Why Brandon Tsay’s Bravery Is Important for the Progression of Humanity! (27.1.2023) 

Through ‘Bravery’ – the Working-Class Will Over-Throw Capitalism!

The Western world is dominated by Europeans – and European culture. This is not surprising as this is the geographical area where the majority of ‘White’ people have evolved and live. Of course, the Americas are a different matter as these areas were occupied by non-White people possessing DNA linked to Siberia and Asia before ‘White’ Europeans invaded and brutally stole the land – a process that is still going on – albeit in a much more subtle way. The relatively small number of White people used their industrialised might and advanced weaponry to inflict millions of deaths upon the indigenous population (some 60 million killed by 1610) – with Christopher Columbus recording in his diary that he (and his men) openly participated in the rape and sexual abuse of Indian children on the grounds that they were non-Christian, savage and obviously ‘inhuman’! These actions, incidentally, were endorsed by the Catholic and Protestant Churches! Following this genocide, the ‘White’ imperialists had to find yet another population that they could brutalise and exploit to cultivate the land they had usurped. This is what Karl Marx says about the ‘White’ use of Black (African) slavery in the Americas: 

Slavery and Genocide Built the Americas!

‘I will give you an example of Monsieur Proudhon’s dialectics. 

Freedom and slavery constitute an antagonism. I need not speak of the good and bad sides of freedom nor, speaking of slavery, need I dwell on its bad sides. The only thing that has to be explained is its good side. We are not dealing with indirect slavery, the slavery of the proletariat, but the direct slavery, the slavery of the black races in Surinam, in Brazil, in Southern States of North America. 

Direct slavery is as much the pivot of our industrialisation today as machinery, credit, etc. Without slavery no cotton; without cotton to modern industry. Slavery has given value to the colonies; the colonies have created world trade; world trade is the necessary condition of large-scale machine industry. Thus, before the traffic in Negroes began, the colonies supplied the Old World with only very few products and made no visible change in the face of the earth. Slavery is therefore an economic category of the highest importance. Without slavery North America, the most progressive country, would be transformed into a patriarchal land. You have only to wipe North America off the map of the nations and you get anarchy, the total decay of trade and of modern civilisation. But to let slavery disappear is to wipe North America off the map of the nations. And therefore, because it is an economic category, we find slavery in every nation since the world began. Modern nations have merely known how to disguise slavery of their own countries whilst they openly imported it into the New World. After these observations on slavery, how will our worthy M. Proudhon proceed? He will look for the synthesis between freedom and slavery, the golden mean or equilibrium between slavery and freedom.’ 

Karl Marx (in Brussels) – Letter to Annenkov in Paris – 28.12.1846 – Extracted from: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels – Selected Works in One Volume – Lawrence and Wishart Ltd, (1973), Page 665 

US Volunteers in Ukraine!

In Canada, the US, Central and South America – the ‘White’ Europeans committed genocide and stole the land from the indigenous peoples – the ‘White’ people then stole Black men, women and children from Africa to forcibly build their system of capitalism and ruthless exploitation! Today, ‘freed’ Black people have given-up on the overthrowing of capitalism and have just settled for a piece of the pie – to gain a share of the profit gained through the exploitation of the workers. The Asians are no different and no better. Physically cooperating with capitalism because there is no choice is quite different from intellectually ‘accepting’ the socio-economic system that held your ancestors in chains! It is even true that once a ‘White’ US Court considered a case that suggested the ridiculous idea that ‘Chinese’ people might be ‘human’ – rather than a type of smart ape or chimpanzee – as many ‘White’ people thought at the time.  

Cobray MacII – 9 mm Sub-Machine Pistol – Weapon of Choice

Between 1960-1975 the US military killed and wounded around three-million men, women and children within Vietnam and the surrounding areas of Kampuchea and Laos, etc! In the Korean War (1950-1953) the US military killed and wounded around five-hundred thousand Korean and Chinese men, women and children! The ‘White’ Americans resort to mindless killing every time non-White people exercise self-determination and freedom of thought. Murder and genocide represent the true American way! Today, the bodies of Ukrainians (and ‘White’ volunteers) are being used to exert US will by enforcing the thinking of Hitler in the endless Neo-Nazi attacks that are unfolding on the ‘independent’ Republics of Donbass! Zionist Israel carries out exactly the same US genocide against the non-White Palestinians – all this is supported and controlled by the European Union (EU) – that post-1945 US construct designed to oppose the USSR and purge Europe of its Socialist tendencies!  

Onward to Revolution!

Huu Can Tran made use of a sub-machine pistol very similar to an Israeli ‘Uzi’ – a gun designed to kill as many unarmed Palestinians as possible whilst they are confined in an enclosed space. This is the thinking of the White Supremacist ‘Zionist’!  The Zionist wanted a lightweight handgun that possessed the firepower of an assault rifle – so that they could ‘spray’ any crowd of protesting (and ‘unarmed’) Palestinians – causing as many dead and wounded as possible! Of course, I have no idea ‘why’ Huu Can Tran did what he did – or why he betrayed his country of Vietnam and migrated to the US in 1990. As the US – that bastion of imprisonment, death and destruction – views ALL Socialist countries as giant ‘Concentration Camps’, Huu Can Tran was immediately granted political asylum at a time when the USSR still existed, and NATO was still held in check in Germany. 

F’ck America! During the Covid-19 Pandemic – the CPC Sent My Family a Box of Masks!

I am sure that I have absolutely NOTHING in common with Brandon Tsay. I suspect his family are ardent supporters of US capitalism and have no sympathy or loyalty to modern China. However, the example he set by single-handedly taking on a heavily armed assailant when he was ‘unarmed’ – facing certain death without flinching – and actually ‘winning’ the encounter, surely transcends virtually ALL boundaries and is a truly inspiring event! For non-White people the example that Brandon Tsay displayed is IMPORTANT! Although unfortunately it was against another Asian person, nevertheless, the danger was very real and Chinese people can be as ‘brave’ as any other ethnic group! Although Black people now do the bidding of the White over-lords – and attack Asians in their name – there was a time when we fought White racism together. Perhaps, if we all stand-up to tyranny together – a NEW unity can be formed!  

With Genuine ‘Internationalism’ – We All Unite Together Against Capitalist Oppression!