Rejecting the EU, Racism & Nationalism

The Good People of Britain

Since Thatcher’s 1986 ‘Single European Act’, Europe has been systematically ‘cleansed’ of its unionism and natural tolerant, leftwing political cultures and social trends.  Prior to 1986, the European Union (EU) in whatever of its previous guises (probably dating back to 1950), existed to nullify racism, protect sovereignty, ensure workers’ rights, and maintain living standards – but Margaret Thatcher’s rightwing Toryism put an end to all that.  The evil axis of Thatcher, Kohl (West Germany), and Reagan (US), joined to ‘force’ the then constituent countries of the EU to agree to de-unionise its workforce (and strip them of all protection under law), dismantle (and privatise) welfare systems and national health provision.  All of this was an agreement to open previously closed internal markets to US investment (or domination through the US banking system).  The US dominates Europe because it is ‘buying’ all of its resources and then ruthlessly ‘selling’ them back to the people who already supposedly own them.  In the meantime, instead of good, well-paid and solid local employment opportunities, the masses of EU workers are encouraged to migrate to wherever the need is greatest for cheap labour.  This deprives local people of a fare wage, and destroys local communities – as workers are forced to move away (and often travel thousands of miles) just to temporarily secure a ‘zero-hours’ contract that only benefits the management.  This requirement for workers (and capital) to freely move around Europe breaks-up families and destroys local culture (through dispersion).  This situation threatens the very fabric of the diverse cultures of Europe, and reduces its peoples to a state of fighting one another (economically) for scarps from the rich man’s table.

The EU makes enemies (and fools) of us all because the default relationship is one of  brutal exploitation of the workers, who (like the gladiators of old) are forced to fight one another whilst the fat over-lord looks on, rubbing his greedy hands together with glee!  As America buys and destroys the previously leftwing institutes of Europe, the US bourgeoisie get ever richer and more complacent in their racist disregard for the well-being of their own proletariat, and the proletariat of the EU.  Workers from different EU countries having to fight one another for meagre ‘employment’ opportunities is the basis of racism and racial aggression.  It is not that the workers are ‘racist’, but that they are forced (by their over-lords) to compete with one another in such a brutal fashion that racism becomes a natural weapon in this stupid war of attrition, (initiated and sustained by the US capitalists), who do not give a damn about their own working people, and even less about the international working community.  In the UK, of course, racism has always existed in the media (perpetuated by the Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, The Times, and the Sun, etc), and given credence by Sky, the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Channel 5, etc.  This has led to the uprising of such political racist and far-right parties as the National Front (NF), British National Party (BNP), United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), and the Islamophobic and pro-Christian Britain First aberration.  The mistake that these parties make is that they ‘encode’ the temporary racism of economic conflict, making it ‘permanent’ and ‘all-embracing’, instead of educating their working class members against it, and explaining that their enemy is not migrants (who are, after-all, just other workers), but rather the middle class rightwing politicians and business owners who simply do not care for their own well-being.  Migrant workers and local workers are ‘WORKERS’ together, first and full-most, and should unite to mutually assist one another in rejecting the EU and its US imperialist foundation.  We, as workers must stop fighting one another for somebody else’s entertainment and unite together for our own well-being and class interests.

Leaving the EU is a vital first step in the psychological and physical break with US economic tyranny and racism.  The UK has a once in a lifetime opportunity on the 2rd of June, 2016, to exercise the democratic vote to ‘LEAVE’ the EU – not because of a racist rejection of ‘difference’, but because of a rejection of ‘racism’.  Rejecting the EU will replace UK sovereignty and prevent the privatisation of the Welfare System and the NHS.  Other people can then travel to the UK as ‘friends’ and not ‘economic’ enemies.  The UK can also break with the constant agreement with racist US foreign policy, and openly condemn the neo-Nazi regime that has taken over the Ukraine.  Membership of the EU has led to a massive increase in racism in the UK that has seen Black and Asian British people and Black and Asian people from abroad (those countries are not in the EU) bearing the brunt of this xenophobia.  Staying in the EU will only make racism worse, because racism is implicit within predatory capitalism that is unregulated by leftwing pragmatic political control.  The Communist Party of Britain (and other Communist and Socialist Movements) in the UK are opposed to the tyranny of continued EU Membership, because the progressive left completely rejects racism, and seeks to represent the best class interests of the working masses.  We should unite to reject the EU, protect Socialism, and protect the rights of ALL workers in the UK and around the world.  Lastly, we should unite to reject all forms of racially based nationalism and Islamophobia.  Our children should be broughtup to respect other human-beings, and work toward the goals of the common good.  Capitalism will never deliver this – only Socialism – but for this to happen we need to break with the EU legal system that prevents any leftwing political agenda.  Let’s get out of the EU and firmly develop true ‘Internationalism’ and respect for other people!

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