Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Chechen Special Forces Capture 6 AFU! (17.1.2023)

AFU POWs Are Lucky To Alive!

A group of Islamic Chechen Special Forces soldiers capture six AFU soldiers – all kidnapped from their homes by the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian State – and forced to join the 79th Airborne Battalion (which possesses no parachutes to train with and no aeroplanes to jump from). A Few are Professional Officers – but none want to fight. They were captured in the front-line situated in the Novamikhailovka area – near Ugledar – on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). The Chechens intimidate the POWs with gunshots in the air and chants of “Allahu akbar” and “Akhmat Sila”.

Meanwhile, the Chechens confiscate personal documents in search of information about the true ranks, units, names and numbers, etc, just to make sure these men are not dangerous Special Forces or Western Merceneries. One of the POWs was seriously wounded in the fighting, but according to preliminary reports he managed to reach Russian territory alive but in poor condition. If he survives – he will be exchanged for Russian POWs at a later date.

These AFU soldiers are lucky as these Chechen soldiers strictly adhere to their genuine Islamic morality – which ensures surrendering enemy soldiers are treated with respect and consideration. In many similar filmed situations I have seen ethnic Russian soldiers immediately kill AFU soldiers without giving them any chance to surrender! As the West will not stop arming, clothing and paying White Supremacists from all over the world, and the Zelensky government will not stop forceful conscription – the fighting on the front-line is quite often brutal!