China: PLA Coast Guard Explains Diaoyu Islands Expulsion of Intruding Japanese Vessels! (16.3.2023)

2023-03-16 Editor:Li Yan

Blogger’s Note: It was the sheer material and psychological might of the Soviet Red Army that ‘liberated’ China from the malicious grip of the Kwantung Army of Imperial Japan during a few weeks of fighting in late 1945! The Soviet Red Army also took various islands North of Mainland Japan (areas often ‘disputed’ as to ownership during Czarist days). From 1945-1991 – entire generations of ethnic Japanese people were brought up within the warm embrace of Soviet ‘Internationalist’ Socialism – and yet very little is heard about this in the West today – primarily upon the grounds that the US does not want the outside world to know of its success! Instead, after pointlessly dropping to atomic bombs on an already supine Japan during late 1945 – and invading Mainland Japan thereafter – Japan’s loss of self-determining ‘freedom’ is now evident as Japan now pursues a US anti-China foreign policy in the region as if it were its own! The objective is clear – through this ‘racist’ activity the US seeks to prevent Japan, China and North Korea from ‘uniting’ around a common anti-US racism policy – whilst exposing this US neo-imperialist strategy for what it is and expelling from the region for good! ACW (16.3.2023)

In accordance with law, Chinese coast guard vessels on Wednesday expelled some Japanese vessels which had illegally entered the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands, a China Coast Guard spokesperson said on Wednesday night.

Gan Yu, spokesperson for the China Coast Guard, said in a statement that on Wednesday its ships had entered the Islands’ territorial waters to carry out a normal patrol for rights protection.

“That was a routine measure of China to safeguard national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests, and a strong countermeasure to the intrusion of a Japanese yacht and several patrol vessels into China’s territorial waters,” the official said.

The Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are China’s inherent territory, Gan said, adding that untrue remarks and reports from the Japanese side had seriously distorted historical facts.

“We urge the Japanese side to face up to history, respect facts and do more to improve China-Japan relations,” the spokesperson said.