Ancient Monuments: Christmas and Malden Island – British & US Nuclear Tests (1957-1962)

I was researching the ancient stone monuments on discovered upon Malden Island in 1825 (by British maritime explorers) – and when I enquired why it was that no DNA had been taken from the remains in the numerous tombs (to acquire ‘dating’ and ‘ethnicity’ data) – I was told that the UK and US dropped ’33’ nuclear weapons on the area between 1957-1962! It is reported that the British Colonial Authorities gave ‘blankets’ to the indigenous population to ‘hide’ under during the explosions!

Christmas and Malden Island – British & US Nuclear Tests (1957-1962)

Many people are afraid to go these very remote islands and there is a prevailing opinion that the nuclear energy unleashed on the area may have destroyed (or radically altered) any DNA that might be still be there. Meanwhile, it would seem that the numerous stone temples, wells, tombs, living spaces, walled enclosures and even paved roads (leading into the sea) are a product of the spreading of Polynesian (Oceania) culture throughout the area – with between 100-200 individuals settling on the island after travelling in boats some three to four thousand miles! Competing theories include the idea that these structures were built by exploring Chinese people!