US: When Asians Are ‘White Adjacent’! (21.4.2023)

Number 5 – The Lindani Myeni Story Begins At 2: 35 Mark!

Author’s Note: Every ethnic grouping has been ‘self-determining’ since the beginning of time (and the evolutionary process!)! Indeed, although recognised as a ‘Human Right’ by the United Nations (UN) – it is interesting to see how the United States – a ‘White’ dominant country – has been allowed to ‘demonise’ not only non-White people in general (a point that should unite us all) – but has steadfastly applied its Judeo-Christian bias to presenting ‘Socialism’ very much akin to how the Europeans denounced Witchcraft as ‘evil’ and burned old ladies (and ‘Midwives’) who dared to own black cats on the heath!

I was recently directed to the US-based Asian Dawn website which reports genuine news stories – but from a White, Western and bigoted perspective. Indeed, I was told that if those behind this Asian ‘news’ outlet had been ‘White’ – the outlet would have been closed-down a long time ago and the owners ‘prosecuted’ for racism! The attitude taken by these Asian people (a collective term which includes ethnic Chinese people who ‘reject’ China) is ‘White’ racist for the reasons explained below. The Asians doing this believe they are demonstrating ‘loyalty’ to ‘White’ America – apparently oblivious to the fact that their non-White skin precludes them from any such acceptance.

I also include a short news article regarding the disturbing case of ‘Lindani Myeni‘ – a ‘Zulu’ Warrior – who was shot dead by Honolulu Police at the behest of husband and wife pair – Shiying “Sabine” Wang and Da Ju “Dexter” Wang. Just as ‘White’ racists portray themselves to be ‘victims’ of Black people – it is obvious that Mr & Mrs Wang are siding with this deficient and divisive depiction of other non-Whites (in other words – they are being ‘White Adjacent’) – whilst justifying the death of ‘Lindani Myeni’ by presenting themselves as ‘victims’! This is exactly what happens when all Solidarity is lost! ACW (21.4.2023)

Chinese people who internalise the US (White) State are participating in their own ‘Orientalising’. This involves the taking on of the White view of the world (which has implicit within it an extensive anti-Asian bias) and then expressing this contradiction through Asian minds and bodies. These ‘non-White’ people associate themselves with a ‘Whiteness’ that essentially ‘rejects’ their presence. Whilst accommodating this antagonist contradiction, Asian people become ‘White Adjacent’. This means that this group perceives the world through the perception of a White privilege it does not actually possess. This Asian attitude aligns itself with a ‘White’ reality that ultimately rejects its presence and demeans its reality. Part of this pseudo-identity involves a racialised rejection of ‘China’ – and an accepting of White stereotypical attitudes toward other non-White people. This is particularly evident with regards to Black people and the issue of Black criminality. Instead of understanding the historical context, or accepting that the ‘White’ State (and it’s predatory capitalist system) is responsible for this criminality – the ‘White Adjacent’ Asian instead interprets this behaviour from the position of White racism – viewing Black people as being ‘inferior’. The point to be born in mind is that all of this – the ‘Asian’ and the ‘Black’ – are the products of the dominant ‘White’ community! A thoughtless acceptance of this status quo makes fools out of us all!