David Bacon: How the Far-Right ‘Celebrates’ and ‘Laments’ the ‘Masked Marvel’! (29.1.2023) 

David Bacon [Gaspar Griswold Bacon] (1914-1943) was gay. Yes – you read that right – ‘GAY’! Born during the beginning year of WWI and dying during the early years of WWII – he fought in neither. What he did do was don a facemask and play the ‘Masked-Marvel’ – the dashing alter-ego to – ‘Bob Barton’ – a mild-mannered Insurance Salesman during the day. David Bacon would fight an endless torrent of Asian waiters and buzz boys – all seeking jobs in the film industry – all being cast as ‘Japanese’ spies regardless of the fact that most of them were ‘Chinese’, ‘Filipino’ or ‘Hawaiian’, etc. After being fitted for the buck-teeth dental prosthetics – the massive glasses with thick lenses and after having their skin ‘yellowed-up’ – all would be ready for the delivery of their lines (all manically ended with a blood-curdling ‘Banzai’)! Of course, the far-right revels in this casual racism and routinely celebrates its presence throughout ‘White’ society – but simultaneously – despite the far-right being riddled with homosexuality, its members (no pun intended) do not seem to be that keen to draw attention to the ‘gayness’ of David Bacon!  

Whilst he shot-down and Karate-chopped endless attacking ‘Japanese’ spies (all to Carson Robison’s 1942 hit ‘We’re Gonna Have to Slap That Dirty Jap!’ playing in the background) rumour has it that he was a gay gigolo and/or exclusive (take your pick) boyfriend of Howard Hughes! This was all happening despite David Bacon being ‘married’ to Greta Keller who was pregnant at the time of his death (on 12.9.1943). He died after being seen erratically driving a car down the street until he crashed into the curb! He got out, staggered around for a few seconds, and fell down semi-conscious onto the ground unable to speak. Later, his body was found to have a puncture hole in the middle area of one side of his back – an injury which had punctured one of his lungs and ultimately caused his death. The object believed to have caused this penetration was either a very ‘thin’ blade – or a ‘stiletto’ heel. 

Openly celebrating David Bacon (as the ‘Masked Marvel’) killing endless examples of ‘Asian’ men (all ‘pretending’ to be ‘Japanese’ whilst conforming to Western racial stereotypes) is one thing – but openly recognising the fact that David Bacon may have been ‘stamped’ upon by an unknown person (possibly a ‘male’) wearing high-heels – is just too much for the uber macho Neo-Nazis to contend with – even though many from amongst their ranks are not only routinely found participating in such activity – but are often caught taking part in ‘illegal’ sexual activities far worse than anything that might (or might not) legally occur in a more adventurous bedroom. Although, of course, David Bacon was wearing only swimming trunks at the time of his death and had spent the day frequently a stretch of beach renowned for gentleman callers.