Lush – Racist Golly Wogs in Paignton – Devon (12.8.2017)


‘Lush’ – 38-49 Torbay Road – Paignton

Lush – Torbay Road – Paignton (Devon( UK

Disclaimer: Following further investigation, it has been found that the owners of the (above) shop in question (which will be permanently shutting in around 5 weeks time) routinely share far-rightwing posts on their personal Facebook pages. This includes racist and Islamophobic content drawn from UKIP, EDL and Britain First websites, (as well as similar prejudicial material gathered from other poorly educated and narrow-minded individuals), which is inserted between photographs of children, family events and holidays, etc. For reasons of common decency – I have not included these links on this post. Individuals are free to pursue lawful political paths – and I consider ‘golly wogs’ to be racist and illegal – although I am told this is a grey area. Whatever the case, I am opposed to fascism in any guise and will confront it wherever it arises. ACW (13.8.2017)

A ‘golly wog’ is a racist caricature of an African person – usually a male. It is a ‘White’ prejudicial view of how an enslaved African should be – he should be happy in his servitude and have no intellectual ability. He must have an infantile mind and exist only to serve and to ‘entertain’ his ‘White’ masters (particularly their children). He is servile and yet oddly ‘threatening’ to the White imagination, who give their children ‘dolls’ of this racist nightmare to play with. Black people are presented as a racially inferior being and being ‘golly’ (i.e. ‘joyful’ and ‘accepting’ of their demeaning status). The term ‘wog’ refers to any foreigner of colour who is believed to lack the intelligence of the White race – but the fact that White people still make (and sell) these offensive ‘toys’ just goes to show how ‘un-intelligent’ many White actually people are. I have come across ‘golly wogs’ in a number of shops in Torquay and Paignton (including the famous and otherwise ‘genteel’ Cockington Village) – places where the far-right (and its racism) is very strong. Not so long ago, the Livermead Cliff Hotel was proud to host a conference for the racist UKIP – a hotel that hypocritically plays host to thousands of foreigners each year – and the local ‘Stagecoach’ bus company placed racist UKIP adverts on its buses, whilst Torbay Council allowed UKIP placards to be placed around the town and along the side of the local motorway. Local churches – both protestant and catholic – have advertised both UKIP and BNP on their church billboards as far away as Totnes! As can be gleamed, the Torbay and surrounding area has a major issue with racist attitudes and viewpoints which is not helped by an apathetic local police force – which has in the past took the side of the racist over that of the obvious victim. There is a complete lack of Socialist consciousness in this area and a routine functioning of a ‘false’ consciousness which I will expose through this blog. African people are human-beings and are not racially, morally, intellectually or culturally inferior. Black people ARE NOT ‘golly wogs’!





Black African History Restored

Portrait of Gertrude Caton Thompson

Gertrude Caton Thompson

This documentary describes the power of racism – a very dangerous but addictive myth – that together with ‘literalist’ religion, has conspired to usurp, hide, obscure and even destroy the facts of material history. When modern (White) Europeans arrived in Africa prior to, during and after the Industrial Revolution, they ascribed their technological advantage to a god-concept ‘blessing’ the White race (rather than acknowledging human intellect and human labour, the real driving forces of the Industrial Revolution). Africa was (falsely) depicted as being ’empty’ of history, and a continent peopled by backward primitives. Any archaeology that contradicted this racist view (and there are many), were either suppressed, or interpreted as the product of ancient White settlers who had travelled to Africa hundreds or thousands of years ago. This quite frankly ‘weird’ take on African culture was further compounded by the stupidity of assuming that ancient Africa was somehow physically linked to Old Testament stories – again more imagination.  Apparently, Europe had traded with Africa prior to the Industrial Revolution (often with Arab merchants as middlemen), and much of the gold and ivory that fuelled the European Renaissance is now thought to have originated in and around Zimbabwe. Europeans have been lied to by their ancestors, and modern Europeans must throw-off these out-dated and out-moded (racist) interpretations of history, and psychologically and physically start studies anew. Early White colonialists even created the lie that Blacks and Whites had arrived in Southern Africa ‘together’, and that prior to this, there was no Black-African presence. The residing Black-Africans must have thought the violent and ignorant White settlers to be truly insane. On the other hand, the British Feminist – Gertrude Caton Thompson (1888-1985) – one of the first female archaeologists in the UK, led an all-woman team on behalf of the British Academy in 1928, on a quest to objectively study the ‘true’ or ‘real’ origins of Zimbabwe. Thompson rejected the racist ‘White’ interpretation, and the Old Testament gloss, and proceeded from the study of objective facts. Thompson uncovered vast (and ‘new’) archaeological finds in and around ancient Zimbabwe, proving that there were many and numerous different types of ancient African cultures – all apparently feudal in nature – but able to build large rock buildings and structures of religious and political significance. This was augmented by stratified social strictures, military formations, voluntary labour (people work 7 days a month free of charge to honour the king), and there was much sophisticated metal work, jewellery making, and stone-caving. Of course, African people already knew this, and did not require a European woman to tell then their own history, but for ‘White’ Europeans, the work of Thompson has been essential as a ‘corrective’ to otherwise highly ridiculous and racist interpretations. All African gold was owned by the African kings, and only used (together with ivory) strictly in trading with civilisations outside of Africa (which included Europe, the Middle East and China). The internal currency appears to have been the exchange of cattle – with those owning the most cattle being considered the most influential and successful. At one-time (during the 15th century CE), the Africans (Swahili) also sent a giraffe to China – causing great surprise and admiration at the imperial court. As Africa boomed, impressive town and cities developed all-over the continent – including East Africa (prior to Arab domination of the area).  Following African people converting to Islam, it was assumed that ‘Arabs’ had built the beautiful and ornate mosques (and other structures), but recent archaeological discoveries (made by the British academic Mark Horton) suggests this is wrong and just as ‘racist’ in nature as the ‘White’ imaginings. According to Mark Horton, it was Swahili Africans that conceived, built, maintained and prayed in the great mosques of East Africa – that only much later were taken over by Arabs. Eventually, of course, despite the greatness of African culture, a time came when this culture started to decline. This decline was almost complete by the 15th century CE – just prior to the arrival of the first Europeans.

How White Racism Sustains the Falun Gong


Western Falun Gong Practitioner Collapses from Ill-Health! – New York (2016)

The Falun Gong is basically a theological fabrication created in the West, and deployed within Mainland China. The Falun Gong is as alien to the average Chinese person as is Christianity, and comes across as a bizarre ‘racialised’ mimicry of Chinese culture. In this regard, the Falun Gong is a continuation of the racialised, Western misrepresentation of Chinese culture, prevalent throughout Western entertainment and media. The greatest victory for this US (CIA) fabrication is the recruiting of ethnic Chinese frontmen as a means to deliver this perverse collection of Eurocentric imaginings to the Chinese populations around the globe. As a dangerous cult, the Falun Gong operates like any other cult operating in the West. Falun Gong teachings are designed to ‘strip’ an adherent of his or her individuality, and replace it with a ‘blind obedience’ to the whims of the psychopath Li Hongzhi – the ethnic Chinese frontman the CIA chose to represent this delinquent fabrication (in this regard, Li Hongzhi more or less equals the 14th Dalai Lama’s position of serving US foreign policy). With the stripping of individuality, the Falun Gong psychologically and physically ‘enslave’ the adherent and steal their income, savings and any property they might own. These cult victims are coerced into ‘giving-up’ all their previous material property, and to abandon their families and friends (because these people often possess the required influence to extract an individual from the cult). Once reduced to the state of automaton, the Falun Gong adherent (whose critical faculties have been ‘suspended’ through brain-washing) is now ready to do the illegal and immoral bidding of Li Hongzhi and his henchmen.

The ideology of the Falun Gong mimics the theology of Judaism and Christianity with regard to its own self-imposed (and wholly ‘imagined’) status of being ‘special’, and the subject of ‘persecution’ because of that assumed specialness. As Li Hongzhi commits the illegal act of psychologically and physically abusing his ‘disciples’, he is guilty in virtually all legal codes worth their salt, of deliberately ‘grooming’ men, women and children to pursue his perverse political, financial and cultural agendas. This is the first and foremost ‘criminal’ act of the Falun Gong. It is closely followed by these brain-washed foot soldiers being deployed throughout society to recruit new members (to replace those who are arrested and imprisoned, and those who escape or who are rescued) and to commit the further criminal activity of attacking the sovereign State of Mainland China and all its resources. Turning public opinion against Mainland China is one of the foundational aims of Li Hongzhi, who does this by falsely portraying China as ‘evil’ and himself as ‘good’ (again, symbolic of the Judeo-Christian origins of the Falun Gong). This policy is pursued as a means to destroy the ‘Communist’ system in China, and replace it with a US-dominated, free economic capitalist system. Just as Christ’s body was ‘destroyed’ by the Roman authorities, so do the Falun Gong create a similar mythos of persecution. Just as Li Hongzhi propagates the lie of ‘eternal life’, he also manufactures the further non-truth that states that the Falun Gong practitioners are ‘persecuted’ in China, and their organs ‘harvested’ after execution. This lie rings well with Western ears, conditioned as they are by Judeo-Christian theology, but sounds bizarre to Chinese ears. The truth of the matter is that the Falun Gong was never popular in China, and is not popular today. Since its banning in 1999, ordinary Chinese people are vigilant against its destructive presence. Whenever the Falun Gong Infiltrate Mainland China and commit illegal acts, they are tried and imprisoned and never executed (in fact, there is not a single record of any executions involving Falun Gong felons). From a Chinese cultural perspective, organs would never be ‘harvested’ from an ‘executed’ criminal due to the ‘bad’ qi energy associated with the executed individual (which is interpreted as corrupt, dysfunctional and unhealthy). Such an activity is probably more abhorrent in China than in the West – where its notion was first invented and applied to modern China.

Gullible Westerners (and sympathetic diasporic Chinese people), often seek a ‘good cause’ to support, because this is the self-righteous basis of the Judeo-Christian mind-set. The more ‘emotive’ the subject matter of the cause, the better, because such hyperbolic issues attract followers and money, and are more or less self-sustaining. Westerners particularly ‘latch’ onto the mythology of the Falun Gong, because it has its basis within the Western tradition of anti-Chinese racism. Whilst unthinkingly condemning China, these mistaken Westerners are simply perpetuating the racist policies of their fore-fathers – and generally speaking, do not care. Westerners who are racist toward China will support the self-hating Falun Gong to a very high degree (even though such support is obviously illogical), because it is seen as a ‘legitimate’ means to practice anti-Chinese racism in a thoroughly self-righteous and self-justifying manner. This racialisation of China is the Falun Gong’s greatest strength in the West – as without the support of Western racists, the Falun Gong would simply be exposed for the cult that it is, and quietly disappear into the dustbin of history – where it belongs.

Jennifer Pan (2010)


Jennifer and brother Felix follow a Buddhist monk during the funeral of their mother (2010)

On the Chinese language search engine ‘Baidu’ there are a handful of articles discussing the case of Canadian-born Chinese woman Jennifer Pan (born in 1986) – who was sentenced to life imprisonment in late 2014, for her part in hiring hit-men to murder her parents in late 2010. Also imprisoned for their part in the crime were Jennifer’s on-off boyfriend Daniel Wong, and the three hired assassins. Initially, Jennifer presented the murder of her mother and the attempted murder of her father, as an armed robbery gone wrong – painting herself as a ‘lucky’ victim, but as intelligent as the western media painted this young woman to be, the plans she made for the murders, and all the people involved in it, were stored in the records of the group’s text messages to one another. The articles in the Chinese language about this case are not from Mainland China, but appear to be straight translations of the typical English narratives prevalent in the West, and arise from the Chinese diaspora. What is interesting is the complete lack of ‘Chinese’ criticism of the Eurocentric reporting of this tragic case. Much, if not all of this Western narrative arises from the book written by Canadian journalist Jeremy Grimaldi who attended the trial, but such is the lack of genuine (and ‘ethnic’) Chinese input into the analysis of this case, that Jennifer’s Chinese family name of ‘Pan’ (潘) never appears in any English language text, as of course, it has to within Chinese language texts. In fact, ‘Pan’ (潘) is an ancient Chinese clan name that carries much historical import within Chinese culture. However, even where diasporic Chinese people do attempt an article (in English) about Jennifer Pan, they tend to stay within the confines of the Eurocentric narrative and offer nothing particularly insightful except for platitudes and stereotypical anecdotes.

The Eurocentric view of Chinese people living in the West is a priori racist, and this establishes the priority of Western culture over that of Chinese culture, and the European ethnicity over that of the Chinese ethnicity. Chinese people living in the West face the paradox of having their ethnicity disparaged whilst being institutionally ‘forced’ to conform to European standards of behaviour. The ‘rupture’ around which this process takes place is that of ‘White’ society subsuming all other cultures into itself (in a domineering fashion) whilst simultaneously ‘excluding’ all other ethnicities from being ‘equal’ members of that ‘White’ society. Therefore, Chinese people living in the West, regardless of their poverty or richness, or their low or high status, are never fully ‘accepted’ into Western culture, and live on its periphery whilst abiding within its very heart. For Western Chinese people, diasporic existence (I will not call it ‘living’), is one of permanent exclusion and alienation, whilst pursuing a policy of survival that sees a continuous attempting at appeasing the very Eurocentric culture that rejects them. This might be termed a ‘schizophrenic’ existence which often sees diasporic Chinese people internalise the Western racism of ‘hating’ all things associated with Mainland China. This is why Western narratives written by diasporic Chinese people about Jennifer Pan, do not ‘challenge’, but rather ‘re-enforce’ the Eurocentric interpretation of the case.

Whereas Mainland China has thoroughly rejected the old feudal models of strict Confucianism that used to dominate Chinese society, the diasporic Chinese communities by and large retain various versions of this redundant lifestyle whilst living in the modern world, and Jennifer Pan’s parents were no exception to this. Together they inflicted a ruthless and oppressive lifestyle upon their children that would be considered ‘abuse’ if it were found within a ‘White’ family – and yet Western and Chinese diasporic narratives tend to ‘eulogise’ this barbarity as if it where something good! This is typical of a particular form of bourgeois racism which sentimentalises visions of the ‘other’, and projects an imagined ‘nobility’ upon terrible cultural practises that have no inherent worth in the modern world, and which cause extreme suffering to those subjected to them. Since 1949, modern China has ‘rejected’ all these antiquated methods that designed to mentally and physically ‘force’ children to remember facts they do not understand, and pass tests that have no meaning to them. This parrot-fashion accumulation of facts is not learning, but the forced ingestion of data. Such a process is both backward and highly damaging to the ‘normal’ psychological and physical development of the individual, and does not benefit society as a whole. Education within modern China is a collective effort that benefits society, and which does not regress into the quagmire of selfish individualism.

Whilst the Western and diasporic narrative sentimentalises child abuse, the fact remains that such a redundant method of ancient Chinese culture does not work in the modern world, and this can be seen through the sheer tragic stupidity of Jennifer Pan and her associates. What was she thinking – and why on earth did four men assist in her plan without questioning it? Of course, the Western media paints Jennifer Pan in a racist light, but one which is subtle and not obvious to all but the highly observant. The immorality of her actions are not in dispute (despite the fact that she never pulled the trigger), but when this story hit the news stands, Jennifer Pan became the new face of the racist ‘yellow peril’ phenomenon in the West, that painted all Chinese people as being ethnically and culturally deficient and decadent in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. This Western attitude simply assumes that as all Chinese people are ‘weird’, what else could you expect? What is shocking is how the Chinese diasporic community falls in-line with this Eurocentric racism and never questions it. Such an infantile attitude surely lays the long-term foundation for the next appalling crime committed by a Chinese person living in the West. Only the strict application of logic and reason will extract the Chinese diaspora from this quagmire of racism, and this process requires a ruthless deconstruction of ALL racist narratives.

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How Racism Works in the UK


To explain White homogeneity and privilege in the UK, I will use a model of a playgroup – and compare two such theoretical examples – one in London, and the other in rural Devon. The information is general but indicative, and based upon my own observations and experiences.

Play Group A – Greater London

Ten women attend and bring one child each. The ethnic make-up is as follows:

  1. White British = 7
  2. Asian = 1
  3. African-Caribbean = 1
  4. Chinese = 1

The seven White British women instinctively form a group around what is assumed to be common cultural values, experiences and behaviours – which automatically ‘excludes’ at the point of contact, anyone who does not fit-in with this assumed group mentality. Non-White mothers and their children are viewed as problematic (particularly with regard to skin tone, clothing, language and habit), and although ‘allowed’ to exist in the same room for the duration of the gathering, it is clear that their presence is not wanted by the White group. As a consequence, the White children are pushed together, and form a central and dominant group that does not allow the non-White children to participate equally. When faced with this wall of cultural exclusion, the non-White mothers are ‘forced’ to form a group of their own for safety and security, well aware that neither they (nor their children) are considered ‘equal’ by the White majority mothers (the White mothers falsely view this behaviour as being a product of the non-White mothers not being willing to ‘mix’). The non-White mothers are also aware that the White children are being taught the racist attitudes of their White mothers. As London is multicultural in its general population, on any one occasion, it is not uncommon for two of the White mothers (of the original seven), to make an effort to approach the three non-White mothers and allow their White children to mix with the non-White children. This temporarily changes the power distribution of the group – effectively creating two groups of five mothers each – but even with this redistribution, it is clear that all the social power remains in the group of five White mothers. The power is always from the White toward the non-White group, and never from the non-White group to the White group – simply because the non-White do not possess any social power in the UK. As a consequence, the two White mothers who make the effort to approach the non-White mothers, possess the cultural power to ‘withdraw’ that inclusivity at any moment (and often do so due to peer=pressure from the White mothers, who view such inclusive behaviour as being ‘disloyal’ to White Britishness). The ‘multicultural’ aspect of living in London is that the presence of non-White in the social and cultural space is more or less ‘normalised’, but this does necessarily translate into ‘equality’. This multiculturalism also means that there are White people that fully embrace and participate in a diverse cultural experience, but that White homogeneity stays more or less intact and unchallenged.

Play Group B – Rural Devon

Ten women attend and bring one child each. The ethnic make-up is as follows:

  1. White British = 9
  2. Asian/Black/Chinese = 1

Although ethnic minorities exist in the UK’s rural areas, they are so excluded by the racist attitudes associated with White homogeneity (in non-multicultural areas), that they are kept from obvious view through an intense and relentless social and cultural pressure that is designed to make them ‘leave’ the area they have settled within. Rural areas such as Devon in the UK are renowned for their rightwing values and unquestioned racism. As ethnic populations are so few in these naturally aggressive and unwelcoming ‘White’ areas, those non-White people that do settle their are vulnerable to both passive and active racial attack. This reality is compounded by local policing policies that see racial attacks as being triggered by the behaviour of the non-White people themselves, and not the product of the ignorant racism residing within the minds of the White majority population. Obviously, a ‘playgroup’ in such areas reflects the social and cultural attitudes of the White majority population. A non-White mother living in such a racist area, will probably only attend such a meeting once, due to the complete ‘shut-out’ that the nine White mothers operate. This is because the White homogeneity is unquestioned and complete, and any and all non-White mothers are viewed as a ‘problem’ that should be removed through a policy of total ‘exclusion’. As only one non-White mother attends such meetings at a time (due to the low rate of ethnic minorities in the area), there can be no groups of security formed by non-White mothers. The White children learn a more or less complete racism from their mothers that does not include any aspect of multiculturalism. This lack of diversity in the rural playgroup is indicative of the society within which it was formed. In such a regressive and backward environment, non-White mothers (and their children) are not welcome and every legal and illegal method of exclusion is used to oust them from ‘White’ society. This is how racism operates in the UK.

The Eurocentric Racism Aimed at Miss Helsinki (2017)




Not long after the 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia, Finland was given its independence from Russia, by Lenin.  The capitalist West then used Finland as a spring-board for all kinds of counter-revolutionary activity during the Russian Civil War and after.  In the early 1930’s, Finland entered into an alliance with Hitler’s Nazi Germany and assisted that despicable regime’s invasion of the USSR in the 1940’s.  Finland has always been a hot-bed of rightwing racism and xenophobia. With the collapse of Soviet Communism in 1991, and the mass importation of capitalism and neo-Nazism, a number of Russians now share Finnish racist attitudes (despite Russia losing 27 to 40 million people fighting fascism during WWII). This normalising of racism in Eastern Europe with the racism of Western Europe, has been most evident in the reception of the result of a beauty pageant held in Helsinki – Finland.  The internet in Russia and the West has been abuzz with the most vicious and hate-filled racism imaginable, following victory of  Sephora Ikalaba (a 19 year old African migrant), who was voted ‘Miss Helsinki’ 2017. White racists from across Europe have gone online to ‘protest’ the decision, and although writing in many languages, the racism expressed is always the same.  Sephora, so the racists state, is ‘ugly’, and was voted the winner because of ‘political correctness’, and not because of any merit she might possess.  The racists are of the opinion that all the ‘White’ contestants were far better ‘looking’, and that Sephora should not have won the competition.  Other racists raise the false issue of ‘White victim-hood’, and state that soon the White race will nolonger exist, or that White people will lose control of their countries, if such ‘multicultural’ results continue to occur.  Of course, none of these racists discuss that beauty pageants are demeaning to the women that participate in them, or that the women participating are being physically exploited.  With the collapse of Communist ‘Internationalism’, the racism of capitalism has become rampant throughout the former Soviet Union.  Although I am not interested in women being treated like slabs of meat (as if ‘looking’ a certain way constitutes an achievement in the real world), I support Sephora’s right to live in Finland and to participate ‘equally’ in all Finnish cultural activities.

Alternative Right – Nazism for the 21st Century

The so-called ‘Alternative Right’ in the US is in fact simply a new wave of populism amongst the White Supremacy Movement (that has been encouraged into the mainstream by the election of Donald Trump – a President that openly expresses racist attitudes and opinons).  This movement has its ideological origination in Adolf Hitler’s book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle), which is a tome designed to facilitate Hitler’s anti-Semitic and anti-Marxist rants, and make those rants easily accessible to the general public.  This book provides an incoherent ideological framework for the political movement known as ‘National Socialism’, that binds its lack of underlying logic and consistency, with the requirement to ‘lie’ to the masses, as a means to politically manipulate their opinions and choices toward racism and hate. One vital point that must be understood, is that ‘National Socialism’ is not the ‘Scientific Socialism’ as devised by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels during the 19th century. Hitler identified Marxism as his number one enemy, and his hatred of Marxism led to his disastrous invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941.  The problem Hitler had when he came to power in 1933, was that Marxism (and Scientific Socialism) was very popular amongst the German working Class.  Hitler had to appeal to the collective instinct of the German working class, whilst quietly moving German society ‘away’ from any and all forms of Marxist influence.  His compromise was to use the word ‘Socialism’ in an entirely new (and anti-Marxist) manner.  Whereas Marxism rejects all forms of racism as a bourgeois sham designed to keep the working class disunited (replacing it with ‘internationalism’), Hitler rejected ‘internationalism’, and instead advocated a blatant ‘nationalism’ premised entirely upon racial identity as defined by the State. National Socialism is not Marxist Scientific Socialism or Communism – it is the exact opposite.  National Socialism (or ‘Nazism’), is in fact simply a form of non-liberal democratic capitalism, whereby a social-military elite take over society and operate a limited re-distribution of wealth toward the general populace, whilst continuing to exploit that populace and deprive it of any real political power.  Nazism is a totalitarian, capitalist dictatorship that oppresses the working class by mobilising the entire population for conquest through war – this is how Hitler transformed Germany and eradicated unemployment.  Originally, Nazi Concentration Camps were places where the German unemployed were sent to work ‘freely’ for the Nazi State prior to being conscripted into the Nazi military – only later were they used as extermination camps for German Jews, Communists, Romany, Gays, the Disabled, and political dissidents, etc.  Mass murder was the preferred method through which Adolf Hitler dealt with the problem of ‘diversity’ within Nazi Germany. Wealth production was solved by invading over countries and ‘stealing’ that country’s wealth, resources and land.  After ethnically cleansing and exterminating millions of racially impure people from the lands surrounding Germany, Hitler then moved racially pure German citizens into these areas, occupying the homes of those who had previously fell victim to Nazi troops. The Concentration Camps of Nazi Germany existed to solve the problem of ‘diversity’ as Hitler perceived it. For National Socialists, ‘diversity’ is the root of all evil because it feeds into the non-racial ‘internationalism’ advocated by Marxism.  As Nazism is an extreme form of capitalism in decay, Marxism naturally opposes such an ideology – as can be seen by the all-out war the Soviet Union pursued to finally crush it in Europe during WWII (at a terrible price in human life).  Nazism continues the oppression of the working class, and prevents the working class within a particular country, linking-up with other chapters of the working class around the world, and over-throwing the bourgeoisie that exploits it.  Hitler’s ruling elite represented nothing other than militarised adventure capitalism.

Trump: The Nightmare of Multiculturalism is Over!


Give-up the myth of US liberalism – the US has always been a vicious, rightwing, racist capitalist state from its inception – the system of which has perpetuated White middle class privilege over that of any other group.  Even Barak Obama (a Black man) has behaved like a ‘White’ racist during his two-terms in office.  Obama and Hilary Clinton (his Secretary of State) were the architects of the re-Nazification of Eastern Europe, and a blatant anti-Russian racist policy.  Obama – the first Black President of the USA – has allowed US police to initiated one of the most vicious campaign of ‘murder’ by its officers, of Black and ethnic minority people.  None of this is new, and is indicative of typical cycles of repetition that are common within a bourgeois system.  Only ardent capitalists are allowed to run for, and win the Presidency of the US.  What we are seeing here, is nothing more than capitalism in action.  Lenin quite rightly described fascism as capitalism in decline, and it is this decline that Barak and Hilary have recently represented, and which now Donald Trump perpetuates.  Whereas generally speaking, the presidential candidates have hidden or carefully packaged their Eurocentric racist viewpoints, Donald Trump has been ‘honest’ and open about ‘ending’ what he describes as the ‘nightmare’ of multi-culturalism – indeed, I just heard a news report on LBC featuring a group of young White males from Atlanta Georgia, celebrating and chanting ‘the US is White again!’, and ‘multi-culturalism is over!’  There is now a call for the legitimisation of the Confederate Flag (recently vilified in the liberal US media and by Black Lives Matter movement), and for Black Lives Matter to now be declared a ‘terrorist’ organisation’ and ‘banned’, with its members put on trial for ‘terrorist’ activities.  The supporters of Donald Trump view his victory as a victory for ‘White’ people against what the rightwing views as the tyranny of an enforced ‘multi-culturalism’ that has seen White people having to deny their natural racist attitudes, and ‘pretend’ that they view all other groups as being of ‘equal’ value.  The US system is capitalist and it is this capitalism that generates the conditions for racism to be perpetuated from one generation to the next.  Hilary Clinton’s racism was not viewed as ‘pure’ enough, because she chose to ‘hide’ her true racist views.  Donald Trump has won the US Presidential Election because he was honest about his racism.

Rightwing Fox News Supports Mike Tyson

Fox News is a despicable rightwing, bourgeois, capitalist supporting commercial entity, that is responsible for the sustaining and perpetuation of ‘White’ racism in the USA.  Fox News also supports the racist Republican Party, and has supported virtually all neo-colonial military activity perpetuated by the US Government both within and outside the USA.  Fox News revels in warmongering around the world, and has taken the lead in perpetuating anti-Chinese racism, and the continuous misrepresentation of Communist China.  Fox News is a class enemy of the people, and yet in this documentary, the case is made that Mike Tyson was a victim of a lying woman who wanted to make money and gain fame from her association with him.  I have read legal papers some years ago that also cast doubt on the victim’s assertions, and it seems that Mike Tyson – despite being rich at the time – was betrayed by Don King, and his own legal team.  Mike Tyson was the victim of Black ‘capitalist’ greed and the very ‘White’ racism that Fox News perpetuates, even though Fox News above has climbed on the bandwagon to suggest that he might have been ‘innocent’.  There is much to suggest that this conclusion is ‘true’ and that the White established – which has always feared the ‘Black Man’ (just see the 1933 film ‘King Kong’) – was looking for a reason to bring-down the ‘frightening’ (to ‘White’ people) former (and awesome) heavyweight champion of the world. According to three female witnesses, that the alleged victim was all-over Mike Tyson and had confided in a friend that she was going to have sex with him. It seems that Mike Tyson was the victim of a greedy ‘Black’ woman in the US, whose own testimony was full of holes, contradictions and inconsistencies.  Of course, rape is absolutely wrong, and I condemn any and all aspects of such a despicable crime (whether it happens to men or women), but the weight of evidence in this case suggests that Mike Tyson was innocent and the victim of a Black woman’s greed and a White, racist establishment that wanted to get rid of him.

When White Racism is Stronger Than a Black President


After the alleged terror-attacks on New York in 2001, the US political system reacted with all kinds of draconian and superfluous measures collectively termed ‘security’.  Although a group of Israeli men had been caught jumping up and down and cheering the carnage (as the airliners struck their targets) the attention of the American people (and the world at large) was falsely directed toward Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that the five Israeli men mentioned above all turned-out to be Mossad agents.  US statistics state that around sixty Israeli citizens were arrested over-all, and quietly deported from the country as a direct result of 911.  This situation had no discernible effect upon the US support for Israel, or its deadly Zionist policies toward the Palestinians (and their supporters).  Why would it? Israel is a ‘White’ country of immigrant Europeans that has pursued the racist policy of ethnically cleansing the non-White indigenous population – a near perfect mirroring of US history.  Eurocentric racism trumps politics expediency.  The bond of Eurocentric, racialised identity runs very deep through the history, culture and psychology of White people, and it can be seen today with the situation in the US (and elsewhere) which sees a ‘White’ police force openly apply deadly force to situations that obviously do not warrant it.  The victims of this policy are African-American and ethnic minority peoples (including Native Americans), and also poor White people who possess no political or legal power.  However, when viewed statistically, the victims of this racialised police brutality are over-overwhelmingly ‘non-White’.  This would suggest that the police actively ‘search’ for people of a specific ethnic or racial background, before making their move.  This policy is often referred to as ‘racial profiling’ and is premised upon the false assumption that Black and minority peoples act in a normalised ‘criminal’ manner, and therefore the use of deadly force is required at the point of first contact. In other words, all Black and ethnic minority peoples are assumed to be routinely breaking the law, and for the police, it is simply a matter of making an alleged crime fit the assumed suspect.  The norm from which the victims of deadly police violence are viewed as deviating from, is the kind of economically derived behaviour of the affluent White middle class, that lives safely within gated communities.  The victims of deadly police violence are often said to have been ‘resisting arrest’, no wonder, as their behaviour is actually that of an innocent citizen being falsely accused by a racist police force.  Today, of course, many Black people live in a state of abject fear of ever being approached by the police, and even in ‘prank’ videos that see fake ‘White’ police officers harassing innocent victims, many Black men automatically lie flat on the ground without being asked – whereas White people would never dream of behaving like this.  This is because White people believe it is their ‘right’ to question the police they pay for through their taxes (the fact that Black and ethnic minority peoples also pay for the same police is ignored).  Barak Obama – the first Black President of the USA – sees this behaviour perpetuated by his police forces up and down America – but appears reluctant (or unable) to do anything about it. How could a US President be so impotent in the face of an unfolding nation emergency and cultural tragedy?  How is it that George Bush senior was able to sell the world a lie in the First Gulf War, and George Bush junior sell yet another lie for the subsequent (and illegal) invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?  Why can’t a Black President simply order these racialised ‘killings’ to stop, and demand that the officers responsible be imprisoned?  He might also issue apologies to the surviving families, and authorise compensation pay-outs and nation-wide memorials.

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