of these allegations have any Chinese language source references. In other words, none of these dysfunctional stories about China, actually originated in China.  This includes such bizarre Western racist lies as ‘organ harvesting’ (even mentioned as correct in a recent interview given by the American-African intellectual Mr Dick Gregory).  This misrepresentation of China is nothing other than the ‘inverted’ mind-set of the theistic (Judeo-Christian) religion that relies upon the agency of ‘blind faith’ for its legitimation.  The US government routinely uses racism and brainwashing to achieve its political and economic ends.  In the meantime, many people in the West inhabit a ‘mythic’ reality that presents a completely ‘false’ interpretation of China and Chinese culture.  This white racist rhetoric is so powerful and convincing that it has spread into the African diaspora – where some black intellectuals actively engage in the perpetuation of Western race-hate aimed at the Chinese people.

Epoch Times – Mouth Piece for Eurocentric Racism


Epoch Times (and Falun Gong) Interfering in Secular Education

Translator’s Note:  I was recently watching a podcast from the great African-American Civil Rights Campaigner, intellectual and philosopher Mr Dick Gregory.  I would recommend a study of his approach to the deconstruction of the monolith of Eurocentric racism which exists in all areas of Western society.  I was intrigued, however, when he mentioned the incorrect idea that China uses the organs of executed people for organ transplant.  This fallacious (and not to mention unscientific) idea has its origins in one place – and that is the racist and anti-Chinese newspaper known as the Epoch Times (based in New York). The Eurocentric racism of the Epoch Times is insidious and designed to turn all Chinese diasporic people against Mainland China.  Furthermore, through its blend of ignorance, misrepresentation, and falsification presented as ‘fact’, the Epoch Times also serves the purpose of turning white Europeans away from supporting Communist China in the West.  My advice is that the white working class should unite with the Chinese working class in its world-wide of rejection of Epoch Times racism.  This newspaper should be considered as akin to neo-Nazi propaganda aimed entirely at Mainland China.  Those already caught-up in the cultish Falun Gong Movement should be assisted to escape from its clutches and given the help and support they need.  Down with the Epoch Times!  Down with fascism!  Down with the Falun Gong!  Down with racism.  ACW 10.5.2016

The United States of America pursues a rabid anti-Communist, anti-Socialist, and anti-working class agenda through its domestic and foreign policy.  The US uses the Zionist State of Israel to destabilise the naturally ‘Socialist’ leaning countries of the Arab Islamic world, and the capitalist island of Taiwan to destabilise Mainland, Communist China.  The point of this policy is to remove any barriers to the spread and operation of capitalist, free market economic forces throughout the world.  The US propaganda used in pursuit of this policy is primarily reliant upon the misuse of religion and the encouraging of capitalist friendly ‘cults’ throughout Chinese populations.  The pro-Tibetan Movement in the West, for instance, is a primary example of this US policy that employs the Dalai Lama to perpetuate certain racialised and historical myths about China and the Chinese people, concealed within a thin veneer of distorted – middle class friendly – Buddhism.  Whereas the pro-Tibetan Movement is designed to turn not only the diasporic Chinese population against Communist China, but also all non-Chinese peoples, the equally duplicitous Falun Gong Movement is a direct attack upon Chinese culture itself and is aimed in the first instance, at Chinese people.  However, as the basis of these two apparently ‘Asian’ movements have its origins within the offices of US Intelligence, the underlying premises are in fact a Eurocentric and therefore ‘racialised’ misrepresentation of Chinese and Tibetan culture.  This means that the so-called pro-Tibetan Movement and the Falun Gong are Eurocentric distortions of certain aspects of Asian religious thought and practice, and represent the imperialistic tendencies of the West to dominate the minds and bodies of non-Europeans.  Chinese and Tibetan people who adhere to these Western neo-imperialist movements, are in fact lending their support to two distinct aspects of Eurocentric, racist thinking, which is designed to demean, distort, dominate and disparage Asian culture and religious practice throughout the media, and at the point of contact.

This is how the capitalist West pursues a racially motivated attack upon China, and in so doing co-opts misled and poorly informed diasporic Chinese people to unwittingly support a racially motivated attack upon their own ethnicity.  The Eurocentric, capitalist fallacy which justifies this policy is that capitalism (with its class oppression and unequal distribution of wealth and legal rights) is considered ‘free’, whilst Communism (with its abolition of class distinction and equal distribution of wealth and legal rights throughout society) is ‘unfree’.  The Eurocentric racist model that supports capitalism can do this to the Chinese people because it deems all non-white peoples to be psychologically and physically inferior to Europeans.  Once this narrative has been exposed, members of the Chinese diaspora should unite in support of Mainland China’s anti-racist and ‘pro-equality’ stance, and turn their collective backs on the pro-Tibetan Movement, the Falun Gong, and its propaganda mouthpiece – the odious Epoch Times.  The Epoch Times exists as a pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist, and pro-white racist newspaper that obviously has the unlimited resources expected as a front for US Intelligence.  It was supposedly founded by American-born Chinese people, and yet says absolutely nothing about the historical anti-Chinese racism in the US, or the racism aimed at other non-white minorities living in America.  Eurocentric racism is prevalent throughout the USA and the Epoch Times is very much a part of this attack on non-whites.  Its reporting upon issues from within Mainland China is laughable as it cannot state one single ‘genuine’ Chinese language source to substantiate the racist anti-Chinese narrative it relentlessly pursues.  The reason the Epoch Times receives ‘awards’ for its reporting from the West, is because it is carrying the bidding of its racist, non-Chinese overlords.  The Chinese diaspora should recognise that the Epoch Times is a mouthpiece for Eurocentric racism and systemically boycott it.  Then the only people left reading its pointless articles will be the white racists who are behind its publishing.

The Epoch Times is the kind of newspaper that would have supported the racist and anti-Chinese ‘Chinese Exclusion Act’ of 1882 in America – stating such a discriminatory law was theoretically ‘good’ for Chinese people in the West because it limited Chinese migrant labour coming into the US!  Of course, what the Epoch Times would have meant by ‘good’ was that such a racist law would have benefitted the white workforce (through less competition).  What Chinese people must remember is that the US (and its European allies) do not care about the well-being of Chinese people – whether they be ‘capitalist’ or ‘Communist’.  The point here is that the US is utilising ‘racism’ to attack Mainland China.  This is obviously racism in the service of free-market economics.  Chinese people in America who foolishly believe that they are ‘middle class’, are living in a fool’s paradise.  The white middle class is using them to pursue its anti-Chinese, racist policies, and it is doing this through multi-lingual newspapers as the Epoch Times which creates fictionalised religiously motivated stories, designed to tug at the heart-strings of liberal Westerners.  The Falun Gong (which is a systemic distortion of Chinese traditional thinking) assigns for itself a completely ‘unChinese’ narrative of ‘suffering’ that is obviously a mimicking of Judeo-Christian theology.  It is a false paradigm designed to mislead diasporic Chinese people (through a process of misrepresentation very similar to the ‘conversion’ process of colonial missionaries), and to gain support for this underlying racism from the broader white community.  Like the ancient Jews and Christians that imagined a sacred past of divinely inspired ‘persecution’, the Falun Gong is presented by the Epoch Times as something akin to a ‘Jesus’ on earth who is being prevented from fulfilling his spiritual mission by a secular government inspired by the ‘devil’!  This cultural narrative is entirely ‘Western’ in both origin and manifestation and clearly demonstrates the Eurocentric origins of the Falun Gong and the Epoch Times.  Progressive Europeans should boycott this ‘newspaper’ and assist their Chinese brothers and sisters to rid the West of this anti-Chinese racism that the Epoch Times is perpetuating and maintaining through US taxpayer’s money.  Eventually the Falun Gong and the Epoch Times will fall, and the first step toward this achievement is understanding the inherently ‘racist’ nature of both entitles.



Falun Gong is a Dangerous Cult

Do Not Support Falun Gong!

Do Not Support Falun Gong!


Many Chinese people oppose the Falun Gong and I shall explain why. In the above picture (taken in May, 2008) an 80 year old Chinese person in New York berates a group of Falun Gong protestors stating that they should be ashamed of themselves, stop attacking their ancestral country, and learn about true Chinese culture! This is because the Falun Gong movement is a dangerous, politically motivated ‘cult’ that recruits gullible Chinese and Western people in its attempt to usurp the legitimate government of the mainland of China. In the Chinese language, Falun Gong is written ‘法轮功’. This translates as:

1) 法 – fa3 = law, method, Dharma.

2) 轮 – lun2 = wheel, evolve, rotate.

3) 功 – gong1 = work, merit, practice.

When used together by this particular movement, Falun Gong means ‘Dharma Wheel Practice’. Another descriptive term might be that of ‘chakra’ – a wheel of spiritual power found in both Hinduism and Buddhism. However, Falun Gong is not Confucian, Daoist, or Buddhist, and it certainly does not practice traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, or legitimate Daoist self-cultivation techniques. This is because the Falun Gong is the modern invention of one Li Hongzhi (李洪志), a disgruntled former office clerk from mainland China. He never finished his education, and certainly has no higher education degree. He spent time in the People’s Liberation Army, when young, but people who knew him – either in the military or in civilian life, state that they never saw him meet with any martial arts or qigong masters. This contradicts the official Falun Gong biography of their founder – which claims that Li has a distinguished pedigree of eminent Buddhist and Daoist masters. Today, no such masters in China have ever come forward stating that Li Hongzhi was the disciple to whom they transmitted their respective lineages. Despite this glaring gap in Li’s biography, the Falun Gong movement simply counters this fact by stating the mainland is lying. This is a strange accusation to make, as even Westerners who have travelled to China have been recorded as receiving transmission within both Daoist and Buddhist teachings.

From the early 1990’s onward, Li – looking for a way to get rich and gain political power – started travelling around schools, factories, and other establishments, peddling his newly made-up system of pseudo-spirituality and healthcare. Until 1999, he had total freedom of movement, but the allegations of psychological and physical abuse started to build-up. The government acted in 1999 – the government moved to curtail his activities in the mainland. This did not bother Li, as he and his family had emigrated to the USA in 1996 to live a life of unusual luxury, bought with the money they were collecting from Falun Gong followers. At this time, the rhetoric Li was using started to change from a vague and mysterious spirituality (that only he was qualified to understand), to that of politically attacking the Chinese government. He followed this up by forcing his young followers still in China to openly conflict with the authorities (by breaking the law), and then immolating themselves in public. All this happened whilst the US government provided 24hr protection for Li and his family – who continued to call upon Falun Gong followers to attack China at every turn – whilst he lived in opulence thousands of miles away.

Around 2000, I was contacted in London by an academic who was Chinese, and a member of the Falun Gong. We exchanged emails for about six months before I finally discovered the truth about the movement. At that time our (Hakka Chinese) family martial arts school in Sutton had attracted some media interest from mainland China, as it was an example of traditional Chinese martial arts (and qigong) travelling to the West and being preserved there. The Falun Gong practitioner stated to me that the evil mainland government had destroyed all traditional practices – and that ‘Master Li’ was being persecuted for trying to preserve traditional Daoist exercises. He then said that I, my family, and our students should join the Falun Gong, and that we could confirm our commitment by paying 10% of our monthly income directly to them. When I explained our ‘traditional’ Chinese martial and qigong practices – this Falun Gong representative stated that what we were practicing was ‘wrong’ because it was against the will of ‘Master Li’, and that only true qi flows through his words. When I pointed-out that he had previously stated that it was the Chinese government who was attacking tradition, and now he had admitted that it was in fact the policy of the Falun Gong to ridicule and deny the efficacy of the traditional Chinese cultural health practices – he cut-off our communication altogether.

My communication with mainland China, (as well as Chinese people living in, or visiting the UK) are extensive. Indeed, my family is Anglo-Chinese and we practice Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism, and I am in continuous contact with the modern Daoist master in Beijing named Zhao Ming Wang. I can state that the Falun Gong is an insignificant and highly peripheral movement in China (where it is now banned), and in the world community (where its politicised practice is encouraged by the Western enemies of China). It is a nonsense that everyone should steer away from and not embrace. It is a fraudulent teaching that only leads to pain and suffering. You only have to meet members of it to see their cult-like behaviour, dead-eyes, and hate filled practice. In the last year in Gerrard Street, (the home of London’s Chinatown), the Falun Gong have been allowed to protest every Saturday by setting-up billboards calling for the over-throw of the Chinese government, whilst their operatives either sit and pretend to meditate, or collect signatures for non-existent petitions. They are allowed to do this because the UK Government is opposed to Communist China. This is easy to ascertain, as it is illegal in the UK for any group to call for the over-throw of any other sovereign State, and yet the Falun Gong do this with impunity. I wonder how the British State would react if an Islamic group peacefully gathered in a public space and called for the over-throw of the USA? I suspect in this latter case there would be imprisonments without trial. Chinese people outside of China, and Westerners should not support the Falun Gong, simply because it is anti-Communist. It is a very dangerous cult built upon the ego of a very poorly educated individual. I suggest that lives are saved by exposing the lies of the Falun Gong.

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